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EVE LOM Sharing Session with Mariesa Ferraro On Simple, Effective Steps To Beautiful Skin

I talk about my love for EVE LOM all the time regardless online or offline. If you talk to me often you’ll know what I mean :D. If you go huhh what is she talking about? Here’s the link to past various EVE LOM product reviews.

Last month a few of my readers and I attended an exclusive hands-on workshop with Mariesa Ferraro, EVE LOM’s International Skincare Expert and Trainer. Although I’m using EVE LOM products at the moment I still choose to go for this session for 2 reasons – (1) I want to meet Mariesa Ferraro. It’s not often that she’s here. (2) Since I’m meeting Mariesa I want to pick up a tips or two (and more) on EVE LOM products as well as techniques behind the brand. I might have missed some who know 😀

I keep repeating this like old granny but I still want to say it again…EVE LOM products is so simple. No confusion here. I still remember when I first indulge in Clarins I am so confuse. The product selection is so huge. One will need to remember what is what and for what. With EVE LOM there’s no need to at all. It’s pretty straight forward.


EVE LOM Review: Skin Care Skin Care - Firming Skin Care - Hydrating Skin Care - Wrinkle / Fine Lines

Review: EVE LOM TLC Radiance Cream

What is TLC? TLC as we know means Tender Loving Care. That’s exactly what EVE LOM wants too. To give you the best tender, loving and care. There aren’t many products in EVE LOM but they have a very small range for matured skin which is what TLC is for.

In the TLC series there is only 2 product. I did say it’s a very small range right? Both of the product is also cream. The only difference is one is in tube which is more lightweighted while one is in a jar which is more creamier. The one that I’m going to talk about is more suitable for me which is TLC Radiance Cream.

Eve Lom54
TLC Radiance Cream is no doubt a cream but it is lightweight than other usual cream. It is infused with age-defying and protective benefits that will help to transform dull and maturing skin on the day time. The skin will feel soft, hydrated, radiant and youthful. It’s ingredient include Arctic Rasberry Seed Oil as a powerful antioxidant, Rosehip Seed Oil which is a natural source of Vitamin A and Vitamin C that protects the skin from free radicals while restoring skin elasticity. There is also Oat Kernel Extract and Sepilift that provide immediate skin lifting and helps to smooth fine lines.

EVE LOM Review: Skin Care Skin Care - Firming Skin Care - Hydrating

Review: EVE LOM Serum Power Duo – Intense Hydration Serum & Intense Firming Serum

Before I embark on a new skin care journey with EVE LOM a month ago I didn’t know what to expect. I was excited yet intrigued to see how and what it will do to my skin or how it will change my skin. All my previous EVE LOM review touches on special care i.e. lips, cuticle, hand and eye care which is just the surface of what I’m about to review today – the power serum duo. That’s what I call “them”.

Let’s be honest here. I didn’t expect much from these serum except for hydration serum to hydrate my skin and firming serum to firm and lift my skin. It wasn’t that hard to guess since that’s the purpose of the serum as printed on the bottle itself. Throughout this whole month I realized just how different these are, day by day I finally get it and proved myself wrong.

Eve Lom43

EVE LOM Review: Skin Care Skin Care - Eye Care

Review: EVE LOM Eye Solutions – Eye Lift + Eye Cream, The Duo For All Eye Problem

Eye care is tricky. I don’t simply review eye care despite numerous request asking for more eye care review. It’s not as easy as you think. You really need to be hardworking and diligent with the application day and night in order to see positive result. When I do test out eye care products I make sure I follow all instruction and use day and night continuously for minimum 3 weeks or so. When you said you don’t see result from your eye care, perhaps it’s time to rethink what went wrong.

For today I’m going to introduce to you yet another duo product review from EVE LOM targeting to give you the perfect eye care solution. Like I said above…when you said you cannot see any difference with your eye care product, it could be you are using it the wrong method, amount or even when there comes a time where you are too lazy to put on anything. Gotcha don’t I :). This would be the 4th eye care review I’ve done so far. So you would have guessed that it must be good that I’m reviewing it 🙂


Body - Hand Cream EVE LOM Review: Bath / Body

Review: Dynamic Duo Hand Care – EVE LOM Hand Cream + SPF 10 and Cuticle Cream

You know my beauty routine has always been overwhelming right? I’m already so lazy with body lotion or cream what more hand care. I do like hand cream (a lot) but taking care of my hands properly are pretty much errr neglected? I was told many times before that you can tell a woman’s age by looking at her hands. It’s creepy to think of it so I like looking at mine, just in case my hands betrayed me lol. I never thought I would need a proper hand cream until a few months ago when both my hands started to look dry. It doesn’t help when I have a bad habit of peeling the skin near my fingernail when I’m nervous or impatient. Yeap, that’s my bad habit.

When EVE LOM said I should try their hand care duo, I thought why not! Take a stroll to the nearest EVE LOM counter and you’d find that their product selection is not as confusing as others. Having said that they actually have two product for the hand and cuticle. Hand cream is common yes but cuticle cream? Not so.


EVE LOM Review: Skin Care Skin Care - Lips

Review: Kiss Fresh and Kiss-Perfect with EVE LOM Kiss Mix

Today I’m going to revamp and repost one of my previous review on EVE Lom Kiss Mix which was originally posted on 8th October 2012.

I’ve always wanted to retake picture for Kiss Mix but only managed to do it now. Perhaps we can move towards the end of the week with something cute. EVE LOM Kiss Mix is still my current favorite item and I couldn’t stop dabbing it on my lips. Although this lip balm is a cutie, it is extremely hard to photograph!

EVE LOM Kiss Mix is a lip balm in a pot in short. I don’t know about you but I love EVE LOM packaging very much. It’s simple, clean but luxurious looking. Rip open the plastic protector on the outside of the box, open the box and I find a thin corrugated protector box inside. On the inside of the actual box is where I find the brand EVE LOM printed all over. Cute.