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Lifestyle Sunday: Kipling with Helena Christensen Collection for Fall 13′ Collection

Kipling Fall 13’ collection is all about wild encounters, functionality and style. It is a story about casual meets stylish where formal can be fun, practical can be stylish & STYLE. This time, Kipling has collaborated with one of the greatest models Helena Christensen and came out with an exclusive collection – Kipling with Helena Christensen Collection for it’s Fall 13′ collection.

Helena Christensen brings her unique, authentic style to Kipling with an exciting new collection for Fall 13. Kipling pride themselves in collaborations that are the perfect fit, and Helena is no exception. Leading a life as diverse as her personal style, Helena is not just a supermodel, but also a passionate photographer, charity ambassador and dedicated mum. An independent spirit who loves the electric rush of city life as much as home time with the family – in other words, a Kipling woman through and through. She is the most appeared model on ELLE cover and also been ranked by VOGUE top 12 greatest supermodel of the century. When I ask why collaborated with Helena Christensen and I was told the reason is pretty simple. Helena is a huge Kipling fan and user herself. Who else better to ask for a collaboration if not a Kipling fan and user? 😀


Helena’s Kipling collection is inspired by all those little things in her life that stand out in the day to day life; from a snapshot taken of a pink rose in Spring, or the leather of an antique chair that is still soft to the touch, this collection captures special moments as seen through Helena’s eyes. The medium rose bag is the focus of the collection, with the elegant photo-print design taken from one of her personal favourite shots.

According to Helena, this collection is a selection of weekend bags, shoulder bags and pouches. One series has lace imprint and is the more elegant version, another has a blown- up photograph she took printed on the outside.

Helana ctn tote in Helena rose RM859

The vintage feel and dusky pink shade represent Helena’s passion for capturing unique beauty – no two roses are the same, after all – whilst the trademark Kipling structure ensures a tote that is as timelessly practical as it is striking.

Elsewhere, the collection evokes Helena’s innate feel for vintage fabrics, with touches of lace print alongside classic tan leather. When it comes to a bag, Helena was looking into having space in her bag without looking too oversized. She like a bag that fits under the arm and still has enough space for even a weekend away.

Helana ctn tote L in Helena lace RM1,119
Helana ctn x-over in Helena rose and Helena lace RM599

The lace series was inspired by Helena’s old vintage lace dresses. The thought behind the design was to transfer that look onto a modern and versatile bag. So there you have it.

Kipling with Helena Christensen Colletion is a combination of canvas and leather for that elegant look, which is very much speaks about Helena Christensen – elegant and stylish.

Helena Christensen for Kipling: authentic design inspired by the fabric of a life eclectically led.


Now that we’ve seen the new Kipling with Helena Christensen Collection, let’s walk through the rest of Kipling. I learnt that there is two type of range i.e. normal and premium. To differentiate which is which, simply look for the monkey. If you spot a metal monkey like this one below, it’s a premium aka higher range. I’ll show you the other range’s monkey.


I too get the opportunity to view another new collection – Kipling Mixte Collection.

Summertime’s bold and brash accessories make way for the quiet confidence of this limited edition remix of heritage Basic styles. These Double-up shoulder bag takes Kipling’s functionality and times it by two, in a trend-led execution. What with its mixed textures, elevated buckle and can’t-do-without burgundy colourway, it will be totally un-putdownable throughout the winter months. The clean lines and neutral twists may be new, but at Kipling, fusing practicality and trend-led style has always comes naturally. Heck, even a monkey could do it. But you knew that 😀

Interestingly, Kipling came out with this mix-texture collection for your fall-drobe. They call this a chic remix with textural twists!

Bagsational KM RM859, Louiza KM RM649, Double-up shoulder bag RM779

Yes, this collection you see here is also classified under the premium range (judging from the monkey) lol.





Okay now, let’s take a look at the normal range. I don’t really call this a “normal” range but more like Kipling’s signature range. I get to know Kipling from these – single color, crinkled nylon fabric bag with attractive color and of course the furry monkey which was dangling on the side. That’s how I remember Kipling to be from the beginning.

It is not often Kipling came out with striking color collection like these below. This is just a coincident 🙂

Remember I said I will show you how the monkey looked like for a normal range? Here it is. The monkey is with fur, softer and more 3D-like. You can see this monkey is most of their signature range.

Even on smaller accessories too!

Here are some of their smaller pouch collection. Not all is single color. Some do have colorful prints on it.


Kipling do carry a small selection of luggage bag as well. If you can’t seems to find a smaller one elsewhere, try looking in a Kipling outlet.

Besides the signature collection, Kipling is also known for it’s canvas tote bag collection. There is p.l.e.n.t.y. to choose from.

The image of Kipling to me have always been something more casual and I think I mentioned this several time before. But that was all the past because Kipling do carry a leather collection for the more serious (me) or for people that are looking for something simpler and formal.

Not into leather? Well, this section below is also similar. I find that this collection here is more versatile and suits everyone and every occasion.


Helena Christensen collection set up will up at Kipling Mid Valley boutique until 29th September 2013. Do hop in to check out the collection.

Where to find Kipling? Kipling Boutique is located at Mid Valley and One Utama while the rest would be Kipling counters at Isetan, Parkson and Metrojaya. Do check out Kipling Facebook fan page for more info, promos and updates.


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  • Can’t wait to have a look at the Fall collection. Tq for reviewing it.

    • My pleasure Joanne! Do drop by Kipling Mid Valley to take a look. It looked so much gorgeous in real 😀


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