Coffret D'or Kanebo Warehouse Sales

Kanebo Warehouse Sales 2012 Haul

Did you know that Kanebo Malaysia is having their first warehouse sales in 2012? Now you know :). Sales is up to 50% discount. Not a lot for a warehouse sales if you ask me. But no harm checking it out.

Sales detail as below:-
Kanebo International Salon @ Starhill Gallery 3-5 February
Kanebo International Salon @ Bangsar 10-12 February

I missed last week’s sales so I went for this week’s sales at Kanebo International Salon Bangsar.

Products offered are Coffret D’or up to 50% off, Lunasol and Impress IC up to 20% off, Impress and Blanchir Superior up to 30% off. There are also 2 sets of Impress Granmula special buy; Purchase Impress Granmula Cream at RM4,600 and FREE Impress Double Cleansing + Double Moisturizing and Purchase Impress Granmula Emulsion at RM1,200 and FREE Impress Double Cleansing. A bit disappointed that Lunasol price is not much different and Coffret D’or is just 50% off considering the fact that Coffret D’or will be pulling out from Malaysia after this clearance. If a particular brand is pulling out from the market, one would expect maybe 70% or buy 1 free 1 or even nett clearance price i.e. RM10, RM30, RM50. Anyway after taking sweet sweet time browsing and asking questions on the products, I hauled RM238 worth of Coffret D’or products. The crowd is too nice just nice and it’s nothing close like those warehouse sales in hotel’s function room. When I was there there’s only 1 lady around and when I’m about to leave, there’s another lady who just came in. So you can enjoy the 1 to 1 chat with the BA when you’re there.

So, what did I get? Was aiming on eyeshadow palette especially Lunasol but the colors and price doesn’t caught my eye and instead Coffret D’or color selection is way better so I bought the following.

– Eyes Appeal Shadow in (01 Sweet Brown) – RM54
– Eye Shadow / Powder Case (Black) – RM12

I was told the casing is sold out but the BA managed to find a last unit in Black although White is my choice.

Coffret D’or Eyes Appeal Shadow in (01 Sweet Brown) – RM54
Coffret D’or Eye Shadow / Powder Case (Black) – RM12

There’s 2 type of liquid eyeliner available. One is not refillable and one is refillable. The casing for refillable eyeliner is RM33 while the refill is RM17. I don’t plan to buy a lot plus the brand will face out so I only bought 1 not refillable liquid eyeliner for RM29.

Coffret D’or Natural Clear Liner (BK-28) – RM29

The only item I bought a lot is eyebrow pencil. I mean who doesn’t drew their eyebrow? I can live without eyeliner but NOT eyebrow pencil lol.

Coffret D’or W Styling Eyebrow Holder – RM20
Coffret D’or W Styling Eyebrow Pencil (BR-38OV) X 5pcs – RM18 each

Last but not least something which I never fail to buy; Kanebo Eye Makeup Remover for RM33.

Kanebo Eye Make Up Remover – RM33

Did you know that in Japan, Coffret D’or is not premium brand? Instead it’s the lowest range in Kanebo. Only Malaysia is selling that expensive.

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