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My Love for Angel Wings

I grew up only liking white, pink and anything related to love or heart shape. Now that I’m older, I lost my interest in heart shape and my interest is leaning towards unique stuff or hard to find stuff. Angel wings is one of the thing that I’m into now. Not only finding a unique looking angel wings is hard, the price tend to be slight expensive than others like owl? My friend Casey is obsessed with owl.

Recently I found an online store selling affordable accessories but her stocks is very limited and the selection is very small. I ordered a necklace from her just before CNY. One of the question I asked her is if the gold chain will change color. She replied in a laugh and very sure that it will not change color. To me her reply is rather “funny” as I can see those kind of metal will surely change color. As it’s only RM18, I don’t mind throwing it away IF it really changed color so I purchased it. I was right. The color changed in just a few hours of wearing!

Putting that aside, I saw that she listed a very nice looking angel wings ring and it’s only RM9. The color is bronze-like so I’m not afraid that it’ll change color LOL!! I also ordered an angel wings necklace for RM12 which I’m pretty sure it’ll change color type *faint*. Too cute to pass!


Haul from Soak Republic

My Soak Republic haul arrived today 🙂

Their signature brown paper bag + sticker packaging.

Item is wrapped with bubble wrapping. Saw the round thing inside? Well, that is the core of cellophane tape that seller place to protect my rings from another sad disaster.

Both rings is wrapped with a used plastic bag.

Finally!! I managed to get a bike ring. This bike is called Vespa. I’m doing cars and bike magazines so getting this means a lot to me especially one of my client (Naza) now carries Vespa bikes! I love the duo flower ring too! The design is similar to my angel wing ring which I wore a lot lately. Getting a similar design is what I always wanted.


Replacement from Soak Republic

The kind owner of Soak Republic replaced both my rings on my 2nd continuous order earlier this week.

The replacement was supposed to be just the piano ring but my aeroplane sort of “flew off” from the ring just 2 hours of wearing!

This is how a ring should look like. Not squashed at all.

Thank you Soak Republic!

Bra Hanger Coach Ring

Online Haul

All my parcel arrived yesterday! Yippy!!

I bought a few items from 2 different seller. Their parcel arrived.

Upon opening the parcel, this is the content. First layer of packaging.

Second layer. . .

But I’m disappointed that my parcel from Soak Republic is squashed. Angel Wing ring arrived in good condition as the metal is quite thick. However my Piano and Aeroplane ring is squashed!

I still can reshape the aeroplane ring back to shape but it still look crocked. However the piano ring is in different as it’s squashed. The metal is really thin :(. I’ve asked for a replacement and the seller is kind enough to return my call and she’ll replace for me in my next order.

My second parcel is the most anticipated parcel. Can you guess now?

If you’ve notice the Coach tissue paper wrapper, you’re right! It’s another Coach to add to my collection. I bought a Signature Mini Skinny. The colour is exactly the one I wanted. At first I was a bit skeptical getting this as I’m not sure if it can fit name card although it’s meant as a coin purse but it was huge! The price is within my estimated budget and seller is the buyer that bought my Coach Poppy 2011 Diary. She gave me a damn good discount plus free PosLaju. I got this at only RM95 😉

But it doesn’t end there. My third parcel arrived today.

Look familiar? What could this be? 🙂

It’s a bra hanger! I got this at RM5 each and I bought three.

So what does a bra hanger do? Here’s what.


Mad about Big Rings

All these while I’m into huge and chunky rings. For the past few days I’ve gone crazy again on rings that I ordered these from Soak Republic.

Aeroplane chrome ring – RM17

Angel Wing ring – RM18

Piano ring – RM18

There are also those ring which said is available but was sold that I didn’t manage to get. Sigh.

Volkswagen Van ring (dark pink) – RM17

Or ring that was sold that seller couldn’t restock.

Scooter ring (purple) – RM19

And ring that I ordered but wasn’t in good condition to sell to me although seller did ask if I would want the black one.

Marry Go Round pony ring (light pink) – RM10

* Pictures credit to Soak Republic