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Fabulous Finds September 2012 Beauty Box Review

Sorry for the post delay!

Actually I’ve received my Fabulous Finds September beauty box on Monday but I only can take picture on weekend as I prefer my picture to have brighter background. Just like any other months I waited for my box with full anticipation and excitement as if it’s Christmas day :). But the surprised was soon killed when subscribers started to post up their box picture in Fabulous Finds Facebook page. Bummer for me 🙁

Anyhoooo, let’s walk through September box shall we?

I can’t tell you how much I like the hard melon pink box. I have colleague wanting my box and I said NO because I wanted to collect the box. It’s so useful at home when I have so many products to store. So if anyone ask me the same question the answer is no 😛

This month’s theme is Glamorous Beauty. I have here a short introduction and tips on this month’s box from Hui Ling.

Here comes the box!! I like this month’s combination of skin care, make up and hair care. It’s not easy to get combination like this so bravo once again Hui Ling!

The main star of the box is none other than the famous Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Gold Ultra Restorative Capsules For Eye and Face. This is full size worth RM116.20 with 14 capsules each. I’ve tried this the other day. The scent of the serum is a bit challenging to accept lol! The first time I used it I took a sniff like I always did with other skin care. Wrong move. It’s horrible haha. The second time I just pat it on my face and quickly top up with other serum so the scent went off like that. Thank you Fabulous Finds for introducing me to Elizabeth Arden. Would have never thought of trying it if it’s not because of the introduction in this month’s box. That’s what beauty box is all about. Trying out brands that you never thought of.

Next I have Clairol Professional Color Radiance Shampoo 50ml and Color Radiance Intensive Mask 50ml. I don’t have colored hair so maybe I’ll give it out in future giveaway :). P/S…I took a sniff. It smelt nice and floral. I’m a sucker for floral scent. Maybe I’ll use it myself 😛

I’ve always been wondering about the brand Essence everytime I walked pass their standalone kiosk at Mid Valley. The price is very affordable and I heard the quality is actually pretty good for certain products. I was delighted to find that I had the purple Essence Duo Eyeshadow in my box. This is also full size and it’s retailing for RM8.90. Mine is metallic shimmer for both shadow. Like it!

Besides duo eyeshadow from Essence, we also have Essence Stay With Me Longlasting Lipgloss. Not a big fan of lip gloss unfortunately although the color do looks nice and pigmented. This is also full size and it’s retailing for RM10.90.

But I’m a huge fan of fragrance! I’m always happy to find perfume vial in beauty box. Another brand which I heard a lot but never tried before is Narciso Rodriquez “For Her” EDT 1ml. This scent is more feminine and sensuous which is exactly the scent that I like…beside floral :P. This is going in my makeup bag definitely.

Well done Fabulous Finds. You’ve did it again! So far I like all three boxes very very much. In September box there’s 3 full size products which is same with August box. Keep up the great work!

I can’t wait for October box. I wonder what is the surprise next.

If you still want to subscribe to September box, you can still back order from Hui Ling. Just drop her an email at [email protected] or drop a message at their official Facebook page at

Fabulous Finds beauty box subscription is RM35 per month or RM420 per year and get additional one (1) month subscription for free.
Where to subscribe: Visit and start subscribing now!


Disclaimer: The box was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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  • Finally subscribed to it after settling down. I kinda feel bad about it because I did write to Hui Ling back then, and she asked whether I would like to back order. I declined. Anyway, I look forward to the FF box this month 🙂

    • Yay for another subscriber!!

      October would be your first box?

  • Yes, that’s right. It’s actually fun to wait and guess what’s in the box. I hope all is well at Hui Ling’s end.

    • It is. Those that doesn’t like surprises would not like this. It’s like Christmas all over again. Let’s hope other subscriber don’t start posting picture in FF Facebook that soon after receiving. My box arrived a few days later than others normally

  • The weird thing about me is, i don’t mind spoilers. But i understand that some people like surprises. Me too, but i am too 38. Just have to know. Lol. I am so looking forward to my 1st box. I like the packaging. The box is great to keep those small items. I have to say this – i am happy that i found your blog. I know it’s all of a sudden, but yeah, i feel that way.

    • Awww thank you. I’m glad to hear you like to read my blog. I’m happy that you’re here too. I do hope my silent readers interact more with me 🙂

      • Maybe some just like to read, and some (like me) like to chatter.

        • Yeap. I’m the chatting type too lol

          • It’s fun to interact with each other. Actually, it should be like this. Otherwise, it’s too quiet.

          • Agree 🙂

  • Essence’s product quality not bad, nice to use but they have strong fragrance smell 🙂 their product smell good lolx

    • Is it? I haven’t start using mine yet 🙂

  • I can’t wait for my October Box! I’m impressed with August and September’s boxes already. The full sizes products are always a bomb for me!

    • Same here! By far the only beauty box I like at the moment. It just keep getting better and better. For RM35 monthly this is worthy!

  • your eye shadow look nice. I got the green colours. hahha.weird colour but i am happy too, maybe time to try out new eye shadow mix 😀 thanks for the giveaway ^_^
    i fail to open the eye shadow. hahaha. have yet figure out how to open it @_@
    do you know wonderbox? i subscribed for the first box lolx, i hope it is like a BOMB too lolxxx

    • Green is not weird. The color is gorgeous!

      Slide the top cover of the eye shadow to the left. That’s how you open it

  • dear, i just noticed something now, i got an extra item, Beaubelle Clarity Brightening Cleansing Exfoliator 15g inside the box. no wonder i feel weird weird when looking in the box. haha. so lucky! >< btw, my narciso rodriguez promo card is available, if you happen to need it or so, just let me know ok ^_^

    • That’s good. Beaubelle is great product. Not cheap too. Enjoy.

      Narciso Rodriguez promo card is just a promo card that inform you what is the promo. Nothing more. I don’t need another one lol

  • can open ad 🙂
    oh is it? I thought it is have to show this card to get the promo price if we want to purchase it lol

    • Yes but I don’t need to buy so many perfume LOLOLOL

  • EA serum does have a scent, but some might not like it. I don’t find it fishy, but it reminds me of Vitamin E. I popped a capsule of Vitamin E before long time ago, so I remember the scent. After applying EA serum, my complexion looks matte and somewhat dewy, but not the Japanese/Koreans type of dewy.

    • I don’t think so EA serum gives your skin the dewy effect

  • Somewhat dewy but definitely not ala Japanese/Koreans style. Matte, yes but not the whole day.


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