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Iontoderma’s Iontophoresis Machine Puts a Stop to Excessive Sweating for Hands and Feet

I remember when I was in school I would get really sweaty hands when the teacher said she want each student to go up to the front of the class for a presentation. I also remember how sweaty my palms are on my first date. Thankfully for me, I don’t get sweaty palms anymore as I grew up. I would still get nervous during every management meeting or client presentation but not the sweaty palms. It is really frustrating having to deal with sweaty palms, how nerve wrecking it is to shake another person’s hand with sticky, yucky, wet palms. I am however suffering from sweating feet ever since I started running and doing HIIT training. Thank goodness I did not have smelly feet 😛 . Having said that, being a beauty blogger and an avid beauty influencer, I try my best to find a solution to everything. I did not encounter any reliable solution to stop excessive sweating until recently with Iontoderma’s Iontophoresis Machine.