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Kate King, the face for Dolce and Dolce Floral Drops EDT Mother’s Day quotes

Kate King Mother's Day Quote
Why do you think Mother’s Day is important?
Mother’s Day allows us to show one of the most important figures in our life that we truly care and appreciate everything they have done for us. My mom has had a hard job raising me, my two sisters, and my brother so it’s a lovely chance to celebrate that she is herself a beautiful, feminine, and kind woman and she deserves gifts like Dolce Floral Drops to remind her of this.

Any special moments you connect with Mother’s Day?
Every year as a child I handmade my Mother’s Day gifts from items I found around the house. I made vases out of jars that I decorated and picture frames out of wood around the house. It was always so much fun making these things for my mom.

Any specific scents you connect with M’Day?
Last year I gave my mother Dolce for Mother’s Day. She was over the moon and so proud of me. It was such a special moment for us and every year Mother’s Day will smell the same way for us.

What was the perfect Mother’s Day?
Any Mother’s Day I get to spend with my mom.


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