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First Zalora Online Shopping Experience

Happy Sunday everyone!

I know everybody love to read about shopping haul right? I thought you might be interested with my first Zalora experience today 🙂

I’ve heard so much about bad shopping experience with Zalora. Some parcel took very long to arrive or never arrive, some received different product than what was ordered and many many more. So when I was given a RM100 cash voucher to shop at Zalora, I have a mix feeling. Don’t get me wrong. I was extremely happy to be given a RM100 cash voucher but no doubt I was worried haha.

I had spotted a particular item that I really want from Zalora which is L’Oreal Professional Mythic Oil. But all I see is just 2 variant; one for colored hair and another one is milk which is heavier texture. I know Zalora will list new stuff once in a while and a friend; Wendy confirmed that thought too so I had been lingering in Zalora for a few weeks. The last I check is two last Tuesday ago. Nothing. I was about to order some liquid eyeliner and eyebrow pencil but was too tired so I put it on hold. The next day Wendy left me a Facebook message with a link on the latest addition to Zalora while I was on the way home after work. Finally Zalora listed L’Oreal Professional Mythic Oil – Nourishing Oil! You have no idea how anxious I am to purchase this because the stock level is only 1 bottle.

I placed my order as soon as I can that night. It is stated that the delivery would be within 2 business days if ordered before 4:30pm (3 days for East Malaysia). Crap. It’s already way past 4.30pm so I’m estimating maybe 3 – 4 days? Then on Saturday morning I received a surprise parcel from GDex. My parcel finally arrived. I was right. It’s 3 days delivery. I’m surprised with the Christmas box packaging. I didn’t know that Zalora had their packing according to festive. What a pleasant surprise. First time buying. Noob. Don’t blame me lol.