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Beauty News: Sulwhasoo 2014 Limited Edition Shine Classic

Who doesn’t love a pretty makeup packaging right? I’m a sucker for anything cute, pretty, pink and exquisite design. What I didn’t know or realise is that Sulwhasoo special edition compact powder foundation – Shine Classic is released once every year since making it’s debut in 2003. This year, the focus of Shine Classic design will feature the Mother-of-Pearl, a modern reinterpretation of Korean aesthetics that combines luxury and tradition.

I just died looking at these!

ShineClassic 2014
Sulwhasoo collaborated with artist Hyun Kyung Lee in designing the 2014 Shine Classic. Hyun Kyung Lee uses small reactangular fragments of the Mother-of-Pearl for the design on the case, to envision a plum blossom design. To add a modern touch to the Shine Classic design, rectangular pieces which represents elegant Korean women are applied into the design to express a more natural and beautiful plum blossom rather than a plum blossom in curves. Translucent white plum blossom is placed on top of the background design to further enhance the natural colours of the Mother-of-Pearl. Pistils of plum blossoms are then placed right at the centre as a symbolisation of elegance and dignified beauty. This unique combination proves to be one contrast design.

The Mother-of-Pearl often are associated with wealth and elegance. Sulwhasoo recognised the signification in this and uses sophisticated as well as modern techniques to highlight the beauty of the Mother-of-Pearl and in delivering the harmonious beauty of tradition and modernity that Sulwhasoo pursues.

Overall for 2014, there are two distinctive designs representing each Shine Classic variant i.e White for the Powder Compact variant and Blue for the Multi-colour Powder Compact version. The powder also carries the Mother-of-Pearl design elements with design motives of the plum blossom featured at the centre of the compact powder.


Shine Classic Powder Compact (RM440 – 9g x 2 which includes a refill, a puff and a pouch)

ShineClassic Powder Compact
The case design of this variant features a white plum blossom on top of a beige background to symbolize pure and clear skintone. White also represents pure plum blossoms of winter and its function to deliver clear and pure skin. Applying this compact powder not only helps in minimising flaws on the skin but it also adds brightness to the skin while at the same time protects the skin from aggressors, leaving it as delicate as petals.

The compact powder is available in No 2 (Calm Tone) for a more natural and subtle look.

ShineClassic Powder Compact - Case


Shine Classic Multi-color Powder Compact (RM440 – 9g which includes a brush and a pouch)

ShineClassic Multi-color Powder Compact
The Multi-colour Powder Compact case which features the white plum blossom on top of a blue background colour with yellow polka dots helps to bring out the multiple colours of the Mother-of-Pearl in symbolising the colorful and mysterious
image of this variant. The Multi-colour Powder Compact functions as a highlighter to promote radiance and vitality with its diversity of colors. The colors of the beautiful plum petals deliver translucency and purity.

Tones of this compact include: Light Pink, Deep Pink, Light Yellow, Light Purple and Light Blue

ShineClassic Multi-color Powder Compact - Case
Sulwhasoo 2014 Shine Classic Limited Edition will be available at all Sulwhasoo beauty counters beginning December 2014 at Parkson Pavilion KL, Parkson 1 Utama and Parkson Gurney Plaza, Penang. I wish I have the budget to spend RM440 for this luxurious powder! You know I loveeee powder so so much!


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  • Oh my! What glitter magic is this? I’m in love! Until I saw the price. Then I woke up lol. I was secretly hoping it’ll be affordable so I can reward myself. I haven’t bought anything this festive season. Lol. Oh well. Was a good eye candy. Ok. Now please excuse me while I go dream about it.

    • Lol. Same here. I was all excited and scroll quickly to the price then I fell off the chair hahahahaha. But then again the price is slightly cheaper than Guerlain Meteorites compact. I guess this is either for collector or it’s a treat once a year. Thank god they only came out once every year haha 😀

  • I scrolled up and down multiple times. It’s definitely very mesmerizing. In fact it brought back memories of Estée Lauder. They used to have collectible compacts as well I think. As a kid I was so amazed by it and every year I’ll go through the collections and pick those which I like. As if I’ll buy them lol. Yeah Guerlain is another top player in this luxury collectibles. Lovely and exquisite. Thank god for beauty blog like yours to share the eye candy!

    • Oh I remember those Estee Lauder one! Never bought any because it’s sooooo expensive! Way more expensive than Guerlain and Sulwhasoo *bankrupt*

      • Hahahahah. I adore those collections and I am always amazed when I see some IG photos posted. Some people really go all the way out to collect these luxury items. But I am more of a practical person because once I start collecting, I know I won’t stop and my wallet get will killed!

        • Some people can afford to do so. I’m a choosy shopper. I choose what to collect lol. Certainly not going to be a RM400-ish collection lol.

  • So beautiful but my heart sunk at the price…they don’t call a thing luxurious without the luxury price tag. Oh well, in my dreams…

    • I know right? Exactly what I felt too. I’m quite curious to how the powder looks like though 🙂

  • Oh my Koreans’ packaging is just irresistible! Too prettyyyyyyy! And I was awakened from my dream by the scary price tag haha! Too expensive!

    • Oh yeah. I notice most Korean brand packaging is really nice, cute, unique and all. The price tag is not ahak!

      • I know! Their packaging never fails to make me spend *sob sob* Irrational consumer here haha!


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