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Advertorial Best Buy World Malaysia Special Feature

[ADV] Step-By-Step Guide for Online Shopping Newbie – Best Buy World Malaysia Shopping Experience

When I first started on skin care and makeup I wasn’t earning much. Going to the counter to get full size is out of my reach. I have this mentality whereas I don’t spend on full size if I didn’t try a deluxe size product first. I’m not so keen with sample because it’s too little to tell if it suits me so deluxe has always been the size I aimed on trying. But then…getting a deluxe sample from the counter is almost impossible. I can’t just walk over and ask for it because deluxe size samples are mostly reserved for their customers or for tier GWP giveaway. Regular readers would have know that I love to shop online and I’m quite well-known in getting the best price and deal in town. People constantly ask me “how you know”? The secret is google, google and google. I don’t ask around where or how to get something cause I don’t like to trouble anyone. I google on things that I’m looking for.

Clinique is the first brand that I started with. If you remember this post, this post, this post and this post… I hauled quite a few products from one particular online website. I have never revealed which website it is unless someone ask because I always believe nothing comes by easy. That was my philosophy until quite a few months ago when some of you emailed me asking how to make a purchase from online store. Is it safe? Is it authentic? Does the item arrive? And the most frequently ask question was how do I know which seller / website to shop from. My answer is trials and error.

Nowadays I just count on Best Buy World Malaysia to settle all my beauty shopping needs. It is also through Google I found Best Buy World Malaysia. Today I am going to show you on how to navigate around Best Buy World Malaysia as well as a step-by-step guide on making a purchase. This will answer all newbie’s curiosity and answer :). Sit back, grab a muffin and make yourself a cup of hot coffee because this is going to be picture heavy and long 🙂