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Gucci Guilty For Him and For Her: Are You #GuiltyNotGuilty?

Gucci Guilty For Him and For Her
I love the new Gucci Guilty For Him and For Her campaign statement – #GuiltyNotGuilty. It is catchy and makes one wonder, what do Gucci mean? Really, what does the new tagline #GuiltyNotGuilty means?

Gucci is entering a new chapter. Gucci is celebrating individuality. The new generation breaks the gender rules and common social boundaries. They’re expressive, being who they want to be, doing what they want to do. They believe in living and indulging in life without that guilty feeling. It’s a modern generation declaring more on self expression and sexuality. That’s the new Gucci Guilty.

Gucci Guilty For Him and For Her 2
If you’re a fan of Jared Leto, for which I am, you will surely wish you’re in that tub with him instead of one of the model. The ad campaign for Gucci Guilty For Him and For Her involves three person – Jared Leto together with two models Julia Hafstrom and Vera Van Erp. The trio was filmed showing the before and after fo an intimate experience as a set of flashbacks. I’ll leave to your imagination on what the trio was doing. Gucci did said “they explore each other and their surroundings in a liberated expression of sexuality”. Okay, Gucci. Okay 😀

Jared Leto Gucci Guilty


Scent Description

Gucci wanted both the For Him and For Her fragrance to be an unisex scent. There’s no gender difference. So do expect a special concoction of notes, not found in your typical male or female fragrance.

For Him – The scent opens with citrusy and invigorating Lemon, which are intensified with Lavender and Patchouli. The heart is made of floral, sensual Orange Blossom to heighten the scent’s allure. Not your typical male fragrance note.

For Her – The scent is defines by a signature Fougère accord of geranium, which is commonly used in men’s scents. To bring down the manly notes, intimate and magical Lilac flower laced with Amber are added in to radiates warmth and grace with a powerful lasting impression

You see, it is truly unique. You find male scent notes in For Her, while female scent notes in For Him. This is what Gucci wanted for their Guilty fragrance line – gender equality.


Gucci Guilty For Him and For Her is now available at leading departmental stores and perfumeries nationwide.

Gucci Guilty EDT 30ml – RM239
Gucci Guilty EDT 50ml – RM301
Gucci Guilty EDT 75ml – RM414

Gucci Guilty Pour Homme EDT 50ml – RM236
Gucci Guilty Pour Homme EDT 90ml – RM319

For more info on the fragrance, please visit Gucci Guilty Website.


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