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How The Face Shop THE THERAPY First Serum Got Me Ready In 5 Minutes + My Quick Skincare Routine

The Face Shop The Therapy First Serum
Y’all know how I am crazy about my skincare routine, how I will use minimum 7 products and above at one go. But I am also the all or nothing at all kinda girl. Which means I would either do the full on skincare routine using more than 7 products or I will not use anything at all. I do go through days where I am just too tired or too sick to apply any skincare. I have seen many of my friends having a simpler skincare routine and I go “why can’t I do that?”. My skin now is as dry and dehydrated as a Sahara desert. If there is anything that is able to boost the efficacy of all my skincare, sign me up! I would love to spend lesser time applying skincare and enjoy double benefit from my skincare at the same time. My latest discovery? The Face Shop THE THERAPY First Serum. This pre-serum helped me to get all my skincare on in just 5 minutes. Or maybe lesser and I am here to show you how this pre-serum had helped me and what it does to my skin.

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The Face Shop Manufacturing Date Manual

The Face Shop Malaysia Facebook has just shared a reference manual on how to check their product’s manufacture date. By determining the manufacturing date, TFS user can now estimate the product expiry date. Thanks TFS for sharing!

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The Face Shop Lil Haul

The Face Shop is having sales and I picked up these last Thursday while I was in Mid Valley.

Sweety Mint Fresh Foot Mist is retailing at RM25.90 and this is currently on 50% discount! Yes you hear me right. That means if I buy two it’d be like buy 1 free 1 thing lol. Of course I grabbed two 🙂

I also grabbed Lovely ME:EX Nail Polish Remover (Lavender). Final price I paid is RM8.90 so I’m not sure what is the NRP.

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The Face Shop Lovely Me:Ex Auto Eyebrow 02 Grey Brown & Eyebrow Trimmer

I dropped by The Face Shop The Curve to get replenish 2 items and after paying for my purchase, I was handed a cute package by the BA. Instead of giving me their usual milky-colour plastic bag, they gave me my purchase items wrapped in a clear The Face Shop bag. I thought that this is good an easy to carry in handbag.

I bought Lovely Me:Ex Auto Eyebrow in 02 Grey Brown & Eyebrow Trimmer

Comparison of the new eyebrow trimmer with their previous version. The set of two is selling at RM9.90

Blade comparison upclose. As you can see, the new version blade is so much bigger than previous version!

Lovely Me: Ex Auto Eyebrow in 02 Grey Brown aka medium brown. I love their dark brown which I used previously but somehow recently it appears so much darker on my brow that I decided to try their medium brown.

The lead look as dark as their dark brown though. A bit disappointed.

Swatches. I drew 2 version if you notice. One is dark and another one is lighter version. I’m surprised the colour just glide on smoothly.

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My Broken Eyelash Update

Remember I had broken eyelashes end of 2010 and I was pretty worried? I bought The Face Shop Eyelash & Eyebrow Nutrition Liquid and there was some improvement. Read here!

Here is the before picture:-

And now… here’s the current picture taken yesterday!

Close-up view.

Distance view.

All I can say is you need to apply the nutrient frequently. I applied every night before bed time and sometimes I’d double layered it with L’Oreal Renewal Lash Serum for strengthening.

Make Up - Eyes Review: Make Up The Face Shop

Review: The Face Shop Eyelash & Eyebrow Nutrition Liquid

Remember the post about my broken eyelash problem? Read here. Well. . .the L’Oreal Renewal Lash Serum that I bought doesn’t help. The serum may helped in strengthening my lashes and growth of my lower lash but done absolutely nothing to help the growth of my broken lashes. It has been almost a month now and I was panicking.

One day I remembered about The Face Shop Eyelash & Eyebrow Nutrition Liquid which I bought many years ago. So I headed to The Face Shop in Aeon Cheras Selatan in Balakong and bought it. The retail price is RM19.90 and I got it at RM11.95 after their 40% discount Christmas sales. The male SA was trying hard to get me to buy 2 but I hesitated. Mum even told me to buy extra as it’s very cheap. Maybe I’ll return to get the 2nd tube.

The Face Shop Eyelash & Eyebrow Nutrition Liquid new packaging! No longer in transparent tube where you can see lots of yucky residue from our eyelash or eyebrow floating inside. The tube is better made now too. Previous tube will melt and broke by its own at the screw top.

Not sure why they named it Eyebrow Essence now. It’s totally useless for eyebrow.

The brush is exactly same with mascara brush. It is hard, coarse and painful when applying. Most of the time I’d brush some to the root of my eyelashes to speed the growth. Twice a day I make sure I applied the nutrition directly to the root. Yes I was that desperate. The essence on the other hand is in peachy colour. Smells nice and sweet too. It’ll sting your eye if you accidentally applied too much though.

My Personal Review & Experience?
I applied twice a day. Once in the morning before I curl my eyelashes and once in the night time followed by L’Oreal Renewal Lash Serum to strengthen my lashes as well before I go to sleep.
After just using about a week. I notice my broken lashes are longer. It no longer poke my eyelid when I sneeze. Which only means that the lashes are longer and they’re not short and spiky anymore. I always check on my eyelashes growth and I thought they’re slow. But everything changed when I tried applying mascara on the broken lashes just 3 days ago. Then only I found out how much it has grown. I too notice some fine lashes growing as well. At least my lashes are thicker now.

Here comes the result! Too bad I didn’t thought of taking the “before” picture =(

Front view. Notice the missing lashes in the middle? It was just above the curve which make things worse. But see how it’s noticeable now? It used to be blank!

Side view.

Close-up view.

And here’s the final look with mascara. Although not as long as the rest but I’m pretty happy with this progress.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.