Bag of Love Beauty Box Review

Bag Of Love “Stay Beautiful and Read On” March/April 2014 Edition Review

Oh wow. It’s been a while since I last subscribed for any Bag Of Love. My last subscription is still my favourite bag of all, which is the Bag Of Love “Go, Girl, Go!” November 2013 Edition. I tried stopping myself from beauty box but failed badly but at that time I’ve determined so I stopped all beauty box/bag simultaneously as I was running out of space to store all the samples. Even though so I still follow Bag Of Love Facebook page closely (just in case I like the teaser). And I did!

Bag Of Love “Stay Beautiful and Read On” March/April 2014 Edition is Bag Of Love’s first bi-monthly subscription bag. They have decided to take things slow and changed the usual monthly subscription to bi-monthly. What this mean is you will no longer be able to subscribe for their bag monthly. This doesn’t impact me a bit as I don’t subscribe that much.

Bag Of Love Stay Beautiful and Read On 1
This edition’s bag/pouch is a huge one. According to MiMi the owner you can even fit books in it. I suppose you can judging from the size. However I’m still not a fan of pouches and bags. Up till today my favourite is still the denim Levi’s tote bag.


Philosophy Hope In A Jar High-Performance Moisturizer 7ml

Now, why do I subscribe? The teaser posted in Facebook said “A magic potion for the face from either a) one of Oprah Winfrey’s favourite brands OR b) a specialist skincare brand loved by the likes of Jennifer Aniston and Liv Tyler”. I know Oprah Winfrey love Philosophy Hope In A Jar and I wrongly guessed that Jennifer Aniston and Liv Tyler are both into Mario Badescu. I thought to myself both brand is not that bad even if I get either one. So now you know why. But I’m glad I got Philosophy because the other brand is not Mario Badescu. It’s Nuxe lol.

Retail Price: RM140 / 60ml

Bag Of Love Stay Beautiful and Read On 2


CK One RED Edition For Her Body Wash 30ml

Another teaser was “Not just a vial, but a body wash from a new fragrance line from our favourite brand! Been pestering our sponsors for one since we started a year ago”. This is so easy. I know CK recently launched CK One Red Edition For Him and For Her so it must be it. But I wasn’t expecting small deluxe. I actually thought it’s bigger 😛 . Urrgghh. It smells sooooooo good!

Retail Price: RM75 / 200ml

Bag Of Love Stay Beautiful and Read On 3


Full Size Dove Hair Therapy Damage Solutions Intense Repair Conditioner 180ml (RM9.90)

Why oh why? Why do I get a huge conditioner without any shampoo? 🙁 . I didn’t expect Dove, really. I was expecting other brand. I have bought tons of Dove hair care last month, all thanks to the Pensonic hair curler promotion. I nearly fainted seeing this tube of conditioner LOL.

Bag Of Love Stay Beautiful and Read On 4


Covo HD Picturesque BB Cream SPF50 PA+++

This is unexpected. I’ve never tried Covo before and I’m happy to receive this although it’s just a BB Cream, which I don’t use a lot these days as it makes my skin oily.

Retail Price: RM89 / 30ml

Bag Of Love Stay Beautiful and Read On 5


Full Size Ubermen Hydrating Mist 50ml (RM16.90)

Hmmm not sure what I’ll do with this facial hydrating mist as it’s for man. I’ll figure this out.

Bag Of Love Stay Beautiful and Read On 6


Full Size Mask of Love by Unico (RM19.90)

This mask is co-created by Bag Of Love with the brand Unico. This is not just any ordinary mask. It is Soothing and Hydrating Bio-Cellulose Mask. Bio-Cellulose mask is different from the usual sheet mask. Bio-cellulose masks are made of fermented plant fibres which adheres closely to the face and has superior ability to penetrate ingredients into the skin. This material is widely used in medical bandage due to the cool down effect and excellent function on dressing change to wound.

Key ingredient:
– Phyto H.A (a plant derived alternative to Hyaluronic Acid) – excellent moisturising property).
– Cactus – a powerful antioxidant.
– Honey – antibacterial and soothing.
– Lavender – calming.

Bag Of Love Stay Beautiful and Read On 7


Miacare Acne Patch For Day – 3 Patches

I’ve received this before from other beauty box and it’s actually not bad at all. This acne patch although is distributed by DKSH but it is by BenQ. For those who didn’t know, BenQ is a multi-national company that sells and markets consumer electronics, computing and communications devices under the “BenQ” brand name. Just like FUJIFILM that manufacture Astalift, which I’ve already told you about yesterday.

Retail Price: RM9.50 for 12 Patches

Bag Of Love Stay Beautiful and Read On 8


Human Nature Overnight Elixir

Let’s see. This is a night face oil that claim to work it’s magic when you sleep. It also said on the back of the sample card that the mirror will show you how beautiful you are the morning after. The smell is not so bad. It’s also quite light comparing to other face oil.

Retail Price: RM129.90 / 30ml

Bag Of Love Stay Beautiful and Read On 9
Here comes the interesting part. There’s two voucher included in this month Bag Of Love “Stay Beautiful and Read On” March/April 2014 Edition. I found a Fashion Culture box 10% discount voucher. Fashion Culture is a monthly fashion subscription box that was established just a few months ago. It’s good that MiMi is helping out other new box.

Another voucher is Covo 20% discount voucher plus a flash makeover worth RM60. The flash makeover value of RM60 sounds a bit too much for a flash makeover don’t you think so? 😛

Bag Of Love Stay Beautiful and Read On 10_1

First thing first, it’s amazing that Bag Of Love managed to get EIGHT PRODUCTS in the bag. Kudos to that! However, I can’t really say I love this Bag Of Love “Stay Beautiful and Read On” March/April 2014 Edition but I’m not hating it either. It’s not bad at all but certainly not the best. It was alright. I subscribed mainly because I kinda miss the excitement of ripping through the courier plastic and digging into beauty box the minute the courier man drove away. I haven’t been getting any beauty box for a good few months and honestly speaking the excitement is not as intense as last time. TAQ-Q-BIN the courier company kept changing delivery boy and this new one that dropped off my parcel is a pain. I’m not going in detail on how idiotic the whole process is. The brand selection is good, with Philosophy making it’s first appearance in the beauty box scene. Love that, the CK sample and Mask of Love but the rest is not that exciting for me. This edition is a hit and miss. Don’t be surprise of me saying that because nothing is perfect.

Would I stop subscribing Bag Of Love? Hell no. I stopped previously because I ran out of space. Now that I’ve cleared most of it *ehem*, I can and will subscribe when the product is right for me. I’m waiting for next bag’s teaser 😀


Bag of Love beauty bag subscription is available for subscription at
Fee: RM39.90 per edition for West Malaysia, East Malaysia RM39.90 + RM8 Postage


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I subscribed for the bag on my own.


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  • Thanks for the sharing, Fiona.
    I subscribed one for my friend as a birthday gift.
    When I saw your photos and review, I was quite disappointed.
    I was hoping for some better full-sized products so my friend can enjoy them better.
    Sigh… 🙁

    • Awww sorry to hear that. It wasn’t really bad. The bag came quite heavy and full. If you look at the overall, maybe Ubermen is useless for her. But she can give it to her bf/hubby or use herself haha. I’m a bit picky when it comes to beauty box (because I have lots of stuff at home).

      • It’s a pity many other beauty boxes decided to stop operations, otherwise, there’d be more options for me for almost similar price.
        Previously, I had some good surprises with ModBox and WonderBox.

        • It’s getting tougher. At one point of time there’s about 9 beauty box going to the same brand asking for sample. So when there’s lesser option in the market, the hype dies down. That’s why BOL changed to bi-monthly.

  • I haven’t subscribe to any beauty box after MIVVA. Somehow Bag of Love doesn’t hit me yet, I just pay attention to their fb site for more updates but not yet make me really interested like the November one as well. I do think 8 products are really generous for a RM 39.90 bag!

    • Oh yeah I remember we both subscribed for November bag! 😀
      The beginning Bag of Love is quite good. Last few months is alright but I couldn’t subscribe or else I’d have to sleep outside the room and let my products sleep in the room lol. For the price it’s quite fair.

  • You know how obsessed I am with beauty boxes and I’ve been subscribing to Bag of Love for so long that it’s like the air that I breathe lol.
    You gave a fair analysis and I agree, this may not be the most exciting edition but it was a generous bag of samples and for that, I think it is still worth more than the subscription price. My favorite edition was the one that actually included a book. I loved reading Confessions of a Shopaholic.

    I always seem to find a use for something in my subscription boxes/ bags and I think it’s still the coolest way to trial skincare and beauty. I have begged Mi Mi to never, ever stop.

    • Haha yes I do! You’re like the beauty box loyal subscriber 😀
      For RM39.90 there’s really nothing much to complain. It’s still the most sample bag/box ever existed for us locally. I missed the book edition. Can’t remember why.

      To your delight, MiMi is not stopping completely so she changed the subscription to alternate months 😉

  • Wah I like the bag!!! (I mean ‘the bag’!!!) Perfect for my books when traveling 😀

    • Really? The baby blue is nice. A bit too soft but it will protect the bag well 😀

  • Hi Fiona, remember me? XP I’ve been pretty much MIA since CNY I think!

    Ever since Mivva stopped their beauty box, I’ve purchased a few here and there from Modbox, Vanity Trove and Bag of Love. It’s the same for me too, I miss the thrill of receiving and ripping open a package in excitement.

    For me, it”s just an alright bag. I think the only thing that got me particularly excited was the Philosophy sample. And phew, luckily I got it too. 😀

    I thought the ck was quite small too. Perfect size for lotion but for body wash, that’s what? Two, three usages? Haha.

    I’m always happy to receive hair products because shampoo and conditioner is the one thing I always seem to run out off.

    And I’m actually already a user of the Covo BB cream! There was a promotion at 1U and Onecard members could get the full size for RM18! I actually think it’s quite good at oil control! BUT only if I use a hydration serum before. As I was using the Kiehl’s that I bought from you, my face stayed pretty matte until 2-3pm but I’ve since finished the serum (yay for me!) and I’ve noticed that without, my face will get oily by noon. I searched through my stash and why I no have anymore daytime hydrating serum?! Haha.

    I also like the miacare acne patch. Work’s quite well and I think it’s the only one that I can really wear in the daytime. The other brands I’ve tried were super obvious but this one is not too noticeable. 🙂

    I’ll just throw the face mist to my brother. Like when Mivva had that male face wash, which I noticed he is now using. XD After months of saying he didn’t want it because it ‘looked scary.’

    Yay, a face mask! Recently, because I just have too many (like I’m thinking it might actually have accumulated to over a hundred pieces…) I’ve just taken to using one every night.

    I actually already have the Human Nature face oil from Modbox. When I read BOL’s teaser, I knew what it so I was quite pleased since two vials should make for a sufficient trial. 🙂

    I’m going to make use of the Fashion Culture voucher… Yes, the Greek theme!

    • OH MY GOD! OMG OMG OMG! Ashley is back! How are you?! Missed you here 😀 . When I saw your comment email from my phone, I dropped everything I was doing. I just have to reply you on the spot!

      I share the same thoughts with you on the overall bag, on Philosophy and on CK! 🙂
      I think I remember the Covo promotion but it was too far for me to go. RM18 is darn cheap for a BB Cream! Looks like Kiehl’s serum is not bad eh? I’ve used twice Miacare acne patch previously. It was quite hard to get it on the face without a slight fold on the edge of the patch but thin enough for day wear. I actually use it in the night lol.
      You face will glow and skin condition will change drastically if you use one face mask every night.
      Enjoy your Fashion Culture box 😀


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