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Kids Challenged Half The World’s Women Who Have Given Up On Their Dreams to #DreamAgain

SK-II's "Dream Again" Art Installation on the Great Wall of China
SK-II’s “Dream Again” Art Installation on the Great Wall of China

On Tuesday, June 21st, across ten major cities in the world, from the Great Wall of China to Seoul’s iconic Gangnam and New York’s magical Madison Square Park, children inspired adults to remember what it was like to dream when they were young and encouraged them to keep pursuing their dreams.

Why? The event was to premier “Dream Again | SK-II #changedestiny” is the latest installment in the brand’s #changedestiny campaign.

The survey of 5,400 women in 14 countries across 6 continents found that key barriers to pursuing childhood dreams were limited financial support, fear of going out of one’s comfort zone and not fitting traditional definitions of success. In contrast, the results highlighted 82% of women around the world who pursue their dreams were satisfied with life and strongly identified personal definition of success with “doing what you love.”

Global Dream Index 2016
The knowledge that dreams fade with age and adults who still dream are happier than those who don’t inspired SK-II to create the “Dream Again | SK-II #changedestiny” film, a social experiment featuring children — who are still full of dreams — as surprise counselors for dreamless adults.

Throughout the film it becomes clear how societal limitations and feelings of low self-esteem are preventing many women from pursuing their dreams; interviewees voice how they drifted away from childhood dreams as they grew up and life responsibilities became more demanding. At the end of the experiment, the ‘adult expert’ is revealed as a cover for young girls hidden behind cameras and earpieces. The dramatic unveil puts the women face-to-face with smiling children who remind them, in simple yet powerful words of encouragement, to never give up on dreams.

“Dream Again | SK-II #changedestiny” is the latest installment in the brand’s #changedestiny campaign, following the success of “Marriage Market”, in empowering women to take control of their future and achieve their aspirations. “The #changedestiny campaign challenges the belief that destiny is set at birth and celebrates women who have gone beyond limitations to achieve success,” said Markus Strobel, President Global SK-II. “By encouraging women to pursue to their dreams and empowering them to overcome personal and societal limitations, we hope to inspire more women to change their destiny.”

The “Dream Again | SK-II #changedestiny” film can be viewed at the below.

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