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Lifestyle Sunday: Trying Out WarriorsLab Personal Training Workout Session

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Exactly one week ago on a Sunday, I was asked by a friend if I would want to try out WarriorsLab personal training session. Knowing how awkward if will be if I were to go alone, I ask one of my running buddy Julian if he would like to come along for some cross-training session. You see, me and Julian we are very much into running. Nothing but just running. It is only recently that my friend Julian started on cross-training as a preparation for Viper Challenge, which happened yesterday. Long story cut short, we have no idea what WarriorsLab was and what we have gotten ourself into. I asked the friend who invited me what is it about and she said “kickboxing”. Hah! Kickboxing. Interesting. I only pray that I did not tear some muscles on that day lol.

The session was held at TTDI Park, the ever so crowded park. I have been to the park to run several times before but for some reason that Sunday was super crowded. It was so overwhelming. I was glad that I did not go there to run. I really do not like running on a park full with people. It is just too distracting, just like running at an event – zig zagging and dodging. Tammy, the owner of WarriorsLab met us at the guard house before we walk over to the yoga deck.

I quickly learnt that WarriorsLab offers personal training anytime, anywhere. So what is WarriorsLab? WarriorsLab takes world-class martial arts and implement it into fitness regime. Their line of coaches consists of high-level, qualified boxing and kickboxing coaches. When you sign up for a course, these coaches will then scout for gyms or parks convenient to you before designing a fitness regime plan that fits you, your needs and level. It can be from beginner stage to expert level. Right before the training started, we asked ourself, what have we got ourself into? lol


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Tammy said that usually the coaches will start with a run to warm up, drills and then boxing. The drills varies. Just the day before, they had “arm day”. But on the day I was there, we were put on leg day. Of course. Somehow I always landed with leg day training LOL.

The drills hit me and Julian hard. The duck walk, duck jump is killing me. Julian managed to do it and I totally flat out. After the drill we have to sprint back. If you think sprinting for me is easy since I run a lot, you are wrong. My legs turned jelly after the duck walk and jump that I nearly fell when I sprint back. It was hilarious at the same time because I seriously think I look like a jellyfish 😛 . Then it was rope skipping. Now that is easy for me even after the jelly legs situation. Julian on the other hand can’t even skip! He was surprised I can do it steadily at the slow pace. I was surprised myself. Usually my stamina is not as good as him but that day I nailed it better lol. I wish I had photos of the drills earlier. It will be so funny to look at.

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Then it was boxing time. This will be my first time trying out boxing. I would never thought of doing boxing nor did I ever imagine myself trying out boxing. Hey, people say there’s always a first time. I never thought I would run and I did it until now. Never say never 😉

The boxing part was super fun despite the sore arm because the coach and Julian, who I trained with are taller than me so I find myself needed to bring my arms higher. That was tiring! One of WarriorsLab programme is one-to-one personal training and I get to try it out. Besides that, you can also choose to sign up for Petite Group (3-4 pax) or Corporate (max 15 pax). It does not limit to just boxing. It can be muay thai or even wrestling. I would want to try out muay thai some day. That is on my bucket list. Not running a marathon! #truestory

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WarriorsLab offers One-to-One personal training with their high-level, qualified boxing and kickboxing coaches


The training was pretty strict. Even if the coaches was not training with me, I was told to train myself and once, I was put to train with another lady 🙂 . I was having fun punching the crap out of Julian that I suddenly needed to take a few notch down and go gentle lol.

WarriorsLab 5
Sweating buckets. Even more than when I run!


I learnt a lot on boxing. Exactly like the movie Southpaw starring Jake Gyllenhaal. The programme teaches you from the basic of boxing i.e. defence, dodging, moving forward and backwards aka dancing to punching right, hip and ankle swinging and many more. Something different from my usual running, yoga and Metafit but still intense. A perfect cross-training if you are into strengthening your core and spicing up your workout.

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Our training session ended with a series of stretching.

WarriorsLab 7

WarriorsLab 8

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Overall, it is certainly worth waking up earlier on a Sunday morning. For once I was quite happy that I did not have to run. This is way easier than running and I get to work my legs and arms. Not forgetting I sweat more than when I run. And you know I sweat hella lot. Do expect to get your whole body workout as what we learnt from the session was that even though we did boxing, the coaches also make sure we had our legs work out and so on. The stretching helps a lot in terms of relieving the soreness and we were told to take a cold shower when we got home.

For more information on the programme and fee structure, please visit WarriorsLab Website. You may email or call +019-326 2473 if you are interested or have any queries. All WarriorsLab new students will receive a starter pack which comes with a Dry Fit T-Shirt from Amnig Malaysia as well 🙂

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Thank you WarriorsLab for having me and Julian at your session!


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