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An Overview of EVE LOM Intense Hydration Serum

Recently I dropped by EVE LOM counter at Parkson Pavilion to check out the Intense Hydration Serum which had already caught my attention a few months ago during my first visit to the same counter. You can read here for more in-depth of the brand overview.

So what is so special about the hydration serum that EVE LOM has? Well if you had tried the serum like I do then you’ll agree with me that the texture of the serum is rather different and special. It comes in a thick gel consistency but yet watery at the same time so it’s not sticky or thick at all. Having said that this watery gel-like texture absorbed in in no time and all you need is just 2-3 drops for the whole face.

One would agree moisture does great things to our skin. EVE LOM Intense Hydration Serum is an intense moisturising treatment containing highly effective concentrate that uses Hyaluronic Acid for long lasting skin hydration, protection and plumping up complexion. The serum boost the Hyaluron level that is naturally produced in our body to rehydrate parched and stressed skin. What Hyaluron do is that it store moisture in the skin by forming a structure that holds up to 99% water for increased hydration.

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Review: EVE LOM Rescue Mask; Deep Cleansing Mask + Scrub at the Same Time

Have you heard before that a 2-in-1 shampoo are not good for the hair? 2-in-1 as in wash and condition at the same time. But not all duo functional products are as bad as what the shampoo had caused. Just like 8-in-1 BB cream which is also bad for your skin but yet millions use that everyday haha.

The recent 2-in-1 product that I’ve been using on and off for the past 3 months is the EVE LOM Rescue Mask. At one glance it’s actually a deep cleansing mask but there’s also a second usage of the mask.

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For combination / oily and acne prone skin like mine, I treat deep cleansing mask like a heaven-sent product. Whenever someone told me they have congested pores I always always tell them to use a deep cleansing mask at least once a week. As for me I slap on deep cleansing mask 3 times a week. Reason being is that I have serious congested pores. There are times where I focus too much on mask that I neglected facial scrubs. I didn’t realize that both actually work well hand in hand until I consulted a beauty trainer. There I was sitting down and complaining about my congested pores and the first question that was given to me is “do you use facial scrub too?”. Ohh crap! Then only I know I’ve neglected my facial scrub and rely solely on deep cleansing mask!

I was attracted to EVE LOM because of the simple and clean packaging. Their signature is white tube / jar with gold name stamp. For some reason this type of packaging seems elegant and looked expensive to me. Talking about luxury in a tube eh?


New in Town – EVE LOM is Finally Here!!

Have you heard of the brand EVE LOM? I often read about their iconic Cleanser but unfortunately it’s not available here locally in Malaysia. That was until 2 weeks ago where EVE LOM is officially launched in Malaysia and I was honored to be invited to Parkson Pavilion to check out their range of product up close.

Some background about EVE LOM.

A world-renowned facialist and the founder of the EVE LOM brand, Eve Lom was born in Czechoslovakia and has been based in London since the early 1980s.



Eve first became interested in cosmetic chemistry while living in France. This led her to Hollywood, where she met the renowned skin specialist Georgette Klinger and began to learn about facial treatments.

In time Eve moved to London where she studied anatomy, nutrition and massage techniques. She subsequently travelled to China to learn more about the Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, before establishing her own salon and devising her legendary holistic facial treatment.



Eve has always believed that beauty demands commitment:

“Cleansing and exfoliation are the most important in any skincare regime and most people just don’t do it regularly. This is a big mistake, because by regularly exfoliating dead skin cells will be removed, the skin can breathe better and the cell renewal process will be in balance which again is the key to a fresh, young looking complexion. Regular cleansing also helps pores to shrink and fight off cystic blemishes and skin inflammation”.