Beauty Workshop Clarins Event

Clarins VIP Beauty Workshop 2012

Rise & shine everyone! I woke up at 4am today because today is THE DAY. If you still haven’t heard yet, it’s the SURIA MERIANG STAFF SALES!

While I’m spending a few hours of queuing, here’s what happen at yesterday’s Clarins VIP Beauty Workshop at Zang Toi Cafe Pavilion.

I reached around 9.45pm. I couldn’t find “Zang Toi Cafe” from the directory floor plan and no one knew where is it. I have to walk all the way to the middle of the mall on 3rd floor Information counter to ask. Apparently Zang Toi Cafe is inside Parkson at 4th Floor. And it’s at far hidden corner in Parkson. No wonder no one knew where is it.

I registered myself with Priscilla who was taking care of the registration counter and I can see Kamsiah is already there. Chatted happily with Kamsiah as we finally met after chatting for quite some time in Facebook. Like myself…Kamsiah is a Clarins user and a devoted one too.


Peggy came over and offered to take a picture of us. So kind of her.


This is Erinn, Clarins Trainer. This is my second workshop with her. Click here to read about my first workshop.


This workshop requires a RM30 fee which is fully redeemable for Clarins product. I think this is good to prevent those that reserved but back out in the end. As a result we have a full house yesterday!


P/S: Love the decor around us!


We were served Zang Toi’s Fruity Ice Tea Punch. So yummy but there’s too many half blended fruits floating on top so it’s hard to sip through.


Here’s us doing the mirror test 🙂


When we are at the topic of Shaping Facial Lift, we did the “Manual Auto-Lifting Method”.


It was very informative to all of us as we were briefed about the benefits of the product, most importantly the patented key ingredients that are available exclusively for Clarins only and the proper steps in skin care as well as tips.

Then it was lunch time! I have no idea what is the name of this sandwich. Couldn’t find it in the menu list.


Here’s the door gift that I received along with a complimentary Luminous Eyes Treatment worth RM80 which is only for the first 15 successful registration.

Gentle Foaming Cleanser With Cottonseed 20ml, Instant Eye Make-up Remover 30ml, Cleansing Milk With Alpine Herbs 10ml, Toning Lotion With Camomile 10ml & Vanity Mirror


I purchased a Lotus Face Treatment Oil with my paid RM30 fee. This bottle cost RM155. I planned to get this from upcoming Jusco promotion but needed to use the RM30 and it’s double voucher day (RM20 voucher for RM150 purchase) at Parkson.

Oh and here’s a big shout out to a reader of mine who approached me at cashier counter to say hie! I didn’t get your name, sorry dear. Thanks for saying hie 🙂


Here’s another good news for all Street Love readers! A big thank you goes to Kamsiah for sponsoring some very VERY VERY generous prizes for my upcoming giveaway. She gave me all Clarins goodies! Can’t thank you enough Kamsiah =)

So ladies, don’t remove your eye balls from this space!


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  • It’s a great Clarins event! Such a pity I missed it. Glad you had fun 🙂

    OMG – hyperventilates when I saw the Clarins goodies sponsored by Kamsiah. Great generosity and gesture. I am so excited already 😉

    Hope your Suria Meriang sale haul is great. Can’t wait to see your stash!

  • Haha Jen! I was drooling too when I saw the prizes. Kamsiah even organize for me and pre-pack them. So kind of her 🙂

    My Suria Meriang haul is great! There were none impulse purchase. I get what I need and that’s it. No extra extra just in case item. However I’m gonna sell off something in the set which I don’t need 🙂

  • Kamsiah is indeed a very generous and kind lady, kudos to her! Wow, nice stuffs for your Suria haul 😉 No impulse purchase somemore, lol, that’s very very good! I woke up this morning and first thing that popped up in my mind was the sale hahaha.

  • Yeap none. I don’t want to over spend :P. But not every item in a set is what I want haha.

    Hey, Michael Kors set going for RM120! Bought one :p 😛

  • Wah I love your pic, your hair so nice, miss my long hair think will take long time to grow long

  • Wow so good of her giving them for giveaway

  • Beauty event I no go any before.. Now school break hope got chance go..

  • so kind of her.

  • Wow look at the food, I feel so fat already.l eat eat eat… Ur one loo so yummy

  • Watch out for Clarins giveaway in June! Good opportunity to win one to try if you’ve always wanted to 🙂

  • Oh about ur blog you can also try post up like what u wear in the pic, hehe… Part of fashion ..

  • I thought about that long time ago but I don’t have a full length mirror to cam whore so not at the moment


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