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Review: ZA Skin Beauty Two-Way Foundation

I’m always curious at which two-way foundation that is the favourite among my friends and sometimes even pretty girls which I bump into while working or shopping. That is because I’ve been using ZA two-way foundation since I was in secondary school and I never look back since I found it. It’s pretty good and I didn’t have the reason to scout for other two-way foundation. And of course I spent quite some time trying and buying for the perfect shade of foundation and that was before I found ZA. It has been more than 14 years since then. Wow.

Recently (a few months back) I changed from True White (transparent refill case with blue writing) to Skin Beauty (pinkish refill case). Was just trying to try out other range of their famous two-way foundation. Anyway I changed the casing as well. I was getting bored with their previous blue squarish casing and finally I took out my limited edition casing which I got a few years back.

ZA Skin Beauty Two-Way Foundation in shade #22. The price fluctuate according to sales and special promos in store so I can’t tell exactly what price is it. But last week I purchased a spare to keep at RM26.80 and I got shade #21 as #22 is a bit dark for me now.

Limited Edition casing in silverish gold which I got as a gift for buying a twin pack of the foundation some time ago.

I chose this colour and not pink although I love pink very much. This is more “elegant” compared with the pink.

The back of the casing is transparent! I’m not liking it at all. If I took this compact out in public, people beside me would be able to see what’s inside.

Every refill of two-way foundation comes with a brand new sponge which is packed separately.

Double side sticker to stick this refill to the compact casing.

Here is how it looks like on my new casing. Normally I would use the new sponge to press the refill to the casing to make sure they stick with each other.

Love my brand new foundation case!


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.


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  • I also using this brand for few years already, but the refill pack is too expensive,RM34.90 w/o discount,it have to wait foe sales then onlt will have discount frRM27.xx – RM29.88 etc. If they can reduce the price to more lower that will be good and can afford to buy more in future. TQ!!!

    • Me too! I only buy the refill when there’s double pack sales or just sales. Nowadays I don’t see double pack sales anymore

  • Double Pack Refill spotted!

    Guardian – RM49.90 for 2 refill
    Watsons – RM59.90 for 2 refill + foundation case


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