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Ginkgo Natural Breaks Into Southeast Asia Starting with Exclusive Feature by 11street for Malaysian Market

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Ginkgo Natural, an ECOCERT-certified Korean skincare range made from 95% natural ingredients breaks into the Southeast Asia shore, starting with exclusive enlistment in 11street for the Malaysian market. The Korean-made Ginkgo Natural is one of the brand under a well-established Korea company – Charmzone has been in over 20 countries such as China, Japan and USA is one of the best-selling all-natural skincare range and it was brought into Malaysia by its sole distributor CJ IMC, another Korea’s leading cosmetic distributor.

11street acts as an online selling platform for Ginkgo Natural and the e-mall will be carrying all the basic skincare range such as the cleansing, toning and moisturizing products. Interestingly, I found no ECOCERT logo printed on the box or the product and so I had to ask Lee Young In, Managing Director of Ginkgo Natural/Charmzone about it. According to Mr Lee, the ECOCERT-certification is only for the Ginkgo Natural’s ginkgo leaves itself therefore they are unable to have the logo on the product.

You must be wondering what does ginkgo do to the skin or rather how beneficial it is as it is quite new to us. Ginkgo Natural harnesses the anti-oxidant power of ginkgo leaves to nourish and protect the skin against daily stress and damaging environmental elements. Let’s take a look at the full Ginkgo Natural range, available at 11street.


Cleansing Tissue

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I was given the entire full range except for this Cleansing Tissue as it was given by participating in the activity at the venue, for which I absent myself (as usual). This is said to be the hero product of Ginkgo Natural as it uses embossing technology in order to have an ultra-soft cloth. The embossed surface works effectively in deep pore cleansing, removing dead skin cells and dusts collected from external environment. It is soaked in cleansing water and said to be effective in removing even the toughest waterproof makeup. I say if you want to try if that is true or not, just use it on Estée Lauder Double Wear Mascara 😉 . I do not recommend daily usage of cleansing tissue unless you are in a hurry or dead tired.


Cleansing Foam

The Cleansing Foam on another hand are infused with ginkgo leaves and herb extracts from Jeju Island. As you know, Jeju Island is rich in mineral. It is said to lather into soft fine foams so I believe this would be good as step #2 of double cleansing.

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Skin Toner

At first glance, I already like the Skin Toner. That is because it comes in a mist bottle and rarely do I see a toner in a mist bottle. It contains ginkgo biloba extract for removing dead skin cells and at the same time soften while prepping the skin for the next step. It is said to improve skin texture and brighten skin tone with continuous use.


People say essence is usually the most concentrated product and it is true. The Essence is packed with 1,000mg of ginkgo leave extracts and also infused with vegetable-based components such as peony tree peel and sesame seed leaves to help renew skin from within as well as optimizing the skin for next skincare step.

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Emulsion (Day)

Emulsion for day use is made with two key ingredients – ginkgo leaf and persimmon leaf extracts to provide hydration throughout the day. With its all plant-based ingredients, this is more gentle on the skin.

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Cream (Night)

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Using elm tree bark extract, which is something different compared to the rest of the products, the Cream for night usage is rich in anti-oxidant to plump up the skin. This works by sealing the moisture into the deeper layers of the skin.

Korean skincare usually freaks me out a little with the gazillion products within a range but surprisingly, this Ginkgo Natural is pretty straight forward, easy to use and easy to remember. Each product complements each other well therefore I would suggest to use the whole range together if you are embarking on a brand new skincare journey with Ginkgo Natural.


Ginkgo Natural is now available at 11street.

+ Cleansing Tissue – RM19.90 (10s), RM49 (70s)
+ Cleansing Foam 180ml – RM49
+ Toner 150ml – RM91
+ Essence 60ml – RM179
+ Emulsion 150ml – RM91
+ Cream 70ml – RM125

For more information, please visit 11street or Facebook page for latest updates.


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