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Elianto Long Wear Eyeshadow Stick: So long lasting that even a few hours of crying doesn’t break it down

Ahhh eyeshadow stick. These are so in trend over the recent years and so does cream eyeshadow. I have to admit. I have yet to dip any of my toes into eyeshadow stick. I’m a bad bad beauty blogger 😛 . Don’t worry. It’s never too late to try anything when it comes to beauty products. That’s the great thing about beauty!

I am finally dipping not just the toe but the foot into the world of eyeshadow stick thanks to the NEW Elianto Long Wear Eyeshadow Stick. That is because I get to try all six new shades of the newly launched product. Yaaaassshhhhh!

Elianto Long Wear Eyeshadow Stick
Many years ago I was told that Elianto is a brand from Korea. In fact, Elianto products are mainly formulated and manufactured in cities around Korea such as Seoul and a few more. However, there are a small percentage of Elianto products made from other countries. These new Long Wear Eyeshadow Stick are made in Germany. Germany as I know recently, make one of the best cosmetic products. So I do have high hopes on these eyeshadow stick. Pressure ahead 😛

Elianto Long Wear Eyeshadow Stick Packaging
I love it when brand send us all the shades available when they launched a new product. I was also quite surprised that Elianto only came out with six shades. All these six shades in my opinion are quite strong, with the exception of Brown and White of course. Having said that, I do like the shade selection that Elianto had chosen to come out with to coincide with the Spring Summer 2015 beauty trend of smouldering look with a modern touch. It’s all about the smoky, sultry eyes 🙂

Elianto Long Wear Eyeshadow Stick Tip
Elianto Long Wear Eyeshadow Stick offers diversity of application option. The key idea is to just ‘glide and go’. These eyeshadow stick are made to be either an eyeshadow stick, eyeshadow base or even as an eyeliner. The formula are wax-based, which offers a long lasting wear and a smoother, blendable application, waterproof and smudge-proof.

Elianto Long Wear Eyeshadow Stick Shades
Each of the pen comes in a simple but yet chic shiny packaging with the eyeshadow shade indicator end. I like! The cap is tightly closed all the way down with a loud click sound so you ought to be careful when removing the cap off because the eyeshadow tend to cling onto the edge of the cap, thus making a bit of a mess if you’re unaware 🙂 . Not a big issue. Just a note 😉

Here are the shade swatches on the back of my hand. As the eyeshadow stick comes readily sharpened, somehow when I swatched it for the first time, it tend to broke a bit. I find that some shade formulation tend to be harder than others. Brown is the one seems to be on the softer side at first but after I’ve sharpened it, it’s all good 😀 . It contain Jojoba Oil, mineral oil-free and paraben-free. It is also dermatologically and ophthalmologically approved 😀

The swatch on the back of my hand lasted for days despite trying to wash it away with hand soap and body wash. It doesn’t even budge with me applying body lotion for a few nights in a row. Oh my.

Elianto Long Wear Eyeshadow Stick Hand Swatch
The end where the shade indicator tip on the packaging is actually a build-in sharpener. I am absolutely excited with this because none of the eyeshadow stick I’ve seen comes with a sharpener! Oh Elianto. You just make me love you and these eyeshadow stick more <3 . The downside of it is that it can be very messy sharpening the eyeshadow stick. I usually do it with a dustbin underneath and clean up the sharpener with a wet wipe. I like my makeup products to stay clean but if you are not feeling the cleaning part, just chuck the sharpener back to the pen 😛 . No one will sue you for that.

Elianto Long Wear Eyeshadow Stick Sharpener
There is a very good reason why Elianto include a build-in sharpener to this eyeshadow stick. As I mentioned above, these sticks are meant to be an eyeshadow and an eyeliner. With the sharpener, you can easily reshape the tip back to the original pointy tip for easy eyeliner application. Love love it.

Elianto Long Wear Eyeshadow Stick After Sharpening
A few days ago I sat down thinking which shade to play around for this review. I didn’t want to do the usual warm look so I decided to go with the strongest, brightest, sharpest shade of all. Navy. Navy is like a peacock green but with a hint of blue. Absolutely gorgeous that I know most people would stay away from such colour. I’m more of an adventurous type and I’m into colours for my eye makeup. You bet I have to use Navy lol.

Elianto Long Wear Eyeshadow Stick Navy on the eyes
I applied Navy all over the lid, up till the ‘imaginary’ crease line straight from the pen itself. The shadow glides on buttery smooth on the lid without any tugging or effort needed. Then I blend the crease line away immediately with a clean blending brush. Since this is afterall a shockingly bright blue, the blended crease colour faded upward. Not wanting to shock any of you, I decided to take out a satin light brown to blend the crease, taming the crease a bit with a brown and later on added a matte darker brown on top as the satin light brown applied earlier was too shimmery. I actually like my eye makeup to have a gradation of shades from top all the way down to the lash line so in the end it turns out just the way I wanted. I skipped eyeliner all together as the eye makeup is already strong. So no eyeliner is needed 🙂

I can safely say I never go out of the house without doing my lower lash line. So I applied Brown all over the lower lash line, followed up by mascara. The shade Brown comes with a satin, shimmery finishing and it sort of blended by itself as soon as I applied it so I do not need to blend with a brush. I like!

Elianto Long Wear Eyeshadow Stick Navy Closeup
Here is the full makeup look. It turns out OKAY on my #typicalasianeyes, with just a hint of the Navy shade peeking through. I was sitting in front of mum at lunch after doing this makeup and she said I looked like I was punched by somebody LOLOLOL. That was because I was looking down at my bowl when she looked at me 😛 . Then again, mum is a makeup noob. Please forgive her sense of humour teeheehee! 🙂

How long lasting it is for me? To be frank, on the day I did this eye makeup, I wasn’t in the mood due to some personal incident. I can’t even do my eye makeup properly like usual and I can’t smile properly in front of the camera. I went out for a bit, came home, nap for a while with my makeup on and I cried for the next few hours after that. My foundation melted from the streaming tears, mascara melted along the way as well but my eyeshadow stays put. None of the Navy or Brown melted even at the area near the lash line. I couldn’t help feeling awfully sad at that time but impressed at the same time. That is how long lasting the eyeshadow stick.

Elianto Long Wear Eyeshadow Stick Navy With Full Makeup
If you’re new to eyeshadow stick like me, you don’t have to go all out branded. Why no try this Elianto’s new Long Wear Eyeshadow Stick first. It’s my first time using and trying as well. I must say I’m impressed. For the price of RM31.90 each, it’s not too expensive to try. The best of all? You can get 3 of these for RM69.90 only 🙂

Have you tried Elianto Long Wear Eyeshadow Stick? Do you like it as much as I do? Do share!


Elianto Long Wear Eyeshadow Stick is now available at all Elianto stores and kiosks nationwide.

Price: RM31.90 each or RM69.90 for 3! Not sure when this promotion will end. Do check with Elianto on this ya.

For more information and to shop online, please visit http://www.elianto.biz/ or visit Elianto Malaysia Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/eliantoMalaysia


Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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  • Navy so pretty! I won’t use it on myself anyhow pretty on you =)
    I’m looking forward to Brown and Black.

    • Awww why not? Too strong? 🙂 Just lightly apply onto the lids and feather it out with a brush or finger so that the colour are not too strong. Brown is pretty! Black can be used as eyeshadow base or eyeliner 😉 . Good choice.

  • LOL mom, of all words she chose “punched” hahaha! I yet to post my review on this but i’m liking this eyeshadow sticks as well due to its convenience 🙂 i agree with your last para, no need to go all out if we just want to try for the first time.

    • That’s why. My mum are absolute hilarious. My lid can’t tolerate cream products or else I’d ended up with awful creasing so I never thought of buying any. If I were to try, affordable ones are good enough 🙂

  • Aww…hugs, Fiona. Being you, I’m so proud you went and turned the results of all your crying into a good thing and reviewed the Elianto sticks under extreme conditions anyway. At least something positive came out of that day for your blog.
    Stay strong and try and be happy. Hope those grey clouds go away. And, as always, lovely swatches and review.

    • What’s a good time to review this but when I’m on the crying state right? Geez I can really cry. Days and buckets. I lost near to 2kg along the way as well. Hmmm.
      Back to the eyeshadow stick. These are lovely. Experimenting with other shades this week. Been putting on makeup everyday. Smoky eye-do daily as well lol.

      • Actually, I have noticed you have lost weight! I’m heading in the other direction *sobs*
        Back to the shadow sticks, I like that sharpener! I think this kind of product is actually good for hooded eyes like ours.

        • I was on a detox program for a month. KG wise, I lose nothing. Inch wise, I think I lose some as I’m looking smaller and no excess fat bulging from the sides lol. But these 2-3 days I lose 2kg. Probably body not absorbing to the food I ate due to the emotion.
          Sharpener is a plus point. I hate the need to get a separate sharpener or worse, some doesn’t provide any 🙂

  • That is daring to use strong bright colour. Salute. The sharpener is a plus point for sure. I missed the recent buy 2 free 1 promo :(. It was really cheap 🙁

    • Daring is my middle name! lol
      Oh yes. Definitely love Elianto for including a sharpener. So convenient. Oh man. You missed the promo?? 🙁


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