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ZA Ever Brows: For a natural, precise shape and colour brow, that makes everyone go “where did you do your eyebrow embroidery?”

Just before I rediscovered Daiso Eye Brow Pencil, I was actually using ZA Ever Brows in 03 Natural Gray for my brows. I did not expect to bump into my old love Daiso Eye Brow Pencil so when I did, I was so happy about it that I decided to tell you about it first. I’ve already finished the whole Daiso pencil (yes, that fast) so now I’m back to ZA Ever Brows 😀 . Let me tell you, this baby will send you running to Watsons store in no time…especially dark hair girls *hint*

ZA Ever Brows 03 Natural Gray
ZA (pronounced as zi ei) may be a drugstore brand but it is one of the brand that produce good skin care and makeup products. I am a ZA makeup fan, no secret about that and I’m constantly lurking around ZA shelf at Watsons for Skin Beauty Two-Way Foundation refill dual-pack promotion. I’ve tried most of ZA makeup products for the past 10 years. ZA Ever Brows is something that I keep repurchasing before I started blogging, but in Dark Brown shade. Let’s just say I stray a bit after I started blogging. Eventhough so, I always go back to ZA.

One casual strolling in Watsons brought me to ZA shelf again and I spotted a discount on their Ever Brows. I was looking around for a light black brow pencil as I’ve gotten tired with dark brown. What I like about ZA is the fact that they not only cater to brown hair girl but gray as well. I’ve tested 03 Natural Gray on the back of my hand and it seems legit for me. I can’t remember how much I pay for it though but I remember it was less than RM20 after discount 🙂

ZA Ever Brows comes in a simple dual-ended tip slim pencil. The lead is the slim type on one end while spoolie on the other end. The spoolie comes with a cap as well. This cap is pretty useful as it will prevent the dirty spoolie from dirtying makeup bags or holder. I store mine together with some daily eye makeup essentials in a floral drinking glass bought from Daiso 😀

ZA Ever Brows Dual End Tip
Ever Brows lead is not triangle or angled but it is a round-tip slim lead. Sometimes when I think of it, I feel that it’s not worth it as the lead is so small and I go through one eyebrow pencil a month but on another hand it is because of the small lead size, it is able to reach small areas and to create a slim tip on the end of the eyebrow. The swatch below appears slightly brownish on my hand but on my brow it’s true to it’s shade Natural Gray.

ZA Ever Brows Swatch
I received the most compliment on my eyebrow whenever I’m using ZA Ever Brows. No kidding! Eyebrow is the first thing I learn to draw when I was 16 years old so you can say I had lots of training after drawing for more than 10 years 🙂 . I remember attending Benefit Raising Eyebrows Book Launch & Brow-Shaping Masterclass back in 2012 and the trainer keep staring at my eyebrows before she finally told me towards the end of the event that I had a nicely draw-on eyebrow. One of the frequently asked question about my brow is where did I get my eyebrow embroidery done LOL! Okay, let me clarify here again. My eyebrow is NOT embroidery done. I have it done many years ago but it has faded. So now I’m reshaping and refilling my own brow every single day 😉

Most people are amazed that I can draw my eyebrow daily and errrmm perfectly. I dare not say my brow is the most perfectly drawn but it gets me by lol. Another frequently asked question is how did I do it. I’ve posted up before Make Up Tips – How To Draw A Perfect Eyebrow tutorial so I’m not going to repeat the whole 3-point mapping method here. I already know where the start, the arch and the tip is going to be at so this is how I usually do it with three easy steps.

(1) Draw the outline of the eyebrow shape with light-handed.
(2) Fill in the space with small feathery stroke, mimicking eyebrow hair.
(3) Use the spoolie to comb through entire eyebrow to smooth it out and to create a soft shape for the inner eyebrow. Basically you are adding colors from the spoolie to the inner corner, not drawing it on with eyebrow pencil.

ZA Ever Brows How To Draw
When I want a softer natural looking eyebrow, I would opt to use ZA Ever Brows in 03 Natural Gray. This shade photograph beautifully. Daiso one give me a more darker and more intense look, which I rather not do when I have heavier eye makeup on. ZA Ever Brows suits any makeup, anytime, any day and any occasion, even if I just want to enhance my eyebrow shape without makeup on.

One more thing that I like about Ever Brows is the long lasting wear. It doesn’t fade on my oily skin at all. By the end of the day my brow is still pretty much intact. Longevity wise, it lasted about double the usage of Daiso Eye Brow Pencil. Maybe because the color is gray, I didn’t want to overdo it and look totally off with thick and dark brow so I was light-handed all the time with Ever Brows. I think also partly because the lead is relatively longer than Daiso one too.

I would say the shade Natural Gray is a must-have brow color for girls that are with dark hair color, especially girls that are with their natural black hair. The shade color is buildable. Meaning if you think you are too light-handed and the color is too light, simply just add more color and it should resemble your natural dark hair color. Just keep building until you are satisfied. I personally also feel that girls with brown hair color can also use this shade. Why? Because the color payoff is just very natural and it looks good on photograph. However if you prefer to have similar color with your hair color, just get the brown one will do 😉 . Remember girls, your left and right brow are not twins. They are sisters. It’s okay if you can’t get both shape identical. They’re not suppose to be identical.


ZA Ever Brows is available at all leading pharmacy chains, supermarkets and hypermarkets nationwide.

Price: RM25.90

For more info on ZA, please visit ZA Malaysia Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/za.malaysia


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.


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  • I’m a fan of your eyebrow. I’m not kidding! Serious! I used to stare at your eyebrow thinking it must be some kind of tattoo or embroidery. When you said it’s not I was shocked! Not that I can’t see that myself anyway. Good job with the brow girl. I know a lot of women out there is struggling with it.

    • Thanks! I have the most minimal eyebrow hair ever. Literally no hair at all lol. I depends on eyebrow pencil to fill in and make it thicker 🙁
      Most people mistaken my brow for embroidery. Maybe due to the shape. Filling in eyebrow is like drawing eyeliner. It takes a lot of practise. But eyeliner takes a longer time 😀

  • I am using the same colour too! The only downside is it is kind of pricey for that little product. 🙁
    Btw I’d use three eyebrow pencil from ZA ady.

    • I agree. I think the same too. If we take into consideration of how slim the lead is against the price, it’s a bit pricey. But it’s still within the affordable price range so it’s all good 😀 . I’ve too been through a lot of this since 10 years ago. Countless pencils 🙂

  • Your eyebrows are beautiful and I actually thought you did embroidery. LOL. I have thicker eyebrows and although I already got it shaped properly, I am still not satisfied with how it looks. Hahaha. Thanks for the review but I do not like thin leads because I find it hard to control drawing my eyebrows. I still prefer the Shu Uemura Hard 9 Brow Pencil 🙂

    • Haha many people did thought I did embroidery 😀 . I envy you! I never had thick eyebrow before so I can’t leave the house without filling in the eyebrow. Shu Uemura Hard 9 Brow Pencil is also thinly sharpen right?

  • Honestly I am lousy when it comes to drawing or even basic maintenance of my eye brow. Again, to have a well coiffured brow may not be rocket science, but practice and more practice will make a difference. Ladies with a well-defined and maintained arch brings shape and definition to her face balance and makeup too. In this aspect, you, my dear, win hands down. You have the most meticulous and well-drawn brows ever. Haha, even I cannot stop staring and wonder how you did it. Knowing you, you are one who will practice and improvise the technique and not one who is stingy on sharing your knowledge with us. Thanks for sharing this affordable eyebrow pencil. I previously bought the Revlon one, thinking that because it was soft and buttery, it will go easy on my brows. Alas, I look like I have two odd caterpillars sitting on tops of my eyes. Haha. I stopped drawing my brows ever since. But you are inspiring. I shall get this to try and practice haha.

    • Just line drawing eyeliner…lots of practice. You improvise the shape whenever needed 😀 I do it everyday so I’m kinda used to it. Oh you can still make the Revlon one work. Just brush through to soften the look and shape with a brow brush or spoolie 🙂


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