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Maybelline Pure.Liquid Mineral Healthy Natural Liquid Foundation SPF18 PA+++: My current foundation acquisition and love

Ever since I started to use liquid foundation last year, I couldn’t stop thinking about buying more. When a brand launched a new season collection makeup, I used to look at blush first. Now I look at foundation. Last time I can never understand why anyone would keep buying foundation one by another. I can understand why now that I’m a part of it. It’s crazy!

My latest drugstore brand liquid foundation acquisition is none other than Maybelline Pure.Liquid Mineral Healthy Natural Liquid Foundation SPF18 PA+++.

Maybelline Pure.Liquid Mineral Healthy Natural Liquid Foundation 1
I’ve always wanted to go L’Oreal Group warehouse sales but each time they organise one, it’s either too far or I’m too busy. This time around they had it at a place where I deemed as “far”, nonetheless I dragged my mum along and drove all the way there on a Sunday afternoon. I was there to look for Maybelline Mineral Power Natural Perfecting Concealer but unfortunately there was none. In fact there was no concealer sighted. All the makeup products there are kinda “old” and these old and dirty packaging is such a turn off. I look around L’Oreal True Match foundation and suddenly the BA came over to help me, which I appreciate because I was lost in the sea of L’Oreal foundations. They had so many types! I ask about Maybelline Pure.Liquid Mineral Healthy Natural Liquid Foundation and she said that’s more drying. With lightning immediate speed I dropped everything and concentrate on that instead because I do have oily skin and dry foundation is my thing.

The problem with warehouse sales held in a hotel function room is the lighting. I’ve never use Maybelline foundation before so I need to get my shade match. The yellowish dim lighting makes the shade matching more tougher. BA doesn’t help much. She’s also having a tough time matching my shade. I don’t know why. Every time I buy a foundation I was matched with at least 2 shade darker than my skin tone. What do these people think eh? I wanna be like oompa loompa or something? I always make sure I get the lightest shade because all foundation oxidise on me. Thank God I knew my skin tone is more suitable with OC so I tested OC1 and OC2 on my hand only. What I can tell you is that OC1 is way too light and OC2 is the nearest shade to my skin tone although it is still darker. I’ve been reading about how people are saying that the shade selection for Maybelline Pure.Liquid Mineral Healthy Natural Liquid Foundation is quite odd. I agree with that! Just in case you’re wondering about the shade code, OC is meant for yellow base skin tone while BO is meant for pink base skin tone. I notice that usually Japanese brand will use this type of shade code. The box and bottle of Maybelline Pure.Liquid Mineral Healthy Natural Liquid Foundation is printed with all Japanese words but the product is made in China. So is this foundation a Japanese product or what? I have no idea.

What I do like about Maybelline Pure.Liquid Mineral Healthy Natural Liquid Foundation is the glass bottle and the pump. The pump works very well but one full pump only dispense out a small amount of product. So I usually use two full pumps.

Maybelline Pure.Liquid Mineral Healthy Natural Liquid Foundation 2
OC2 is still a bit dark on me but I can always fix that. I would need to use a lighter setting powder shade to even out. The texture is amazing. It’s not thick and it offers a full coverage with flawless application. For a minute I was a tad bit disappointed that it’s not as dry as I think it would be. I guess I have a different expectation on it. It turns out to be greater than I thought. It goes on my skin looking all natural. It blends in effortlessly. I could never finish applying foundation in less than 2 minutes but with this, I can get everything done less than that. It’s like a second skin, not changing my skin into something else but instead it makes it better. It doesn’t feel heavy at all and there wasn’t any streaks from the application. I’m impressed!

I believe Maybelline Pure.Liquid Mineral Healthy Natural Liquid Foundation is scentless. It does have a light foundation scent to it but still is scentless to me. It also contain SPF18 PA+++. Very little of SPF which means sunblock prior before applying this is needed. If I can choose I would prefer no SPF at all.

Maybelline Pure.Liquid Mineral Healthy Natural Liquid Foundation 3
I use my Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki brush to blend the foundation in. Oh my God. It’s a perfect combination! Just look at how smooth and flawless the finishing is. You know how usually this type of brush need a deep cleansing after 2-3 use because by then the foundation on the brush will be too congested thus effecting any foundation application from looking flawless? This foundation seems to be light and gentle on the brush. I’m impressed that the bristles on my brush is still loose and not stuck in clumps, that indicates it’s time for a bath. In fact I get a perfect flawless and smooth finishing each time I use the same brush with Maybelline Pure.Liquid Mineral Healthy Natural Liquid Foundation.

Maybelline Pure.Liquid Mineral Healthy Natural Liquid Foundation 4
Whenever I work with a brush on applying liquid foundation, that means I don’t want to get my fingers dirty. So I would pump 2 pumps of Maybelline Pure.Liquid Mineral Healthy Natural Liquid Foundation onto the back of my hand and use my finger to draw a tribal pattern on my face. I don’t have a specific formula for this. I just draw on areas which I would want the foundation to be and on area where the brush could pick up as I buff it in. I don’t concentrate much on the center of my face because that’s the area where I get oily on faster rate. I depend on the bit of foundation on my nose to cover the center area, which is more than enough. I would use what’s left on the back of my hand to buff onto the jawline as I have more acne marks to cover on that area.

Like this.

Maybelline Pure.Liquid Mineral Healthy Natural Liquid Foundation 5
Here’s the Before and After. On the Before I’m just using Oxy Blemish Control Moisturiser to moisturise my face. On the After is just the Maybelline Pure.Liquid Mineral Healthy Natural Liquid Foundation alone with no setting powder. All redness is gone.

Now, what about oil control? After using this foundation for several times, I can understand why the BA told me this mineral foundation is dry. It’s not because the texture is drier like Burberry Velvet Foundation. The texture is as runny as any other foundation which makes application a breeze (Burberry one is dry and hard to buff in) but because this foundation dries down to semi-matte. My face doesn’t feel all dry and tacky. This is by far the best oil control foundation that I’ve tried. I put on makeup by 11am, rush here and there under hot sun and makeup did not melt at all, went shopping until 6.30pm and my face is only dewy looking. It’s not even a bit oily 🙂 . And of course I have set it with a transparent finishing powder like I always do.

Maybelline Pure.Liquid Mineral Healthy Natural Liquid Foundation 6


Maybelline Pure.Liquid Mineral Healthy Natural Liquid Foundation is bought from warehouse sales. I am not sure if you still can get this from Maybelline shelf at drugstore because I read that it has been discontinued? I’m not too sure.

Warehouse Sales Price: RM22 for one. I bought two bottles for RM30 for both.


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.


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  • You crack me up with the shocking picture of yourself with foundation all over the face in tribal print^^. I want to her your thoughts on this. I have combination dry skin. Do you think this will suit dry skin as well?

    • Haha! Because it’s quite funny when I was photographing it. This foundation will suit dry skin as well. No setting powder needed. Just let it as it is. As you can see it’s actually not drying on it’s own. It’s the semi-matte finishing.

  • This foundation looks good on you! I know what you mean about hoarding liquid foundations, I’ve been doing it for years 🙂 Always looking for that unattainable Holy Grail foundation.

    • It have a smooth finishing that I absolutely adore. Sometimes I just leave it as it is without setting powder. If I’m out and needed a long wearing I’ll set it.
      I’ve stop buying foundation previously because I wanted to finish at least half of every bottle before I start to buy again. Now that some bottles of mine is already half gone, I can start again! 😀 . I can understand on always looking for the HG foundation. It’s so tough to pin point the HG status. Every single one seems to be the same only.

  • The foundation look good on you! Luckily you know your shade well because I think you match it perfectly. More like a nude finish. The foundation doesn’t look too thick on your face! So cheap during warehouse sales!

    • Haha thanks Melissa. I like the finishing too! If I buff lesser than what I did here, it’s even more natural looking. I over do it for this post lol. Eventhough so, it doesn’t look thick. Which is also another reason why I like it. Sometimes when I’m running under hot sun, the foundation on my forehead will just melt off. This one? Sweat doesn’t even develop on it. So weird.
      Keep an eye on the next warehouse sales 😀

  • looking good and long wearing…lucky for you to grab that, i hope there’s still available at guardian/watsons for sale.
    So far i’m loving and been using Revlon color stay for oily and combination skin everyday with setting powder especially on the t-zone.
    My shade is 310 (warm golden)..i got this during wharehouse sale at Klang last year.

    • Yes it is. Suitable for work I would say since my work involve me running around 😀 . I plan to grab Revlon during the year end warehouse sales. There are some thing that I won’t buy now if I knew there’s warehouse sales 😉

  • Suits you, my skin combination type

    • Yes it does suits me 😀

  • I agree it does look good on you :D. It certainly does not look cakey or thick.

    • Ahh thanks! It’s quite fast and easy to apply. Effortless.

  • Wow it hided all your redness on face! Perfect! I have never use any foundation before and thanks for the info! This can be a great product for make up newbie (So cheap!) 😛

    • Exactly. Newbies don’t have to start from premium first. Can always play around with drugstore brand before moving up.


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