Charcoal Peanuts from Taiwan

Ever since dad returned from Taiwan with loads of charcoal peanuts last year, I was hooked. First impression was “eeeewwwww”. Mum practically forced the peanut to my mouth and the rest was history.

Recently I saw a comment in Facebook of a friend’s friend about her going to Taiwan. So I commented for a favor and the nice girl agreed to help me to buy the charcoal peanuts. Initially I asked her to get the buy 5 free 1 package but she smsed my friend from Taiwan saying she could only carry 2-3 packs for me.

Last week I met up with this nice girl at her office in Mid Valley to collect my charcoal peanuts and she bought 2 packs for RM13 per pack. Thank you Cui Xin!

Yummy charcoal peanuts – RM13 per pack

It may look yucky and ugly but taste really good!

The peanuts inside 😉

Thank you again Cui Xin!

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  • What does it taste like???

  • The black thing is charcoal but taste like flour + sugar. No taste of charcoal at all 🙂


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