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Cate Blanchett Hosts SK-II Inaugural #ChangeDestiny Forum in Los Angeles

SK-II Cate Blanchett Google Hangout

SK-II recently held its inaugural North American #ChangeDestiny forum chaired by global ambassador, Cate Blanchett and attended by digital pioneer and entrepreneur, Michelle Phan and acclaimed singer-songwriter, Anggun.

Inspired by the stories of millions of SK-II users who have shared how the brand’s products made it possible for their skin to #ChangeDestiny, SK-II has moved beyond products alone. The brand has committed to empowering women to take control of their futures and achieve their aspirations through the #ChangeDestiny campaign. Cate shared her personal #ChangeDestiny stories video as below and talked other moments where embracing change had lead to the most pivotal and fulfilling moments in her life personally and professionally.

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Beauty News: SK-II Chinese New Year Countdown Party

SK-II Chinese New Year Countdown Party 1
Before Chinese New Year 2016 end, I realized I have not told you about an awesome event I went to right before Chinese New Year. The SK-II Chinese New Year Countdown Party 🙂 . I have already talked about the “New Phoenix” Limited Edition Facial Treatment Essence for 2016 Chinese New Year early January so I will not repeat that here and I thought this time I will talk about the event itself, held at Mid Valley Centre Court.

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Beauty News: SK-II GenOptics whitening skincare, start young and stay spotless

Does beauty fade faster than you think? A long-term SK-II study discovered that women in their 20s dramatically lose more radiance in their skin than any other age group. In your 20s, damage from UV exposure causes hidden spots and clouds to develop, making skin appear darker and less radiant.

SK-II New GenOptics Aura Essence and Spot Essence
To empower women in their 20s to tackle spots and clouds before they surface, SK-II launches its innovative new GenOptics whitening skincare series which targets current and hidden spots and darkening caused by UV to give you a radiant aura for years to come.

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Get Cate Blanchett 2016 Golden Globe Awards Glow with SK-II

Multi award winning actress and decade long SK-II ambassador, Cate Blanchett made a flawless appearance at the 2016 Golden Globe Awards red carpet recently.

Cate Blanchett 2016 Golden Globe Awards Glow

One for simplicity and revered style, the seasoned awards veteran and acclaimed actress wore a breath taking pale pink Givenchy gown with matching nude pink make-up tones that showcased her famous, luminous skin; long credited to her use of SK-II.

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Beauty News: SK-II Releases “New Phoenix” Limited Edition Facial Treatment Essence for 2016 Chinese New Year

Since launching its very first iconic Facial Treatment Essence 35 years ago, prestige skincare brand SK-II has continually empowered women across the world to #changedestiny and obtain crystal clear skin with its innovations in skincare and beauty. As Chinese New Year approaches, SK-II debuts its first-ever Commemorative Chinese New Year SK-II Facial Treatment Essence New Phoenix Limited Edition.

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence New Phoenix Limited Edition
Inspired by the courage and strength reflected in the “Wings of Change” festive collection, the Chinese New Year Limited Edition incorporates into its design the beautiful resurrection of a phoenix, which in traditional Chinese culture symbolizes auspicious harmony. The New Phoenix Limited Edition was designed to inspire women and their loved ones to bring in the new spring with hope and confidence, and encourage them to believe in themselves, take hold of their destinies, and join hands with SK-II to embark in a new journey to crystal clear skin, #changedestiny and welcome a beautiful new year.

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SK-II Festive Gift Set Catalogue 2015

This year for some reason all brands decided to come out with festive gift sets end of October and even September! SK-II, I’m looking at you 😀 . So SK-II had come out with their festive catalogue in September. They are the first to release the catalogue actually. Let’s feast our eyes with these beautiful sets from SK-II for 2015.

Age Protect Set (RM1,181)

Age Protect Set with Stempower Eye Cream
Captivate your mother with the SK-II Age Protect Set boasting the Limited Edition Red Butterflies design on the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, flanked with SK-II’s revolutionary SK-II R.N.A. Power, Stempower Eye Cream and SK-II Skin Signature 3D Redefining Mask.

SK-II Limited Edition Facial Treatment Essence, 230ml
SK-II R.N.A. Power, 80g
Stempower Eye Cream, 15g
SK-II Skin Signature 3D Redefining Mask, 2pc