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Help! My Beauty Product Stash is Out of Control!

How many of you scream out like that everytime you look at your stash of goodies in the drawer? I do that all the time. Sometimes I even tried to avoid the drawer but sometimes I was forced to face the reality when I need to double check what I had and what I don’t have.

My mission lately is to use up as many trial size and sample as I can. I’m quite happy with my decision because I’ve been throwing tubes and jars away on daily basis. That is such an achievement I tell you. But what about full size products? Simple.

2 weeks ago I bought a 3-tier bathroom vanity rack which is something like the below. On the bottom tier I stash all hair products such as shampoos, conditioners, hair masque etc. Second tier on the other hand is all about body products such as shower gel, scrubs, shower oil and even body oil. Top tier is face products like cleansers, scrubs, makeup removers etc.

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I’m not a body lotion or body cream type of person but I do have countless of those in my unused stash as they were given to me as gift. Before bed I’d apply all necessary skin care and by the time I’m done I’m too tired for body lotion. What I do is to stash some of those at my bathroom vanity rack. Why? Simply because I like to stand in front of my rack and choose which to use for the face, body and lastly hair everytime I step in for shower. It’s a fun and happy thing to do. For me at least. By putting there I can guaranteed myself that I will surely use it.

Does it work? Of course it does. You are staring at the rack when you bath, you choose products to use tier by tier so why or how can you missed it?

There you go. That’s my secret on finishing all the beauty products from my stash. What about skin care? Easy. I just put it on my work table so that I can see it everytime I apply my skin care. It’s funny how simple idea like this can actually works.


Comments (8)

  • Oooh. This is a really good method!

    • Just put everything in the bathroom haha!

  • True! If I din’t see it, I won’t use 🙂

    • I’m quite happy with my vanity rack :). It’s like a whole new discovery choosing what to use.

  • good idea! but, sometimes i am just too lazy -….- hahahah

    • Remember…there’s no ugly women, just lazy one 😛

  • I like the vanity rack idea 🙂 for make up and skin care, I put them all in a glass cabinet right next to my writing desk at home too 😛 Like you, so every time I get up from my chair, I see my collection and I’lml be reminded to quickly use them up

    • Yeap! Just put everything at visible places. For me I do my skin care and makeup on my work table so that’s where all the new products are. As for bathroom stuff it’s all in the vanity rack.


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