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SK-II #dreamagain Movement Released “Dream Again”, A Latest Installment for #changedestiny Campaign

SK-II's #dreamagain Movement
Half of the women around the world given up on their dreams. Not because they want to but they have to due to unforeseen circumstances. Through SK-II’s #changedestiny campaign, the premium skincare brand have gotten children to partnered with local personalities including home-grown international singer & songwriter Yuna, actors Awal Ashaari and Aaron Aziz, YouTuber Jinnyboy, beauty queen Soo Wincci and even national SEA Games gold medallist gymnast Farah Ann Abdul Hadi, to inspire Malaysians to “Dream Big” on social media.

Farah Ann
The campaign named #dreamagain sparks numerous conversations that was transpired from startling insights from the first ever Global Dreams Index Survey, which also inspired SK-II to create the heartwarming “Dream Again | SK-II #changedestiny” film. The first Global Dreams Index Survey conducted by luxury skincare brand SK-II uncovered alarming results; half the world’s female population have given up on dreams and are not satisfied with their current lives.


Key barriers to pursuing childhood dreams in Malaysia included limited financial support, fear of going out of one’s comfort zone and not fitting traditional definition of success. In contrast, the results highlighted 82% of women around the world who pursue their dreams were satisfied with life and strongly identified personal definition of success with “doing what you love.”

“Dream Again | SK-II #changedestiny” is the latest installment in the brand’s #changedestiny campaign, following the success of “Marriage Market,” in empowering women to take control of their future and achieve their aspirations. The film is a social experiment featuring children, who are still full of dreams as surprise counselors for dreamless adults.

SK-II Dream Again Film
Throughout the film it becomes clear how societal limitations and feelings of low self-esteem are preventing many women from pursuing their dreams; interviews voice how they drifted away from childhood dreams as they grew up and life responsibilities became more demanding. At the end of the film’s experiment, the ‘adult expert’ revealed as a cover for little girls hidden behind cameras and earpieces. The dramatic unveil puts the women face-to-face with smiling children who remind them, in simple yet powerful words of encouragement, to never give up on the dreams.

Here are some messages from an array of celebrities.

To my fans and fellow teammates, continue to dream big, always believe in yourself and never give up in pursuing your dreams. It is very important to have a goal and to accomplish that goal. Always remember, it is never too late for you to achieve your dreams

Farah Ann, national SEA Games gold medallist gymnast


Remember, never give up on your dreams. We have no idea what the future holds but the only thing that really stops us from achieving our dreams is ourselves. Continue to dream big and work hard, you never know what life has in store for you.

Yuna, international singer & songwriter

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