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Ellips Hair Care - Hair Vitamin / Oil Review: Hair Care

Review: Ellips Hair Vitamin Hair Treatment and Smooth & Shiny

Growing up I’ve always been told that I have beautiful, straight, shiny hair. I kept my hair straight and long since young as it’s easier to manage. One question I’ve been asked frequently is what do I use on my hair. My answer had always been the same ” nothing, just shampoo”. Yeap shampoo. I don’t even use conditioner on my hair as I’m too lazy.

As I grew up I started implementing hair conditioner. Hey it’s never too late to start ;). Then hair masque, hair oil and hair moisturizer. I’m always proud and feel blessed with good hair but all that happy thoughts were crushed when I went to perm my hair during my younger days. No no, it’s not the perm that destroy my hair. It’s the hair stylist.

Can you imagine my hair stylist told me I have the most unhealthy hair. I was like “Huh? If this hair *grabbing my hair as I speak* is unhealthy what is healthy hair?”. I’ve seen girls with the most frizzy, dry and a head full with split ends and I don’t even have all those. You know what she answered me? She said cause my hair have static. Duh! First of all hair static is very common. Now let’s understand a bit what is hair static before we moved on to the review shall we.

What is static electricity?
Hair is made up of atoms, which in turn are made up of electrons, protons and neutrons. If the atom has the same amount of protons and electrons, it is neutral. When electrons move from one atom to another, though, the atom can become positively charged, causing static.

What causes hair static?
Is you just washed and dried your hair using a hair dryer, your hair may have static when you brush it. Dry hair usually attracts positive electric charges causing your strands to literally repel each other and “fly away.”

How to deal with hair static?
Don’t brush or comb your hair more than necessary. Go for wooden comb rather than plastic. Implement hair products such as leave-in conditioners. This will fight static cling and help your hair lay down thus eliminating hair static. Moisturizing hair often such as conditioning will eliminate both dryness and static.


So. My hair is NOT unhealthy after all.
Anyway I picked up a box of Ellips Hair Vitamin Hair Treatment for fun after seeing the TVC. I like it so much that I went back to pick up another 2 boxes. This time I pick up Ellips Hair Vitamin Hair Treatment and Smooth & Shiny.

If you have doubt on this hair vitamin you can opted for the single blisters to try first. Ellips Hair Vitamin 2 Blisters @ 6 Capsules is retailing for RM8.16.

What’s the different between both hair vitamin? Hair Treatment vitamins are the combination of Jojoba Oil, UV Protection, Pro Vitamin B5 and Vitamin A, C, E which helps to treat damaged hair structure and reduce split end caused by hair blow-drying, curling, coloring, perming and rebonding. As a result hair looks healthier, manageable and shiny. Smooth & Shiny vitamins on the other hand are the combination of Aloe Vera Oil, UV Protection, Pro Vitamin B5 and Vitamin A, E which is to moisturize, to provide nutrition and to make your hair smooth, manageable and shiny.