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Harley-Davidson of Kuala Lumpur 110th Anniversary Lifestyle Merchandise & Spring 2013 Collection Fashion Show

After not being in touch with my bike clients for nearly 2 years I received a surprise call on Wednesday from Harley-Davidson of Kuala Lumpur inviting me to their fashion show on Friday night. You bet I went. I miss HDKL so much! I miss the bikers scene!

Harley-Davidson is personal. It is close to my heart. I remember those days where I used to camp at their PJ showroom to discuss about advertising or even photoshoot. It wasn’t that bad considering Milwaukee Steak House is just downstairs and I get free food and drinks heh!

The fashion show is held at Suria KLCC Concourse at 7.30pm. I left office at 5pm to avoid all the unnecessary jam and the fact that I hate to be late. Registered myself at 7pm and the show started at 8.15pm.

This year would be Harley-Davidson’s 110th Anniversary celebration. To celebrate this milestone, special designed Motorcycles and Lifestyle Merchandise that showcased the Harley-Davidson 110th Anniversary theme was launched. Harley-Davidson of Kuala Lumpur has taken the opportunity to showcase the collection in conjunction with Suria KLCC Spring/Summer Fashion Week 2013. This is a private event with guests from members of the media, Suria KLCC and PJ branch loyal shoppers and fans who have been supportive over the years.


Amy Search was present to sing a song as the opening act in all Harley-Davidson lifestyle apparel. He even brought along his cute son on stage. It was an awww moment for all that was present because his cute son was following him from left to right of the stage and he even mimic his dad’s rocker move. Great performance from Amy as usual. This is my first time watching Amy Search on stage upclose.

The show then continue with fashion runway showcasing Harley-Davidson 110th Anniversary Lifestyle Merchandise and Spring 2013 collection.

The runway is divided into 2 batches. Here is the collection for batch #1.




Amy Search made another appearance on stage although he was suppose to sing just one song. Got to love his performing enthusiast spirit. And he’s really good too.

After Amy’s second performance we resume the fashion runway with batch #2 collection. Enjoy!




All Harley-Davidson collections are available at Harley-Davidson of Kuala Lumpur Main 3S Showroom Petaling Jaya, Lifestyle Gallery Level 3 Suria KLCC and Juru AutoCity Penang.

For more information about Harley-Davidson of Kuala Lumpur or on latest updates and offering, please visit www.harleykualalumpur.com OR Harley-Davidson of Kuala Lumpur Facebook page as below:


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  • Aww…. Amy’s son is so cute! <3

    • He is. Looks like Amy too 🙂

  • Sounds like it was a great event and you were really excited to be there! Thanks for making us feel like a part of this event too with all the lovely pictures 🙂

    • It was great. To be honest I didn’t expect that. I left the event all smiling and happy. Although I had a slight headache from all the loud music for more than an hour there. But I’m glad I went!

  • Nice pictures. Like this post^^

    • Thanks :). It was tiring to collage all the pictures. I nearly gave up.


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