My 3 Daily Must-Have

Blogger’ve gone kuku just now. Lost the draft post. Grrr.

Today I wanted to share with you my 3 must-have. These are not only cheap, easy to get but it’s also good. I rely heavily on these three. Here’s why.


Must-Have #1 – Giant Pop-Up Tissue (RM0.99 per pack)
I’ve been through so many types of tissues and brands to use during makeup and I found the best and cheapest alternative 2 years ago. Many of us use normal tissue in the box right? If you are someone who like to wipe this wipe that, then it became too costly to use and you ran out of tissue fast. Then I turn to toilet roll. It’s not disgusting by the way. It’s only disgusting if you recycle the same tissue that you use to wipe your bum bum! LOL! Okay back to the story. Reason being beside cheaper than box tissue, it has this pre-cut line and it’s convenient to tear off. Each time I tear off one square. No doubt it last a bit longer than box tissue but it’s a little bit rough. Then I notice some beauty counter they have this tiny pack of tissue. It’s the same tissue you see nowadays in most cafe. It’s also exactly the same as normal box tissue, just a bit smaller. So I bought one from Jusco to try. I love it!! The size is just perfect. One day it’s out of stock and I turned to Giant. It’s also slightly cheaper by a few cent and slightly thicker too. Repurchased that for a while then I saw 99 mini market is selling a big pack of 8 or 9 packs with a dispenser for less than RM7. That’s the most best quality one not to mention cheap and thicker too. Unfortunately 99 mini market ran out of stock too and I’m back to Giant one 🙁


Must-Have #2 – Cotton Pad (RM9.99 for a pack of 3)
I’ve also tried many many types of cotton pad. Until one day I’m out of cotton pad at home and I went scouting at this pharmacy below my office and they only have this. I still didn’t know the name as it’s not stated. Just said Facial Cotton by Pan-Mate lol! This is so far the cheapest and the best quality cotton pad I ever used. Move away Premier! Your’s is the worse!


Must-Have #3 – Kitchen Roll (Price unknown. Took from mum’s stash lol)
Everyday after makeup, I’d need a piece of kitchen roll to clean my brushes. Read here
I guess any brand is okay as I’m using it to clean dirty brush anyway but thicker is better right? :). Next time I go to a supermarket I wanted to buy those with design on it.


There ya go. My 3 daily must-have. Use and throw that is! 🙂


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  • oh, im finding cheap cotton pan too.would try this out as they r really cheaper..hahaha..
    I did not dare to buy this cutie Giant mini tissue previously.but now,would try them out since you said the quality is good!! =)

    • Don’t worry. It’s just a tissue haha. If you’re at 99, look for the mini tissue. It’s even better.

  • milktea said… I’ve switched to using the cotton wool rolls which can be bought from any pharmacy. I can tear the size of cotton wool pad I want and it feels super soft too! 🙂

    • milktea, you don’t get wool sticking on your face? 😛

    • milktea said… no, I make it a bit damp and press it before using. It becomes like sheet mask material but still very gentle to use. 🙂

    • That’s brilliant 🙂


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