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Suria Meriang Staff Sale 2013 Haul

I found out end of last week (12th Apr) that this year’s Suria Meriang Staff Sales is happening on the 20th April 2013 and I haven’t get any pass yet! I have only a week to get my pass and get a partner in crime. Quickly I sent an email to someone I know in Estee Lauder. She replied immediately, cc-ed the PR girl and told her to send me 6 passes. By Monday (15th Apr) I still haven’t heard from the PR and I dropped her an email telling her I can pick up those passes as I know they will all be busy preparing for the sales. You know what? The courier reached me in the afternoon on the same day. That was fast!

Suria Meriang17
This year I re-invited my last year sales partner, Chin Ching but she is in India and her plane home is on Saturday itself. Her sister who is a reader of the blog doesn’t have anything to buy so she is not interested. Last year both the sisters were so sweet that they wanted to send me something as a token of appreciation which I turned down. I had a good time shopping with Chin Ching and they owe me nothing. Nonetheless I’m happy with their kind thoughts. No one actually do that to me. Normally they would just ignore me after that.

I managed to get Traclyn of to go with me this time. I’ve decided that if she can’t make it I will go alone :). I left my house at 5am, reached Sg. Wang to pick up Traclyn at 5.35am, reached Renaissance Hotel around 6.15am and got to the queue line by 6.20am. This is the queue line. We are quite at the back. I also notice that there’s a separate VIP line this time.

All pictures taken in the hotel are quite grainy due to the low light condition so please bear with me k?

Suria Meriang21
* Image credited Traclyn @

The VIPs went in around 7am. As the line moved slightly forward, the lobby outside Grand Ballroom is already packed with eager shoppers. This is the back view. I am standing in the middle of the hall. On the opposite side (which is my back), the queue line already snake all the way to a hidden alley.

Suria Meriang22

I went to the washroom and we sat down again after standing for a while. Out of the sudden we hear a loud sound which shocked all of us. That’s the sound of eager shoppers jumping up from the floor as they were given the green light to enter. Almost spontaneously everyone jumped up from the floor as well. It was 7.41am.

This is a shot taken as we were walking towards the entrance.

Suria Meriang23
* Image credited Traclyn @

Shoppers are let in by batches. The hall this year was bigger than last year so more tables for more products. As usual Bobbi Brown is the first section we saw as we enter. Everyone went crazy at Bobbi Brown. Everything were snatched off within minutes except those that needed color match like compact foundation, loose powder and liquid foundation which was very very limited quantities. I wanted the Oil-Free Even Finish Compact Foundation but my shade #2 Sand was not available. I was told to come back to check if someone happen to throw back which I did – 6 to 7 times but still didn’t spot #2 Sand. Even did a last check at Bobbi Brown before checking out.

Here is the crowd inside the hall while standing at an empty corner at Bobbi Brown. It’s so hard to walk and look at the stuff.

MAC had the biggest section I think. They are mainly clearing last year’s Christmas collection and lots of pigments, eye shadow single, lip glass, eye liners, blushers and bags.

Estee Lauder as usual are mainly on Christmas sets especially makeup sets and perfume sets. I didn’t get any cause none of them are appealing to me. I was looking for Double Wear foundation but not available. The skin care this time round is much more expensive than last year. I don’t intend to get any so I guess it’s okay.
Note to Aby: Didn’t saw what you want. I went there quite late 😛

DKNY and Coach fragrances on the other hand is so much more than last year! I remember last year everything finished off by the time I went to that section. This year? Stock sufficient.

Lots of skin care from Clinique too. I was looking for Even Better foundation but there’s none.

Suria Meriang24
And here’s my haul. Last year I spent RM1,480 while this year is just RM165 :D.

My main focus this year is Bobbi Brown and MAC. There is one particular item that I wanted from MAC which is the Perfectly Plush Brush Kit from Holiday Collection 2012. I’ve been eyeing on this since last year but I told myself not to buy it since I can get it from sales the next year. I thought they didn’t brought the brush kit to the sales but I saw a lady holding it! That’s when the search begin. I searched high and low for this but everyone told me it’s sold out. It’s so hard to spot it because MAC Primped Out Eye Look Bag is also the same design as the brush kit. One last check before checking out, I screen through all the holiday collection feeling hopeless and that’s when I saw the brush set nicely placed on the table with 2 girls standing in front of it but I guess they are not interested (which is why the brush set is still on the table) so I reached out and grabbed it. That was surreal.

Suria Meriang18
MAC Perfectly Plush Brush Kit (RM105) was retailing for RM268 previously. The price stated on the set during the sales is RM100 but it is actually RM105 when the cashier scan on the bar code during check out. I asked the cashier why is the price difference and she asked me if I want it *face palm*. They really think I would let go of the brush kit since I asked about the price difference. All I want to know is why. That’s all. I told her nevermind that since it’s RM5 difference.

I notice that there’s some pricing issue for example MAC Extra Dimension Eye Shadows (Small) is RM80 for 4 and some stated RM100. The big one also RM100 for 4. I checked with the MAC sales people why some is RM80 while some RM100 and he changed all the price to RM100 before passing back to me. You bet I didn’t buy it. I was pissed!

Suria Meriang19
Initially I grabbed a Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful Coffee to Cocktails Collection but it wasn’t that worthy so I gave it out during check out. Can you imagine I only ended up with these two Kohl Eye Liner c/w Pencil Sharper (RM30). This eyeliner was retailing for RM90 each and it’s sold out almost immediately. When I was there I took my sweet time choosing from the full box. The next minute it was gone. It’s definitely a steal.

Suria Meriang20
There you go. My mini haul this year which I was surprised myself. As soon as I enter and went to Bobbi Brown I literally wanted to bag everything that I want. Then I told myself to calm down and rethink because it was just the first 2 minutes. I still have to roam the whole hall for more great deal so I only put in what I wanted. MAC was also hard for me because I wanted everything! Especially the blusher but the color combination in the set is totally not my type unfortunately otherwise I’d definitely grab a set. I also wanted to get the colorful pencil eyeliner set but decided not to since I’m quite happy with CLIO’s staying powder.


Did anyone of you went? If yes what did you haul back?


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  • Arrrrrr!!! The brush set!!! So cheap Fiona!!! Too bad I am in JB or I will ask from EL counter for a pass ^^

    • Last year also RM105. So sad that they don’t plan to clear brush set this year. Next year ask for the pass and come up to KL!

  • i like the double wear foundation too :DD ! hmm fiona dear, between the double wear foundation n EL bb cream, which one do you prefer for the staying power? ~

    • For staying powder definitely Double Wear foundation. It’s not as thick as everyone thinks. I think the Light version would be too sheer for my acne marks 🙁

  • Oh my! The brushes are so gorgeous! A real steal Fiona! 🙂 thank god the two girls standing in front of them were not interested 😉

    • Yes thank God lol. Normally everyone just bag everything they saw, sort at one corner and throw back after that.

      • Haha! Yeah! That’s kind of sad cause someone who is interested will miss out on the deal cause people just bag it.

        • Exactly! So we just need to stand and wait for throw back which is tiring. I stood at Bobbi Brown for half an hour, went rounding again and repeat the whole process.

  • You are soooo luckly on the brushes! Posting mine soon & I had so much fun going with you. Thank you so much for sparing a ticket for me. I really appreciate it!

    • I was so happy I spotted it! I’m already disappointed about Bobbi Brown but this make it up. No more sadness hehe. I’m glad you decided to go. No problem on the tickets. It’s meant for my friends anyway 🙂

  • OMG, the brush are so cheap! They look really pretty too ^^ the Bobbi Brown kohl eye liner too

    • Last year they are clearing 2011 holiday brush set at RM105 as well. This year same price. Very cute :). Was tempted to use my Kohl eyeliner today but went with Guerlain one instead 🙂

      • wow, lucky no increasement in price ==).

        • But some things are quite expensive now like EL skin care 🙁

  • =) too bad, i can’t attend..=(

    • You’re not local KL?

  • Nope, i am from Perak but currently working in a small town in Johor. So, hahaha =(

    • Either way also cannot. Unless you get the pass earlier and drive down. If more passes get a few friend to share a hotel room 🙂

  • lol. i think better not la.difficult.=( i am happy to just see your hauls .hahaha

    • Hehe. If you go sure bankrupt. First time could be quite overwhelming.


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