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Review: Skin Food Egg White Pack

Some time ago I bought this Skin Food Egg White Pack and today I’m gonna show you why I love love love this so much.

The packaging.

In a box you’d get 5X for the nose and 5X for the forehead and jaw.

Ok here comes the yucky pictures haha.

This is the nose patch. The middle part is clean as I’ve just gone to Origins facial and the deep pore mask that was applied on my nose actually clean up most of the dirt.

Right side.

Left side.

Forehead. If you think you ain’t got anything on the forehead, you’re wrong. I used to think that too but look at what was pulled out!

The jaw.

I’m already on my second pack now. How about you? Have you tried it? This is selling at RM26.90.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.

Comments (2)

  • Oh…the results of this egg white pack really looks promising.
    I got to get one for myself too.
    Actually, I just bought it yesterday @ Skin food 1U for RM24.90 for a friend to be send to Canada as she has Blackhead issues. Hope she will be amazed by the results. =)
    I do agree with you that even the fore head & jaw/ chin has blackheads that our eyes can’t see. I always apply pore strips all over my face for that reason & my hb just gives me a pathetic look. =(

    • Skin Food one is quite good. I like it too. Has a scent of burnt egg haha! Other pore pack I don’t dare to apply on other areas. For example the Biore one is too strong for chin and forehead.


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