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Dolce&Gabbana Valentine’s Day Special: Interesting quotes from Kate King and Scarlett Johansson

Happy Valentine’s Day Street Lovers!

I just love Dolce&Gabbana. The renowned fragrance brand always came up with interesting article for their fans and for their ambassador’s loyal fan. Christmas preparation Q&A is a topic that I’ve posted up for two years in a row now. This would be the first Valentine’s Day quote, which I believe you will find an interesting read as well <3

Kate King, the face behind Dolce&Gabbana’s Dolce and Dolce Floral Drops

Kate King Valentine's Day 2015

Dolce&Gabbana News

Beauty News: Dolce&Gabbana INTENSO, a modern reinterpretation of the elegant and vibrant man, accentuating his character and depth

Twenty years have passed since the launch of Pour Homme, Dolce&Gabbana’s first male fragrance and the personification of the Dolce&Gabbana man through scent. Elegant and vibrant.

Today Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana present a modern reinterpretation of this man, accentuating his character and depth with the new fragrance Intenso.

Dolce&Gabbana Colin Farrell INTENSO Ad Campaign
Intenso is pure instinct, the power of an emotion that is freely expressed. It is the force of a determined man, with a heart that is rooted in tradition,yet revels in the modern world. Intenso ideally represents the new generation of Dolce&Gabbana men, who live in the present and express their emotions with abandon and intensity.


Christmas preparation Q&A with Kate King, the face of Dolce&Gabbana

How else to end the day but with a Q&A Christmas preparation from Kate King herself, who is fast becoming a recognised face in the Dolce&Gabbana world stars as Dolce’s campaign testimonial, having featured in campaigns for the Designers’ recent ready to wear and jewellery collections. Be sure to check out the very bottom of the Q&A for Kate’s 10 present wishlist that she would like to receive for Christmas.

Christmas 2014 Q&A Kate King 1
What is the greatest thing about Christmas for you?
The greatest thing about Christmas is that I am lucky enough that every year, usually my family get together. It is about getting together with the people that I love and celebrating just being with them.

How will you be spending the holidays this year?
I have a house in Florida. I will be there with everybody in my immediate family, for the first time in a couple of years, all six of us, which will be nice. We won’t have a white Christmas, obviously, but some sunshine.


Christmas preparation Q&A with Matthew McConaughey, the face of Dolce&Gabbana

Mid day starts to be gloomy and you’re suck into the holiday mood isn’t it? Let’s made the day with Christmas preparation Q&A with Mr. Alright Alright Alright himself, Matthew McConaughey.

Christmas 2014 Q&A Matthew McConaughey 1
Do you find it difficult to keep in shape over Christmas?
Oh, yes absolutely! I let myself off. And I say to myself – you’re going to put on ten. Let’s do it! It needs to be done.

Do you go on diet after Christmas?
Yes. You got something to work for. I try to say, you know what? Don’t sit there and look at it, let it go.


Christmas preparation Q&A with Scarlett Johansson, the face of Dolce&Gabbana

Around this time of the year I’d be doing Q&A with world-known celebrities on what Christmas meant to them, how is their preparation for the big celebration, their makeup look and so on. Today I’ll be posting up a series of Q&A throughout the day and we gotta start the day with my all time favourite beauty, the one and only Scarlett Johansson.

Christmas 2014 Q&A Scarlett Johansson 1
What do you do in your free time over Christmas?
Over the holidays I like to watch old movies, read and bake.

Do you have a favourite Christmas song?
My favorite holiday crooners are Nat King Cole and Bing Crosby.

Dolce&Gabbana ESCADA Gucci Holiday Collection 2014 HUGO BOSS James Bond 007 LACOSTE P&G

Holiday Gift Guide 2014: Dolce&Gabbana, Escada, Gucci, Hugo Boss, James Bond 007 & Lacoste Fragrance Sets

This is one massive compilation of Holiday Gift Guide 2014 for all fragrances under P&G Prestige. You can never go wrong with gifting fragrances. Everybody love receiving a good ol’ perfume. There will be a total of six brands under the group namely Dolce&Gabbana, Escada, Gucci, Hugo Boss, James Bond 007 and Lacoste. Ready? Let’s begin!

P&G Prestige Christmas 2014