L’Occitane Holiday Gifting Made Easy

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Gift shopping for our own self is so much easier than shopping for other people, especially for loved ones. I think maybe because we think or worry too much that the other party will not like the gift? Well, stop thinking too much and you will be fine. I always say this and I am going to say it again. Gifting is not about receiving but also gifting from the heart. It is so much joy to gift than receiving if you are at my age LOL 😛

Gifting is easier over the recent years because the millennial men are as self-conscious as the women. Thank goodness for that as that means we no longer need to scratch our head thinking what to get for the opposite sex. Naturally gifts for men is lesser option than the women. And that brings me to a place where you can get gifts for everyone. L’Occitane. No, this is not sponsored or paid 🙂 #notsponsored

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Walking into a L’Occitane store is also less intimidating than other stores because you get to roam around the store browsing, trying out the products and they even offer you tea to drink. I love tea when shopping. Who doesn’t like that right? And being an OCD person, you will appreciate that every products are properly categorized by the collection. If you stand in front of the Almond collection, you will see everything that the collection has. That makes picking up a customized gift so much easier and fun.

If you are undecisive like I am (sometimes), you can take a look at their pre-packed gift sets available. However if you are into personalizing your gifts to make it a bit more special, walk around and pick what you want. Consult with the store’s friendly retail consultant if you need to. Then the retail consultant will help you to pack it into a beautiful gift box.

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More option for you to shop for your loved ones this fesive season. I just picked mine up last Friday 😀 . If shopping physcially is not your thing, you can also shop online. Many store offeres online shopping now. For me, I would prefer to touch, pay and collect on the spot unless the brand is not available in Malaysia, online shopping it is. Another reason to shop online is the online exclusive deals that you cannot find at the physical store.

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Happy gift shopping!


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