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Safilo Fall/Winter 2016 Collection Preview

Safilo Fall/Winter 2016 1
It was definitely an overwhelming morning at the Safilo Group Fall/Winter 2016 preview day whereas I get the opportunity to view all the brand’s new collection. Among the brands I get to see, touch and try are Dior, Dior Homme, Fendi, BOSS, Kate Spade, Jimmy Choo, Marc Jacobs, Givency, just to name a few and many more. Just in case you are wondering who is Safilo. Safilo is a fully integrated Italian eyewear creator and worldwide distributor. So the collection preview day is the perfect day to view all of the brand’s new and upcoming collection.

Let’s start with a brand that I cannot stop lingering around. I cannot stop gawking at them. No kidding. Fendi, oh Fendi.

Safilo Fall/Winter 2016 2
The Fendi piece I wore at the photo below is HypnoShine sunglasses. It is one to celebrate the FENDI’s highest savoir-faire featuring a rétro-futuristic design. It has a floating geometry that is emphasized by the graphic wavy stripes accurately tampo-printed on the sides of the metal bar and rounded lenses. The overall look is quite a cat-eyed type. Absolutely runway appropriate 😀 . It has a unique color combination – burgundy metal with burgundy/amber lenses and amber/burgundy stripes; black metal with blue/turquoise lenses and black/turquoise stripes; dark blue metal with grey/dark blue lenses and red/dark blue stripes; green metal with green shaded lenses and cerulean blue/green stripes.

Safilo Fall/Winter 2016 15
Now. MY FAVOURITE. Have to bold that because it is the only pair I could not put down. Fendi FF0193/S!

Safilo Fall/Winter 2016 17
Polaroid’s new eyewear collection aimed to change the way people view sunglasses. Polaroid Twist Collection features vibrant colors, flexibility and lightweight feel. It offers the wearer comfort with strength, and eventhough the vibrant colors can be intimidating for some people, it is actually designed to be worn anywhere, anytime: at the beach, downtown, on the slopes, or for any sports you practice. Did anyone said SPORTS?

Safilo Fall/Winter 2016 3
BOSS eyewear has an exciting Fall/Winter 2016 collection starring Eddie Peng. Eddie Peng was chosen once again as the face of BOSS eyewear for the second time as he embraces masculinity and modern sophistication, qualities in line with the vision of BOSS. The ultra-lightweight and flexible BOSS Fall/Winter 2016 eyewear styles are retro inspired yet modern shapes that represent technical precision and dedication to crafts.

Safilo Fall/Winter 2016 5

Safilo Fall/Winter 2016 6
Carrera 125/S and CARRERA 126/S for Carrera Fall Winter 2016 collection on the other hand emerged with an iconic reinvented drop-shaped and round-shaped sunglasses as the core of the new season’s collection. It is in line with the essential but statement design of the Collection featuringnew nylon-fiber frames are enriched by a slim double bridge and steel temples.

Carrera 127/S features nylon-fiber squared pilot sunglasses with a slim double-bridge and temples in steel. The particularity of this design is the subtle clips holding the double bridge and the brow-bar to the frame.

Carrera 128/S is a re-edition of a heritage shape with a contemporary approach. Metal laser-cut rounded shapes with extra slim lines, with a subtle clips holding the lenses to the frame.

CA6663 is a vintage inspired, extra-slim aviator optical frame with the iconic reversed double bridge. This featherlight lasercut frame in stainless steel is complemented with a matte finish, matching the heritage of the brand with a contemporary taste.

Lastly, the CA6665 features a round and slim shape in Ultem material, featured to allow extreme flexibility
and resistance; stainless steel temples.

Safilo Fall/Winter 2016 7
Marc Jacobs has a line of pretty unexpected, unconventional and unique Fall/Winter 2016 collection juxtaposes the avant-garde with conventional eyewear traditions, combining the everyday with the extraordinary.

Safilo Fall/Winter 2016 8

Safilo Fall/Winter 2016 16
Jimmy Choo has one of the collection that I personally like from the preview.

Safilo Fall/Winter 2016 9
Below I have The “Gotha” sunglasses on. The GOTHA sunglasses used a signature plexi material from the Jimmy Choo CANDY clutch. It features a lightweight metal round sunglasses are accented with glittered plexiglass eyebrows and gold metal details. The frames also feature the iconic Jimmy Choo temples and flat lenses. This style is also available in black, blue, green, red, silver and gold.

Safilo Fall/Winter 2016 10
One eye-catching one is The “Lash” sunglasses. It has an interesting interchangeable clip on detail on the top frame, mimicking the eyebrows. This pair inherited a vintage cats-eye sunglasses look. It comes with two shades – glamorous black with snake leather or a more rock chic vibe with gold studs on black suede.


Givenchy Fall/Winter 2016 collection focuses on oversized shapes and unisex designs. It features four stylistic groups namely:
• STYLE: avant-garde pieces with architectural and strong shapes.
• ICONS: re ned frames combining Givenchy DNA and current trends.
• STAR: timeless shapes featuring the iconic “star” detail.
• RAVE: edgy, urban styles with bright colors and an audacious materials mix.

Safilo Fall/Winter 2016 11
Fossil brings golden-roasted marshmallow to adventure inspired accessories, and hits the camping trail with stylish must-haves for classic(ish) guys and (tom)girls for this fall. The collection screams autumn all over with its leather alternative accents with frames offered in rich colors including saddle browns, night-sky charcoals, camp- fire reds and stone grays.

Safilo Fall/Winter 2016 12
Tommy Hilfiger collection is inspired by a transatlantic journey to New York City in the 1920s. Heritage favorites are reimagined with a fresh, optimistic twist that’s sophisticated, relaxed and refined.

Safilo Fall/Winter 2016 13
Last but not least, sunglasses for the kids! Super cute 😉

Safilo Fall/Winter 2016 4
For more information, please visit www.safilogroup.com to find out more about Safilo Fall/Winter 2016 collection.


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