A Tour to Malaysia’s First Ever Benefit Boutique at One Utama

If you’ve been following Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia Facebook page you’d saw that Benefit posted a countdown to the opening of Benefit’s first ever Boutique in One Utama less than 2 weeks ago. If you have no idea at all, well the good news is…it’s now opened!

Last Saturday I visited the boutique for the first time with fellow blogger friend Rane and Jacinta.

First impression? Absolutely love the look from the outside. Tell me this doesn’t lure you in.

On the right side of the boutique is amazingly beautiful decoration from Benefit. I like that Benefit came out with catchy theme for each product range.

How to Look The Best At Everything kit facing the main entrance of the boutique. Have you been kicking some class?

If you are staying around PJ, you can now groom your brow at Benefit Boutique at One Utama.

There’s a list of waxing services offered for brow, body and facial. The services and price list is on the wall. Feel free to check with the friendly BA if you have any queries.

As I mentioned previously in my other post (read here), you can get a FREE Brow Service on your birthday month. I totally forgotten about this so I wasn’t able to do mine as it’s not long enough to be wax 🙁

An array of Benefit products laid out at the center island in the boutique. Ohhh Hervana. I can’t stop thinking about you.

Customers are welcomed to walk-in and try out the product hands on before purchasing. Friendly BA will give you their advise and assistance as much as they can to make you beautiful and confident.

Beautiful product display at the back of the boutique.

If you haven’t try Benefit fragrance before, I’d suggest you to try them out. I was given a sample card at Metrojaya MV the day before and boy it does smell good!

By the time we are about to leave, the boutique is already full with customers.

Last but not least a group photo of us three. We had fun checking out the new boutique and testing out the products.

Benefit Boutique is located at First Floor Highstreet One Utama (New Wing).
For more info, do visit Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia Facebook Page at 


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  • Question: are the BAs nice or pushy? Sometimes, i like to go browsing the new makeup items only. Not yet make up mind if want to purchase the item. What’s your opinion on their customer service?

    • Actually they are quite nice. They are okay with you roaming around, trying the products and even help you with it (applying) like what you see in the photo. There’s chairs around for you to sit too. It’s quite comfortable 🙂

      What are you planning to buy there?

    • Just wanted to share my experience. I’ve been to Benefit Parkson KLCC and Sunway Pyramid and I have to say that the BAs give great service. They are not pushy and they give good advice in terms of what shade suits you best.

      For example, I wanted to buy Hervana but the BA (at Sunway Pyramid) told me that it’s not the right shade for me. When I tried it on, true enough, it didn’t show well on my skin. She then recommended Bella Bamba, which looked too bright at first, but ended up being the perfect shade for my tanned skin.

      I’m excited to visit the boutique at 1-Utama — hopefully soon — and I trust that I will get great service there as well.

      • Thanks for chipping in your experience with Benefit! It’ll be very useful info for my readers that plan to visit Benefit counter / boutique 🙂

  • One more comment: Great photos! Boutique looks very attractive! 🙂

    • Thanks! Glad you like the photos. Thank God the lady with her daughter is okay with me snapping her photo hehe.

      • Spotted the outlet as I walked by it in One u! 😀 Pretty cute concept I must say

        • I agree. The concept is brilliant and attractive 🙂

  • That is so pretty and girly! Never tried Benefit yet due to the price tag 🙂

    • Pop in their boutique Elin. Not everything is expensive 🙂


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