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Review: I Have High Hopes On Elixir Sebum Gel ++ To Control & Reduce Oil Secretion On My Face

I had always knew that I have combination skin. There’s a point of time where the skin on my face was peeling. That doesn’t mean my skin is dry but more like dehydrated on the inside, oily on the outside. When the deeper layer of the skin is dehydrated, it will send a message to Sebaceous Glands in the dermis which is located in the middle layer of skin to start secreting more oil to keep the skin hydrated. For some unknown reason I am no longer combination but more like oily skin now. I thought as we age our skin is drier. That doesn’t seems to be the case for me. I’m going to embrace this while I still can haha.

Just when I was googling which is the best oil control product to use, this landed on my desk. I had put this serum to a 14 days test. Let’s see how this fares shall we?