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Review: The Brand, The Name & The Color Rhymes with Elianto Fionatto Blush #01 Light Pink

You have no idea how happy I am to be able to use this new blusher after I photograph it last weekend. I cannot stand to see the flowery print on the surface any longer! So pretty right?

Elianto Fionatto Blush has only just 5 shades to choose from namely Light Pink, Peachy Pink, Tangerine, Hot Pink and Pecan. The one I’m going to talk about today is Light Pink which I have gotten from March 2013 Wonderbox.

Fionatto Blush is enrich with dog rose & gingko biloba extract for emollient and anti-oxidant. I’m particularly interested with the dog rose ingredient so I google up for more info on it.

Dog Rose is known as Rosa Canina which is a variable scrambling rose species native to Europe, including Britain, northwest Africa and western Asia. The dog rose was the stylized rose of Medieval European heraldry, and is still used today. In the time of Henry VIII, Dog Roses were the symbol of the monarchy. It has been said that any plant given the name ‘dog’ was christened so because it meant that it did not smell or was inferior to other plants. It was also believed that the root was effective against the bite of a mad dog.

When I swatch the blusher on the back of my hand, I was slightly disappointed that the color payoff is more powdery, milky pink. It is totally different from the color on the pan. To be honest I’m not used to this type of blusher. I was expecting more of a fuchsia pink than this pink. Then I was worried about how this color turns out on my cheek because I had to layer several time in order to get this swatch. I wouldn’t want to look like I had a flush of white on both my cheeks.

The texture is powdery without drying the skin too much. Some blusher tend to be overly soft thus feels as if it’s slightly moist but this one doesn’t. I like this type of texture as it’s easier to apply on. Those that are too moist are harder to apply and blend at the same time. I’m liking this blusher more and more as I analyze the texture while photographing.

Looks like my worry on the color payoff is just me being overly anxious. Fionatto Blush #01 Light Pink is absolutely gorgeous and natural on my cheek. I was afraid the color won’t show on camera as it’s powdery pink therefore I put on two layer just so the color show up. In real you should use just one layer and blend slowly. The color payoff for Light Pink shows up pretty good to give your cheek that natural flush.

It has slight shimmer in it but it wasn’t too obvious as the shimmers are very very fine. You will only see the shimmers on the cheek when you look into the mirror on certain angle. I actually thought the shimmers was from my Guerlain by Emilio Pucci Meteorites Perles :). Looks like I was wrong. You know how I like my makeup to have shimmers in it right? This one is just perfect.

The blusher from Elianto is made in Italy. Surprise surprise! Here is the ingredient list for those that are interested.

I plan to pick up a few more of these. It’s a good thing that the price is affordable so even if I pick a few my wallet won’t hurt that much right?

Elianto Fionatto Blush is available at all Elianto concept store nationwide.
Price: RM19 for 4.5g


Disclaimer: Product was from Wonderbox March 2013 beauty box. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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  • i feel like it look slightly different on your hand and cheek ~
    on your cheek one is more natural and look like coral pink a bit neh
    so nice! only rm19!!! =D

    • Swatch are different from on the face normally. I don’t like the color on swatch but on my cheek it’s different.

  • I stumbled across your blog and am really enjoying reading it! The blush colour is so sweet and looks amazing on you. =)

    • Hi Amanda, thanks for dropping by :). Am glad to hear that you enjoyed reading the lil blog!
      I’m going to pick up a few. Will also be picking up a spare of this. Love the natural color 😉

  • Fionatto rhymes with your name =P

    • I know!! I was laughing secretly hahahaha. But Fionatto is more like Fiona + Cornetto =.=”


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