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SK-II’s No. 1 Globally Awarded Whitening Series – SK-II Cellumination Essence EX and Whitening Spots Specialist Has Won Over 200 Global Awards

The fact that I’ve been secretly doing my research on SK-II and pushing all my friends to the brand since end of last year could only mean one thing. It is just the matter of when I will try SK-II. I’ve been delaying my venture into the iconic big sister of all skin care because I wanted to try every brand in the market first. Even after all the temptation everywhere I have successfully avoiding every single one of it.

Recently I was invited to an in-depth demonstation and briefing of SK-II Cellumination Essence EX and Whitening Spots Specialist. These duo happens to be SK-II’s No. 1 Globally Awarded Whitening Series that has won over 200 global awards. Are you as excited as I am to find out more about the brand as well as the whitening series?

The briefing was conducted by Denise Loong Rucian; SK-II Country Trainer Malaysia. Denise is the one responsible for the training and personal development of all SK-II Beauty Consultants in carrying out their duties and responsibilities in the most professional way so that all the Beauty Consultant are able to serve and meet the beauty and skin care needs of all the consumers. I’ve been in counter and outlet retail operation line before and the job is not easy having to deal with all the Beauty Consultants and consumers. In Denise’s 4 years as a Trainer, she rose from the position as Trainer to Training Manager and has accumulated extensive experience handling a wide range of products and many MNC accounts.



New SK-II Cellumination Essence EX – RM499 (30ml), RM709 (50ml)

Did you know that Cellumination Essence EX is the highest sales number product within SK-II whitening series? In fact it is the first essence within SK-II to achieve the aura effect. This new Cellumination Essence EX contain a new Aura-Bright Cocktail which helps to target the root cause of micro tone and texture issues and to bring women closer and deeper for a new breakthrough in whitening.

SK-II has been conducting extensive research on the biology of skin. Through this research it is shown that a major cause of micro tone issues stress receptors on the melanocyte membrane. Many people doesn’t know that Adrenaline is the stress substance that stimulates the stress receptors, inducing an excessive reaction in the melanocyte. These adrenaline stress receptors are 14 times more active in skin with blemishes than in normal skin. Not only that, adreanaline also brought micro-tone and micro-texture unevenness that is also known as UV induced stress. All this new insight gave SK-II an idea. SK-II then developed a new formula for Cellumination Essence EX by implementing a new key ingredients complex – the Aura-Bright Cocktail in that are specifically targeting stress receptors that will improve micro-evenness of skin as well as to deliver the promise of highly defined aura skin.

According to Denise, Cellumination Essence EX significantly improve on micro texture evenness in just 4 weeks of application and improving micro tone evenness in 8 weeks of application. I think it is really good that you only need 4 – 8 weeks for significant result.



SK-II Whitening Spots Specialist – RM419 (30ml), RM609 (50ml)

Another product that has the highest sales number product within SK-II whitening series is Whitening Spots Specialist. Whitening Spots Specialist is specially catered to women who seek a solution to spot darkening that adopts a dual approach to fight spot formation regardless visible spots or hidden spots. What the product do is that it dives deep inside to the root of the problem to reduce dark spots by cutting and loosening their roots. Whitening Spots Specialist aims at macerating five-year old stubborn dark spots in just four weeks.

Do you know why and what happens beneath your skin that contributes to spot building? Well, Melanin is accumulated within stubborn spots as a result of melanin discharge dysfunction. When the skin’s surface declines cell removal it affects cell metabolism cell growth rate. This action causes protein metabolism in stubborn spots area to be deactivated.

Stubbon spots now can be easily treated in 3 steps – cut, loosen and remove. This 3-steps are targeting spots on the surface as well as those that are beneath the skin. The Whitening Spots Specialist regimen (Whitening Spots Specialist and the Whitening Spots Specialist Concentrate) helps to achieve spotless clarity by tackling stubborn spots with a new formula. Whitening Spots Specialist comes with two active cocktails – Root Complex and Rich Melano-Discharge. Whitening Spots Specialist’s Root Complex is designed to cut spot chain reaction of normal spots and hidden spots by cutting the root of the spots beneath the skin’s surface. It is a complex ingredient specially for this product.

SK-II also launches the new Whitening Spots Specialist Concentrate. It is a more concentrated serum that penetrates deep into skin and acts on melanin build up beneath the skin as a result of melanin accumulation. The new Rich Melano-Discharge complex in it completes the three-step process to spot reduction. While the Whitening Spots Specialist penetrates very quickly into the skin to cut the root of spots, the Whitening Spots Specialist Concentrate gradually penetrates and soaks the targeted area overnight. Whitening Spots Specialist Concentrate is a gel formula which creates a translucent film over the spot to loosen it by soaking stubborn spots overnight.


Magic Ring Skin Analysis Experience

I have been avoiding the Magic Ring skin analysis all these while mainly because I was afraid to find out what goes beneath my skin. I had heard how powerful and marvelous this machine is as it can scan deep into a few layers of the skin. This type of analysis is good to find out if there is any hidden spots building beneath. So I braved up and undergo a skin analysis at SK-II Isetan One Utama counter using Magic Ring. It wasn’t that bad. I have no idea why I’m so paranoid 🙂

I have never been so proud of my skin analysis before lol. I’m 30+ this year mind you but my skin is 25 years old! The only problem I need to work on is Texture Refinement. According to the Beauty Consultant, Texture Refinement means either my skin is too dry or too oily. We all know my skin is too oily. So that’s what I need to work on more. My highest score is Radiance Enhancement. I can’t remember the percentage exactly but I scored more than 70%. Overall my total percentage score for each analysis is more than 70%, except for Texture Refinement of course.

Here is my overall analysis result.
– Texture Refinement – 34 years old
– Wrinkle Resilience – 23 years old
– Radiance Enhancement – 23 years old
– Spot Control – 22 years old
– Firmness Power – 24 years old

Texture Refinement

I failed tremendously with this analysis. It is pretty obvious my pores are large and the fact that I have oily skin doesn’t help. To help with pores and oil secretion issue I was suggested to use Facial Treatment Essence. I did heard that this iconic FTE helps with pores. The Beauty Consultant gave me a sample to try upon my request because I was worried about skin reaction. Will see how the sample fares. If all good I’ll get a bottle 🙂

Firmness Power

Overall there is nothing serious about firmness. The lines on my face that you see from the analysis on the left can also be the facial hair that the Magic Ring detected. However I would need to take note on fine lines and start anti-aging regime, which I already did 🙂

Wrinkle Resilience

I might need to take note on fine lines but shouldn’t be worried on wrinkle yet according to the Beauty Consultant. The lines on the face is facial hair 🙂

Spot Control

Ahhh spots. Magic Ring detected spots on the surface (left) but that is only the marks I get from acne. As for the hidden spots (right) I have a lot! Okay, that is what I think. According to the Beauty Consultant my hidden spots is considered the lowest. It may or may not surface out but better to prevent it now than later.

Radiance Enhancement

I scored high on radiance of my skin. Even Beauty Consultant complimented my skin. She said I have a good skin. It’s not as bad as I may think. I’m quite pleased to hear that from a SK-II Beauty Consultant 🙂

SK-II beauty regime is more or less like every other brand that you and I had used before. It may look complicated at first but after going through the briefing I realized that it is acceptable. To make things easier here is a full gallery of SK-II regime that you can refer to. Remember to click on the thumbnail to enlarge for a better read.



SK-II’s No.1 whitening series of Cellumination Essence EX and Whitening Spots Specialist are available at all SK-II counters in all major department stores nationwide.

SK-II Cellumination Essence EX – RM499 (30ml); RM709 (50ml)
SK-II Whitening Spots Specialist – RM419 (30ml); RM609 (50ml)


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  • Wow! Can anyone just walk in for Magic Ring skin scan? Must purchase something to get the service?

    • Nah, no need to make a purchase just to go for the skin analysis. I remember I accompanied my friend Kamsiah for a scan at Parkson Pavilion. They are more than happy to do it. Just go for the scan and the Beauty Consultant will recommend suitable for product for you. It’s all reflected in the scan of what you need and may not need 🙂

  • Wow… very enlightening indeed! Bravo on keeping the condition of yr skin so youthful! (Y)
    A decade plus ago, the SKII consultant “refused” to sell me her products cz she said it’s not suitable for my skin, and the only thing suitable was the facial wash **blush**

    • That’s pretty responsible of the consultant! At least she is not simply pushing product to you :P. I like this type of honest consultant.

      • yes indeed… It’s not often that we get such honest people nowadays 😀
        At least, she wasn’t only about “sales” an “achieving her monthly targets” 😀

        • Exactly. Rather than she knew your skin is not suitable with the product but still push you to buy it. I got to say BRAVO to SK-II!

  • Looks like the price for Cellumination Essence EX 50ml has increased from RM600 range to RM700+. I love the product and it is proven to be very effective for me but at this price range, I am thinking twice about repurchasing. I redeemed my SK-II points a few days ago and was very happy to find out that they revised their redemption list recently and at a mere 1,900 you can now get a SK-II FT Repair C 15ml. Thank goodness for that 🙂

    • Oh is it? Wow. It’s getting pricier. The redemption for 1,900 sounds good. 15ml of FT Repair C is not bad for SK-II. I don’t doubt that Cellumination Essence EX will not work. Whitening normally does wonder on my skin :). I’m taking baby step. Start with FTE first since I’m a SK-II virgin lol!

      • You have pretty good skin 🙂 I think your skincare regime is doing wonders for you!

        • Awww thanks. It’s a combi of a few brands hehe. You have wayyy better skin than mine. SK-II really does wonders for you too dear.

  • I had tried SK-II before and it worked on me. But after i had stopped from using the products, the same problem comes back again and even worst. after that, I have changed to Clarins but Im still using the Treatment Essence :P.

    • I heard about this too and I did ask the consultant regarding this issue. What she said I kinda agree because when you stop using of course your skin reacted because it stop receiving the benefit that it used to get. So the problem reappear. As for even worse I think it depends on each individual’s skin. Smart move to retain FTE! That should be okay 😉

  • Does this mean u have use fte already fiona? Gosh I am so interested to know whether it works on u!!!! Review soon please~~~♥
    Ski somehow is at its own league to me… i habe been hearing about this brand since ages ago

    • I’ve only started on the sample. Been forgetting to use these 2 days cause it’s a small bottle that was hidden from my eye sight lolz. If everything okay then maybe I’ll consider to implement FTE into the regime. It is to used after toner so I guess it should be fine 😀

  • hey u have very young skin!! so great >_<

    • Haha yes! I’m surprised too. Certain detail analysis said I have even younger skin 😛

  • i wish my skin is 7-10 years old younger too :DD

    • If my crappy skin is nearly 10 years younger, I bet your good skin is even younger. Try to get a scan and see 😛

  • i tried on their FTE before and it really helps to reduce pores and oiliness. I bought it during the limited promotion pack which come with a mask. But I have stop using it due to the price. No doubt SK II is a hell of good product but it is too pricey too. Maybe I’ll use again when I have my own income. 🙂

    • I’ve started on FTE now. Really reduces pore size and reduces oil secretion. The promo pack is available all year round dear. It’s at RM219 now, previously RM199.
      You don’t need the whole range :D. Start small and grow as you need and as you can afford 😉

      • oh really? Because at first keep out of stock and the promoter need to order for me to get it. And they increase the price? haha… I am trying to find other product for my pores and oily face but seem like not many product is really effective as what they claimed.

        • Yes, it’s always out of stock cause quite good selling. Yea price increase on certain products. The FTE Trial Set is not RM219 hehe. Well, I’ve tried so many products (cheap and expensive) for pores and oily face but so far only FTE works. Which is why I bought 2 bottles of 75ml FTE 😉

  • If I am using both the cellumination essence and the whitening spots specialist, which would go first?

    • Whitening Spots Specialist should go first. It’s actually pretty simple to know which to go first. Just look at the texture.

      Whitening Spots Specialist is more liquidy and it’s more intensive treatment compared with Cellumination Essence. Always use the bigger molecule product to lock smaller molecule product in.


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