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Bourjois Volume Glamour Effet Push Up Mascara and Lash Machine: Instant push up lashes with volume, length and curl

Mascara is my cheat way to not using eyeliner. I believe most people cannot leave the house without any eyeliner, however I am the opposite. I would be gladly to skip eyeliner and yet I cannot live without mascara. I find mascara to be easier to apply especially when I am in the rush comparing to eyeliner. When you are in the rush, eyeliner can go very wrong 😛

Bourjois has a few pretty interesting mascara. And just recently they came out with Volume Glamour Effet Push Up Mascara and Lash Machine, which goes well hand in hand or on it’s own. Let me rephrase. These two goes superbly well together. So why separate them right? 😉

Bourjois Volume Glamour Effet Push Up Mascara and Lash Machine


Volume Glamour Effet Push Up Mascara (RM51.90)

Bourjois Volume Glamour Effet Push Up Mascara
I am very particular with my mascara. I only use waterproof and nothing else. That is because my eyes tears up very easily and I would not want my mascara to melt and make me looked like a panda when that happens. I also like my mascara wand or applicator to be small or slim. And the brush has got to be a brush-type, not synthetic brush. This Volume Glamour Effet Push Up Mascara fits the bill except for the brush size. It is slightly on the big side but because the bristles are brush-type, the application is so much easier so I can live with it 😀

Bourjois Volume Glamour Effet Push Up Mascara Applicator
This mascara is designed to give our lashes a “push up” effect, with coating fibres for volume up to 11 times more, curling effect, and lengthening properties. Basically everything you wish a mascara would have, this Bourjois one had it. It comes in a shade, which is 71 Black. Please do expect an intense black because this mascara is no joke. It promises a long lasting wear up to 24 hours but I would not worry too much on this as we do not normally wear makeup that long. 16 hours perhaps? And I have had this mascara on for 16 hours straight. It looked as good as in the morning. The curl stays on until I removed it.

Bourjois Volume Glamour Effet Push Up Mascara Applicator Upclose


Lash Machine Volume Boosting Fibres (RM42.90)

Bourjois Lash Machine
Now, here comes the interesting part. Lash fibres. In this case, it is known as Lash Machine. The name sounds masculine and strong 😀 . I am very afraid of any fibrous eye makeup product. Again, it is because I have sensitive eyes. But when I was briefed about this Lash Machine, I was more intrigued than afraid. I have seen and used countless fibre mascara which contain fibre strips and I have never seen anything like Lash Machine before.

Bourjois Lash Machine Applicator
Lash Machine’s job is to give volume and length to the lashes. The best part about this volume boosting fibres is that you can pair this with any mascara at all, not just Bourjois mascara. It comes with a slim and long brush, which are well coated with fibres. You can almost not see the brush at all as the white fibres are all over the brush. Very interesting eh? It promises to thicken and lengthen lashes by 15%.

Bourjois Lash Machine Applicator Upclose
Putting on makeup to me is very therapeutic. I do not mind this extra step at all. Actually I prefer the fibres to be in a separate tube rather in the same tube with mascara as I can choose the kind of mascara look I want on day to day basis. In fact I could not wait to use Lash Machine. It has been a staple in my eye makeup routine that sometimes I had to do 2 coats. That’s Mascara > Lash Machine > Mascara > Lash Machine > Mascara 😛 . I’ll explain why such sequence below.

What’s interesting with Lash Machine is that most fibre product are to be applied before mascara and this one right here needed to be applied AFTER mascara. It is understandable as the fibres somewhat resembles shredded cotton and extremely light therefore wet mascara are able to grip onto these fibres. So the sequence would be Mascara > Lash Machine > Mascara.

Bourjois Lash Machine Application
Application wise, I was told to dab on. Not sweep up like mascara but using dabbing method. Once I did that, I have fluffy shredded cottons on my lashes. Like a lamb! 🙂 . These fibres surprised me as it does not irritate my eyes at all. That is a plus point for me. And I’m gladly to say this product is also suitable for contact lens users.

Bourjois Lash Machine On Lashes
Here are the photo of using solely Volume Glamour Effet Push Up Mascara and a photo of using both Volume Glamour Effet Push Up Mascara and Lash Machine. The mascara alone is pretty awesome in my opinion. When you top it up with Lash Machine, you will be blown away. My left and right lashes are at a totally different length and shape. My right lash (not in photo) especially are short and even shorter at the corner so I like to apply extra coats just at the corner so that it looked symmetrical with my left lash.

Bourjois Volume Glamour Effet Push Up Mascara and Lash Machine Before and After
Let’s talk about the waterproof claim. Volume Glamour Effet Push Up Mascara is a straight up waterproof mascara. I have seen no transfer or smudges throughout the day. This gives me a piece of mind when I’m out as I do not have to keep whipping out a mirror to check. The curl effect pretty much stays on throughout the day. However if you are someone who like lots of volume and length and you are layering up the fibres with mascara like I do, you have to take note that there will be one or two fallout from the lash tip. In my case it’s usually just 2 tiny fallout, which I suspect it’s from the tip of the lashes 😀 . So don’t go crazy like me! As for the removal, it is so much easier comparing to other waterproof mascara. So so much easier. It comes off with normal bi-phase eye makeup remover with no extra tugging, pulling or even repeating the removal process.

Bourjois Volume Glamour Effet Push Up Mascara and Lash Machine After
I highly HIGHLY recommend you to try out these two new products from Bourjois. Mascara fans should not miss this. They are pretty awesome I say.

Bourjois Volume Glamour Effet Push Up Mascara and Lash Machine is available at Sunway Pyramid kiosk or selected Watsons stores.

+ Volume Glamour Effet Push Up Mascara – RM51.90
+ Lash Machine – RM42.90

For more information, please visit Bourjois Malaysia Facebook page at or follow Bourjois on Instagram at


Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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  • When I read your hilarious Insta update on the Lash Machine I laugh so hard! I remember you said before you like dramatic lashes. This one perfect for you Fiona^^

    • I do. Love love loveee dramatic lashes with full volume and length 😀 . I didn’t expect to like the lash fibres as much. Now I can’t live without it!


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