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Laura Mercier International Women’s Day 2013 1-Day Special

Most of you would be kicking yourself right now.

Yesterday right after I returned to my office after lunch I saw Laura Mercier update appears on my Facebook newsfeed. Apparently they are having a 1-day International Women’s Day special for their iconic Foundation Primer deluxe size for just RM38. Okay, I sort of bang my head on my laptop the moment I read that. They should have posted it in the morning! And I have a meeting to rush to after lunch. After I calm down I gather my thought back and rethink. The promo is only for one day and it’s only applicable for first 38 customers which means they only have 38 units I presume? It’s not bad after all to post after lunch. There isn’t anyone commenting yet which means not many people knew about it SO…the chances of me getting one is quite high.

However the ml of the deluxe size is not stated. I quickly google for info and I found out that there’s 2 size possibilites – 30ml or 14.7ml. Since it’s worth RM85 I assume it’s going to be 30ml. 30ml is a mini!! I’d be darn happy if it’s 30ml.

Ohhh ya. Some of you are going to hate me for posting this. It’s 30ml y’all! I was given a choice of getting a regular or oil free version. So I got the oil free version for obvious reason. I tried my luck to get two but the BA doesn’t allow me to. I understand since it’s so limited. My friend went to Pavilion outlet and they allowed her to buy two. How unfair is that??

But anyway lots and lots of brands are coming up with special promotion for special occasion like this International Women’s Day. I’ve seen regular 10%, 20% discount, RM38 discount etc and so far this is the best promotion ever! Laura Mercier is so generous. Thank you for that. I’ve always wanted to try Laura Mercier Foundation Primer.


Anyone managed to grab one too?


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  • congratz to you LOL, luckyyy! =)) erm, one also good, better than dont have 😀

    • That’s what I think too 🙂

  • I am kicking myself right now 🙁

    • I hope there will be more special promo like this!

  • will be waiting for your review on this. ^ ^

    • Maybe I won’t review this? LOL. JK. Will see how 🙂

  • Haha I saw ur photo during my lunch break on Friday! But decided to pass Coz I am not familiar with Laura mercier… Since my skin made a huge drama few months back I became very careful in trying new stuff haha.. so I force myself not to go near the Laura mercier counter hahaha
    But I do admit this is super super tempting! Such a great deal! My oh my..
    Anyway, do tell us how this works on u! Heeee~~

    • Arrrggghhh! I would want you to get for me if you don’t want! 😛
      I’m not familiar with Laura Mercier too. It’s a brand that I’m about to jump in the bandwagon. Now is the time 🙂
      Used it once last Saturday. So far so good. Except for the scent. It’s horrible 😛

      • Aiyoh I should have ask.. Ishhh..That time i was so focus on combating my other self that i wanna buy..until I purposely didn’t wanna reply Coz I scare I will give in to temtation and go buy hahaha..
        How it smells like?? *curious*

        • Yalor 🙁 Gin forgotten about me 🙁 lol

          Buy it only if you need it. Otherwise don’t trouble yourself and waste money ;). I bought it cause I’ve been lemming over this for ages. And recently there’s this evil voice in my head that told me to spend on Laura Mercier ahahaha 🙂

          • I am curious to try but I don’t really need it.. So far i am using rmk foundie without primer and it stays put…(but need to blot in the afternoon depending the weather) So yeah..
            I will try contact u next time I find a good deal!!! (*^o^*)

          • Yeap cause RMK foundie gave a dewy effect thus the face looks oilier. Please do bug me with smses next time lolol

          • Definitely fiona!hehe

  • Saw this after lunch (or during lunch??) but didn’t get it. So lazy to travel. Haha. Anyway, review it if possible.

    • Oh yea. You need to drive to Pavilion to get it.

      • Driving to Pavilion is fine; hates the hot weather and the jam. What does it smell like?

        • Where there’s a will there’s a way :). Couldn’t find a word to describe the scent. You gotta sniff it at the counter though.

  • I know what does it smells like…you know rubber ducky or barbie doll smell? Add in some silicone smell and that’s it.


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