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Discover Your Scent with Fragrance Expert, Danny Venture…and A Little Scoop About Yourself

If you are not aware yet, there is a personalised fragrance profiling experience currently held at Mid Valley Megamall, Ground Floor, East Entrance Lobby . This is a joint effort by a few fragrance brand under Luxasia namely Issey Miyake, Narciso Rodriquez, Elie Saab and Jean Paul Gaultier.

So far I have not heard or go for any fragrance profiling available locally before. This was my first time and it was quite fun.

Let Danny walk you through the process of finding your perfect scent. It is especially useful if you are someone indecisive when it comes to choices.

Some background about Danny Ventura.

Danny Ventura is International Training Manager from Beaute Prestige International. With over 10 years experience in the fragrance industry, Danny has gathered extensive knowledge of fragrance users through his interaction with consumers across the world, spanning from Brazil to Dubai to China. His personal charisma, creativity and professional acumen has won him many loyal customers and recently the National Trainer of the Year 2011 by the Cosmetics Outstanding Service Award (COSA) in Canada.

When I reached I was sat down and then given a piece of paper with 20 questionnaires together with a booklet of answer choices. A piece of advice if you plan to attend this fragrance profiling. You have to be honest and be careful with your answer selection otherwise it won’t be accurate 🙂

Danny calculated my score and said hmmm interesting. Then he took out 3 mini bottle of scents and told me to say out the color that I think of after I take a whiff at the perfume sampler paper. But before I could smell all 3 scent I need to inhale from a coffee bean container to neutralize smell prior before.


Danny said that he will give me 2 choices of perfume because I like to wear different perfume scent based on my mood daily and sometimes nothing at all. He also said that I’m quite loyal but wouldn’t mind to step out of the box to take on different experience. That is actually pretty much true about me when it comes to perfume. From my profile questionnaire he says that I like scents that makes me confident, elegant but sometimes I also like to be a princess. Okay, that’s really true!

I was matched with Elie Saab for the feminie and princessy mood and Narciso Rodriquez “For Her” for the confident, elegant mood days.

First I took a whiff at Elie Saab. That’s when I go hmmm interesting like Danny earlier. It was not bad. Something that I would want myself to smells like.

Before we move on to Narciso Rodriquez, Danny handed me the coffee bean again to breath into.

This is my reaction when I sample Narciso Rodriquez “For Her”. Yeap, a big smile on my face. I like the scent. I can even imagine myself with this scent. It is sooo me 🙂

I told Danny about my “1 week 1 perfume” strategy and he said it’s brilliant! That way I can stay focus with a particular scent for a week without deciding on what mood I want to be.

Do drop by Mid Valley Megamall, Ground Floor, East Entrance Lobby to have a personalized session with Danny Ventura. You can take this opportunity to ask him all the questions you have wanted to know about fragrances, how to match your mood and/or occasion with the fragrance and how to make your fragrance lasts longer. Do take note that Danny will only be here until Saturday from 12pm to 8pm!



Your personalised fragrance profiling experience will be held at Mid Valley Megamall, Ground Floor, East Entrance Lobby on 23rd – 27th April from 12pm – 8pm. Each session is only RM30, and you will receive a goodie bag worth RM200! Bring a friend along for free!



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  • Arg!~ I’m not in KL now. Missed this. What is the goodie bag? Don’t tell me they give out a bottle?

    • Oh nevermind. There will always be next time. Hope you don’t have to wait until next year 🙁
      Errmm yes 🙂

  • Good writeup & pics.!
    According to Luxasia, Danny is invited to visit alternate Asian countries, last year was Singapore so this year’s Malaysia. It might be another person & another country.
    Still their promo packages price – good deal!
    Strongly encourage to go 🙂

    • Yeap! Everyone should just go for the fragrance profiling experience and promo, not the free gift IMHO. There’s a lot of sets promo available 🙂


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