Review: Burberry Lip Velvet, The Best Hydrating Matte Lipstick. Ever.

I have had these Burberry Lip Velvet lipstick duo which I bought back in April 2013 for quite a few months now. I’ve never stuck on to a lipstick for so long and Burberry Lip Velvet is the only one that I used daily since I bought it. The days where shiny, shimmery lipstick rule the world are over for me :D. Matte lippie is IN!

When I went over to the only Burberry Beauty counter at Isetan KLCC, the BA was so thoughtful that he is quite concern if I would even use the lipstick. I suppose that’s because I have not even touch my previous haul of Sheer Foundation and Light Glow Blusher 😀

Burberry Lip Velvet 1.1
Burberry Lip Velvet is inspired by the most opulent of English fabrics. It gives the lips a velvety matte radiance finishing. All my life I’ve been avoiding matte lipstick because it accentuate my dry, chapped lips. It’s horrible. But Burberry claimed to differ. Lip Velvet is a combination of nourishing oils and gel dispersed pigment. So it’s extremely lightweight and I promise you that you will not even feel the oil on your lips. Ingredients such as triglycerides and wild rose promise to give an intense moisture as well as long lasting color payoff. In a nutshell, you will get a moisturizing matte lipstick with superb color payoff!

Burberry Lip Velvet2
I’m a Burberry makeup fan. If I can afford it I would want it all :D. The casing on most of it’s product itself defines luxury. For a decent RM96 per lipstick you will get a matte surface casing with Burberry’s iconic tartan print. To be honest I like the matte casing on Lip Velvet more than the normal shiny casing on Lip Cover and Lip Mist. This means no finger prints on the casing yay!

Burberry Lip Velvet3
Well, having a Burberry iconic tartan print on the lipstick casing is one happy note but there’s more. The casing cover is magnetic. YES MAGNETIC! How often do you get that on lipstick right? I must also warn you that the whole lipstick is more heavier than usual. Actually I wouldn’t mind the weight. It’s hardly noticeable.

The most exciting part of purchasing a Burberry lipstick is of course the untwisting of the lipstick bullet. Usually I’ll do it in the comfort of my room. I have a habit of checking my haul at home. It’s nerve wrecking. If I found that there’s a scratch on the lipstick bullet, I’m doomed. In this case there wasn’t any but the clumsy me accidentally scratched one of the lipstick while photographing. I sort of knew that would come lol.

Burberry Lip Velvet4
Most of you will agree that the Burberry tartan print on the lipstick bullet is absolutely gorgeous. I was told by Burberry BA that most of his regular customer will buy just to keep for collection. Well, I can never understand why anyone would want to do that. It’s such a waste not to use it. My advise is…if you spend this amount of money for such a good and beautiful product, use it! Flaunt it! Keep it and you will throw it away one day.

Burberry Lip Velvet5
To be honest I never thought of trying Burberry Lip Velvet. After a short chat with the BA, he assure me that Burberry Lip Velvet is more moisturizing than Chanel’s. This feedback actually came from his customers. I was sold there and then which explain how the whole purchasing of a matte lipstick came about :D.

The BA was so helpful in helping me to choose the shade that suits me. I knew what I want – nudey pink and a deep red. So we narrow down our selection and tried on a few shades on the back of my hand to see if I like it. I was also into fuchsia pink but Burberry’s definition of fuchsia is actually a red. Bummer. After identifying the shades that I like, I requested for the lipstick to be on my lips so that I can see clearly if the color suits me. I also wanted to feel how the matte lipstick is like on my lips.

In the end I settle with Peony Rose No.302 and Honey Suckle No.305. I had one of the shade on my lips the whole day just to try out how the lipstick will be after food and drink and after a long day. It is indeed as good as what the BA told me.

Burberry Lip Velvet6
I’m always a fan of nude pink since my younger days. I used to refer this type of shade to be a “dead pink” color LOL. I was young back then, forgive me :D.

Burberry Lip Velvet Peony Rose No.302

This is just the perfect shade for me. It is this deep nude pink that is quite similar to MLBB (my lips but better) shade. My lips are quite dark to begin with and this shade complement the overall color of my skin nicely.

Burberry Lip Velvet Honey Suckle No.305

I never thought I’ll buy this deep red but as long as it’s not bright red then I’m fine. I’m still loving my Dior Addict Extreme #536 Lucky so I’m not looking for any other bright red to substitute that color. Red actually makes the overall skin color fairer.

Burberry Lip Velvet7
Here is the look of both Burberry Lip Velvet on my lips. Previously I posted up a tips on how to apply lipstick and I used Honey Suckle No.305 in that tutorial. Turns out to be the perfect way of applying matte lipstick for me.

I do like how Peony Rose No.302 is on my lips. I like the color very much. Because I like it so much, I’ve been reaching for it so frequent that I broke the lipstick :( and I just found out why. Most matte lipstick contain two moisturizing ingredient and Burberry Lip Velvet contain four. No doubt it is moisturizing for the lips but the lipstick bullet become a bit fragile. I was left with a choice of either melting the broken lipstick into a pill container or stick it back to the casing and use a lip brush. In the end I decided to use a lip brush. A little bit inconvenient for me but looks like I have no choice don’t I.

I must also warn you about the lipstick scent. Unfortunately this lipstick is not scentless. All Burberry lipstick is not. They have this vintage lipstick scent to it that not many people can take. I can’t really take Lip Cover’s scent but Lip Velvet seems to be better for me. Maybe it’s matte. I don’t know. But my nose is telling me that it’s not as strong as non-matte lipstick. If you are thinking to pick up Burberry lipstick, just take a whiff at the lipstick bullet to see if you can take the scent.

Burberry Lip Velvet8
Lipstick shade preference is very subjective. I am certainly not someone who like bold, red lipstick for everyday look as I would prefer nudey pink more. Unless I have not-so-loud eye makeup on then I will use a bolder lip color on my lips. However I do like the shade selection for Burberry Lip Velvet although most of it can be quite bold, loud and intense. That is the reason why I pick up two Lip Velvet – one nude color, one bold color.

I was told that Chanel lipstick user would prefer Burberry Lip Velvet when it comes to matte lipstick as it’s more hydrating than Chanel lipstick. I can relate to that. Remember I said that I have really dry and chapped lips? Even with that type of lips I can still rock Burberry Lip Velvet. It doesn’t further dry my lips, it stays on like lip stain and the longevity is just impressive. However you will need to remove this lipstick using a proper lip makeup remover as it really stays on the lips without budging.


Burberry Beauty Lip Velvet is available exclusively at Isetan Suria KLCC.
Price: RM108. I bought the lipstick at RM96. I suppose it’s before the price increase?
For more info on Burberry Beauty makeup products, please visit


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.


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  1. Honey Suckle looks really pretty in the tube, but Peony Rose looks much better for everyday wear. 😀 Love your choices! I have one of the Burberry lip gloss too, and it’s one of my favourites. I pains me to say that I had dry, peeling lips few days back but a layer of the gloss made the horror completely disappear (until it wore off). XD

    • Thanks Laura! Eh Burberry lip gloss is one the best. It’s not sticky, doesn’t feel heavy on the lips and doesn’t dries down. Too bad I’m not a fan of lip gloss. Only lipstick 😀

  2. I so like Peony Rose No. 302 colour VERY much too. Will get this for Christmas.

  3. peony rose is lovely!

  4. I like bold lip colours. I have actually never used Burberry and have really been wanting to upgrade a few key items in my makeup collection to something higher quality. Would you recommend their blushes too? I know you are a huge Burberry fan. I am trying to buy less but buy better and stop myself swimming in a sea of poor quality unused items.

    • Yes I would recommend their blushes :D. I bought one – Peony Blush No.04 but have yet to swirl my brush on it. Still staring at the tartan print haha. Let’s drop by Burberry counter one day. Look out for their BA, the guy. But I forgot his name. He’s really good in recommending. Also check out the new blushes collection 😀

      I may be a Burberry fan but I’m trying to buy lesser too. I’m still waiting for their new collection to roll in the counter because basically I’ve gotten whatever that I’m interested with. Oh and also waiting for the purse perfume GWP. Then it’s spending time.

      • I know exactly what you mean, Fiona, when they bake the blushes and mould the lipsticks with a gorgeous pattern – I don’t want to touch it all. Just keep it forever and ever. It’s easier to start using if they make them plain or ugly lol

  5. try the rmk M for matte lippies!!!!
    burberry dries me up after 3hours.. my lip actually crack when i wear it for one whole day. =( such a shame coz i love the colour… =(
    sigh~ lips why u so sensitive.

    • Oh gosh. Burberry on me never dries up. Your lips are really sensitive my dear. Burberry feels nothing on my lips. That’s what I love love loveeee about it :)

      RMK hmmm. Will see :D. I’ve sworn to only buy Burberry lippie LOL

  6. by the way, honey suckle look gorgeous on u! u should wear more red tones!!!! *drool* such kissable lips hahaha

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