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Want a Foundation That Gives a Radiant Complexion? Try the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation and Anti-Fatigue Concealer. But, there’s a catch

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation and Anti-Fatigue Concealer
Now that everyone has posted up their review on the NEW Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation and Anti-Fatigue Concealer, it’s time for me to post mine. Yes, this delayed review is on purpose as I do not want to saturate the beauty blogging scene with what everyone is doing. I like to do things a little bit different than others 🙂

Now, the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation is not a stranger to all of us. Everyone I know LOVE IT. I have the older version, which I had forgotten to do a comparison against the new one *face palm*. To be honest, I am not into the older Healthy Mix Foundation, which explains why you never heard me talk about it or review about it. But I could not put a finger to why I don’t like it, until I tried the NEW Healthy Mix Foundation. That’s when the imaginary light bulb in my head lights up!

Bourjois Volume Reveal Mascara and Liner Feutre Slim: The Least Expected Always Turns Out Far Better Than Expectation

 Bourjois Volume Reveal Mascara and Liner Feutre Slim 1
Bourjois, tsk tsk tsk. You have done it again. Rolling out new product one by one, with each and every product to be…. *beep*. You would think I will tell you at the beginning of this review and spoil everything, eh? Nah. You got to read on 😉

Now. I have these two new eye makeup products from Bourjois for nearly 2 months ago. Again, just like the City Radiance Skin Protecting Foundation and Radiance Reveal Concealer, it is the only mascara and eyeliner that I have been using everyday for the past 2 months, putting these two to test.

Bourjois City Radiance Skin Protecting Foundation and Radiance Reveal Concealer: When A Product Are That Good, You Use It Non-Stop for Months!

Bourjois City Radiance Skin Protecting Foundation and Radiance Reveal Concealer
My current everyday foundation and concealer for the past few months has been nothing but the Bourjois City Radiance Skin Protecting Foundation and Radiance Reveal Concealer. I have been using them so much that I am going to run out soon because the product testing turned from a month to two months and now three months! Oppss! I hope I can sleep better now that this review is up 😀

Bourjois Brow Design Brow Mascara: The 4th routine product for eyebrows on fleek

Most people I know find drawing eyebrows are a dreadful thing to do. Me on the the other hand are obsessed with drawing eyebrows. Maybe because my eyebrows are has very little hair and sparse that I find fixing them are therapeutic. I spend quite some time with my brows everyday before leaving the house. I may appear to have eyebrows on fleek to most of you but in reality it takes a lot of effort. When it comes to eyebrows, I hold on to three rules – a good eyebrow pencil, a good brush, and skills of course. Now it’s four as I have added Bourjois Brow Design Brow Mascara into my eyebrow routine 😀

Bourjois Brow Design
Brow mascara is getting more and more in trend these days. Last time you hardly can find any and now? Almost every single brand has at least one. Bourjois is not new in this brow mascara bandwagon. In fact they already had one selling at Watsons and at their store called Mascara A Sourcils Eyebrow Mascara.

Bourjois Volume Glamour Effet Push Up Mascara and Lash Machine: Instant push up lashes with volume, length and curl

Mascara is my cheat way to not using eyeliner. I believe most people cannot leave the house without any eyeliner, however I am the opposite. I would be gladly to skip eyeliner and yet I cannot live without mascara. I find mascara to be easier to apply especially when I am in the rush comparing to eyeliner. When you are in the rush, eyeliner can go very wrong 😛

Bourjois has a few pretty interesting mascara. And just recently they came out with Volume Glamour Effet Push Up Mascara and Lash Machine, which goes well hand in hand or on it’s own. Let me rephrase. These two goes superbly well together. So why separate them right? 😉

Bourjois Volume Glamour Effet Push Up Mascara and Lash Machine

Bourjois Air MAT: Create a perfect complexion with this airy light, matte, full coverage foundation

Believe it or not, I find that matte foundation are hard to get here in Malaysia despite the fact that we are living in a hot and humid country. Yes there are a small selection of matte foundation available but the choices are very limited. I’ve own half if not all matte foundation I can get my paws on. Some are too matte that it dries out my skin from the inside and I ended up with more oil secretion on my face. I have a “hard to please” face people. So hard to please. So when Bourjois Malaysia posted up the new Air MAT on their Facebook page, I was intrigued.

Bourjois Air Mat
Air MAT is specially designed for those who are looking for a smooth, light AND matte finishing foundation that are long lasting. Typically from what I understand, matte foundation are more long lasting due to the formula. Air MAT got its name from what the foundation is infused with. You guessed it right. AIR! The “air” in the foundation are said to give the skin a soft, smooth texture so skin are able to breathe comfortably.