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My Beauty Diary 我的美麗日記 Facial Mask Haul

I owe this haul post to Cynthia :P. Sorry for the wait dear.

I can’t seem to get a good product shoot for my recent My Beauty Diary 我的美麗日記 haul. I don’t know why the sun just don’t come out every time I want to take picture of MBD. Anyway after a few weeks of delay, here is my haul from recent promotion event at Mid Valley. Apologies on the bad lighting.

I only went there to get My Beauty Diary Hello Kitty edition. And I ended up with slightly more than that.

Haul + Freebies!

The main purchase is My Beauty Diary Hello Kitty Strawberry Milk Mask & Honey Strawberry Mask. A box of 10 sheet is retailing for RM49.88. It’s RM10 more than the normal range. I was told that the promotion is buy 2nd box of Hello Kitty range and get RM10 discount. So I grabbed one box each of the Hello Kitty edition. After payment only realized that they didn’t deduct RM10 out and I approached the sales girl to check. She said the promotion is only valid on the same flavor =.=”. She should have mention it to me beforehand! I demand for a void but the process is too troublesome (void receipt, reissue receipt, void credit card payment, reswipe credit card) so I changed my mind.

The stock is kinda new. The mfg date is 31/1/2012 and the expiry is 31/1/2015.

To be eligible for a box of 5 sheet free gift, I also purchased a box of the normal range; Apple Polyphenol Mask for RM39.88. The stock is also fairly new. The mfg date is 16/11/2011 and the expiry is 16/11/2014.

The free gift that I got from my purchase.
For the purchase of 3 boxes, I get a box of Vienna Black Tulip Mask 5 pieces for free. I also managed to persuade the sales girl to give me a box of Pearl Powder Mask 2 pieces as well lol!!

Vienna Black Tulip Mask mfg date is 31/12/2010 and the expiry is 31/12/2013. Old stock I guess. Pearl Powder Mask on the other hand is not bad. The mfg date is 24/10/2011 with expiry date of 24/10/2014.

When I collect my free gift at the free gift counter (yes they have such a counter) I was told to participate in a lucky draw. I got myself a piece of Camellia Mask. I like the packaging of this 1 piece mask. However the mfg date is so old. It’s made on 25/6/2009 and the expiry is 25/6/2012. Gotta use this asap!

Now let’s take a look at the mask packaging design.

My Beauty Diary Hello Kitty Strawberry Milk Mask comes in 3 different packaging design!

My Beauty Diary Honey Strawberry Mask comes 3 different design as well. So cute.

Apple Polyphenol Mask design is the simplest of all 😛

Overall I find this promotion not attractive at all. There’s no discount just freebies. And the freebies is either going to be expired stock or discontinued range stock. The sales girl is not well verse with their own promo mechanic. Explanation is also all over the place. I need to brief her back about the product! Kinda disappointed with this event. There’s no different buying from Guardians or Watsons on normal days. I blame myself for the curiosity and the power of Hello Kitty lol.

Clinelle My Beauty Diary SkinVitals Warehouse Sales

My Beauty Diary Mask, SkinVitals Mask & Clinelle

My Beauty Diary Strawberry Yogurt Mask 10 pieces – RM28
Clinelle Eye and Lip Makeup Remover 80ml – RM4
SkinVitals Australian Mask Expert Pack 8 variety pieces – RM8

Last weekend I followed my brother and mum to Viva Home and we spotted Guardian warehouse sales along with other clothing brands at event hall so without hesitate I headed in.

It’s not really a warehouse sales type of sales. I’m not even sure what is it because the products are limited. What Guardian is selling there are mainly their own brand, Clinelle, SkinVitals, some beauty tools and suddenly I spotted My Beauty Diary Masks! I haven’t tried My Beauty Diary mask before despite all the rave so I grabbed a box of Strawberry Yogurt Mask 10 pieces for RM28. Prior to that I grabbed a bottle of Clinelle Eye and Lip Makeup Remover for RM4 and a box of SkinVitals face mask 8 pieces for RM8.

As for My Beauty Diary, the choices are also limited. There’s only Strawberry Yogurt Mask, Red Wine Mask and Mixed Berry Mask.