Clarins Event Tea Party

Clarins Facebook Fans Afternoon Tea Session

Clarins Malaysia is kind enough to arrange for a afternoon tea session just for their Facebook fans. The attendees are limited to only 50 people and was held at Isetan Gardens, Pastis Area on Sunday 31st July 2011 anytime from 2pm to 5pm.


Registration are done through email and based on first come first serve basis. The first 50 person to email their details in will be chosen. Me and my friend; Casey are the lucky one to be chosen and we arrived around 3pm.

As I was walking over, I was greeted from far by Erinn who is Clarins’s Beauty Expert. We chatted a bit and register ourself with Priscilla and was seated aside for refreshment. I didn’t had any refreshment as I was walking around taking picture with my new camera.


Beautiful and neat setup. Focus of the month is Shaping Facial Lift serum so the center piece is a huge V and a huge bottle of the serum bottle. It look exactly like the real one! Just bigger.


Some of the best buy sets available for purchase. It’s worthy with free gifts too.


Some of the attendees doing skin time on hand. Erinn helping out while Fennie, my favourite BA is attending another customer.


Casey who is my friend is getting her beauty tips from a friendly BA.


Erinn asked if I’d like to do skin time on hand. Although I’ve been using Clarins for a good few months now but I never tried skin time before so I said yes!

Happy Fennie was so shy when I was testing out my camera on her!


This is me doing skin time on hand. I’m listening carefully at her explanation 🙂


Friendly BA applying Gentle Brightening Exfoliator on my hand.


Star product; Shaping Facial Lift Lipo-Drain Serum.


Refreshment provided is in box for each person. We are allowed to take this home. I didn’t eat any so Fennie took 2 boxes for me and Casey and make sure I bring this home with me.


Coffee and tea provided.


Another batch of best buy sets.


My favourite set of all! Only RM68 for this set. I’m gonna purchase another set before it’s sold out.


And lastly, a picture of me and Fennie before we went off. Look how firm my face is now. No more water retention and saggy face pocket!


And of course I took home the box of refreshment which contains a tiramisu, a egg & cheese sandwich, 2 ham & cheese sandwich, 2 apple crumble and a scon-like cake.

Nevertheless we were given a door gift worth RM120.

Red pocket mirror, Shaping Facial Lift serum 10ml, HydraQuench Bi-Phase serum 3ml & HydraQuench Cream-Gel 5ml.


I’d like to thank Clarins Malaysia for choosing us to attend this great afternoon tea session. Hope to attend more of this soon!


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  • Oh. I attended this tea party too but at that time, I don’t know you yet. It was fun. The food was delicious.

    • They had a few session on various counters. Last year was so quiet. Don’t know what happen.

  • Maybe no budget. I wonder whether they plan to have it this year. It was fun (re the one we attended).

    • Facebook has been quiet. They have lots of activities previously to drive traffic to FB.


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