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Elianto Make Up - Eyes Review: Make Up

Elianto Long Wear Eyeshadow Stick: So long lasting that even a few hours of crying doesn’t break it down

Ahhh eyeshadow stick. These are so in trend over the recent years and so does cream eyeshadow. I have to admit. I have yet to dip any of my toes into eyeshadow stick. I’m a bad bad beauty blogger 😛 . Don’t worry. It’s never too late to try anything when it comes to beauty products. That’s the great thing about beauty!

I am finally dipping not just the toe but the foot into the world of eyeshadow stick thanks to the NEW Elianto Long Wear Eyeshadow Stick. That is because I get to try all six new shades of the newly launched product. Yaaaassshhhhh!

Elianto Long Wear Eyeshadow Stick
Many years ago I was told that Elianto is a brand from Korea. In fact, Elianto products are mainly formulated and manufactured in cities around Korea such as Seoul and a few more. However, there are a small percentage of Elianto products made from other countries. These new Long Wear Eyeshadow Stick are made in Germany. Germany as I know recently, make one of the best cosmetic products. So I do have high hopes on these eyeshadow stick. Pressure ahead 😛

Elianto Make Up - Face Review: Make Up

Review: The Brand, The Name & The Color Rhymes with Elianto Fionatto Blush #01 Light Pink

You have no idea how happy I am to be able to use this new blusher after I photograph it last weekend. I cannot stand to see the flowery print on the surface any longer! So pretty right?

Elianto Fionatto Blush has only just 5 shades to choose from namely Light Pink, Peachy Pink, Tangerine, Hot Pink and Pecan. The one I’m going to talk about today is Light Pink which I have gotten from March 2013 Wonderbox.

Fionatto Blush is enrich with dog rose & gingko biloba extract for emollient and anti-oxidant. I’m particularly interested with the dog rose ingredient so I google up for more info on it.