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Lifestyle Sunday: Kipling with Helena Christensen Collection for Fall 13′ Collection

Kipling Fall 13’ collection is all about wild encounters, functionality and style. It is a story about casual meets stylish where formal can be fun, practical can be stylish & STYLE. This time, Kipling has collaborated with one of the greatest models Helena Christensen and came out with an exclusive collection – Kipling with Helena Christensen Collection for it’s Fall 13′ collection.

Helena Christensen brings her unique, authentic style to Kipling with an exciting new collection for Fall 13. Kipling pride themselves in collaborations that are the perfect fit, and Helena is no exception. Leading a life as diverse as her personal style, Helena is not just a supermodel, but also a passionate photographer, charity ambassador and dedicated mum. An independent spirit who loves the electric rush of city life as much as home time with the family – in other words, a Kipling woman through and through. She is the most appeared model on ELLE cover and also been ranked by VOGUE top 12 greatest supermodel of the century. When I ask why collaborated with Helena Christensen and I was told the reason is pretty simple. Helena is a huge Kipling fan and user herself. Who else better to ask for a collaboration if not a Kipling fan and user? 😀


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Lifestyle Sunday: Kipling Spring/Summer Fashion Show at Fashion Week 2013

This is one super duper delayed post because I have totally forgotten about it! Oppss!

Two months ago there are fashion week happening around the mall in Klang Valley. I attended one at Suria KLCC and had a blast. You can read all about it here :D. Today I’m not going to show you any apparel, but just bags. Not just any bag but varieties of bag from Kipling. Enjoy!