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Innisfree new Orchid Line, infused with Jeju Orchid essense for a youthful, moisturized skin

When Innisfree had it’s store opening at Sunway Pyramid back in December 2014, I was so busy with work that I couldn’t sneak out to the opening. No matter how excited I was at that time to know that Innisfree is finally here, I just can’t go. Then when Innisfree invited me to get up-close with Lee Min Ho in January, I couldn’t attend either. Heck, I was too busy to even reply the email. That’s how busy I was with work. Some brand / PR company tend to remove me from their future invitation list if I didn’t attend one of their event so I thought I’ve already missed the boat. Turns out I was wrong. Innisfree’s PR was so kind to tell me a little secret on a brand new skin care range that they will be launching in February and they want me to be the first few to try. My Instagram and Facebook followers would have already know that the skincare range is none other than the Orchid Line.

Innisfree Orchid Enriched Cream 15th Anniversary Set
In conjunction with the launch of Orchid Line, Innisfree released a very very verrrryyyy Limited Edition Orchid Enriched Cream 15th Anniversary Set (RM101). This set is so awesome for what it is and the best part is, you are paying for one product and get the rest for free! That’s not all. The hand cream is not available for purchase. It is only made available for this limited edition set. Let me tell you, once you’ve tried the Orchid Cream, you will want to beg to purchase the hand cream because the smell is sooooo gooooooddd.

Like what I said to Innisfree PR, it is rare that we can find skincare that are made using orchid as the main ingredient, what more a Jeju Orchid. Jeju Island is just one of those areas that orchids grow in abundance, in full splendor they deserve and Orchid-growing areas have always been heralded as a natural wonder that can take one’s breath away. Jeju Cold Growing Orchid was chosen among 60 kinds of orchid native to Jeju due to its great antioxidant effects. It is rare, so difficult find and grow wild as the seed is almost invisible to the naked eyes. Why Jeju Orchid you ask? Well, this type of orchid has an unbelievable strong will for survival in the harsh winter in Jeju Island. It’s beautiful in the spring when it blooms, smells amazing and lasts longer than any other orchid. After years of research and development, Innisfree finally found a way to extract its essence and processed it into Orchid Elixir™. Naturally a good antioxidant, it also works well with functional skin-activating ingredients to rejuvenate tired, ageing skin and to restore its natural self-defense power. This results in healthy skin with a radiant glow. In a nutshell, Orchid Line is an anti-aging skincare range 😀


Orchid Enriched Cream (RM101 / 50ml)

Innisfree Orchid Enriched Cream
Orchid Enriched Cream is the first product I tried on the same night I brought the set home. The first thing I do is to smell the cream. I died-ed with the scent. SO GOOD! It carries ‘cream’ in its name but in fact this product is more like a gel-cream texture than a cream type of cream. This cream is formulated with Jeju Orchid extract, Jeju Green Complex and green pea extract to firm up sagging skin, reduce wrinkles, reduce signs of visible pores, firm skin, improve skin tone and nourish skin.

Innisfree Orchid Enriched Cream Texture
The texture is quite different from any other gel-cream I’ve used. It’s moisturizing but not oily. It’s a gel that melts slightly to essence-like texture and as I rub it into my skin, it absorbed into the skin in no time. I like that I can go very generous with the amount or be moderate. Either way I don’t get any breakout. I thought I could use it in the day time as well. You can if you have dry skin. However I find that my face gets oily on faster rate and my foundation slipped thereafter. In fact this product is more suitable for normal to dry skin. I have combination skin and I still find it to work well on my skin. Just not day time use 😀

This has got to be the most comfortable cream on the face. It is light weight and it makes my face so smooth and bouncy from the hydrating properties. If you see from the photo above, I’ve already ‘dug’ a hole into the tub and that was a week after I’ve got it! As I’m typing this, I’m already left with 1/4 jar. That’s how much I love this cream.

Innisfree Orchid Enriched Cream Hand Swatch


Orchid Intense Cream (RM113 / 50ml)

Innisfree Orchid Intense Cream
The set I have also comes with a near half of full size tub of the Orchid Intense Cream. As the name suggest, this is the intensive version of the above Orchid Enriched Cream. It is formulated with Jeju Orchid extract, Jeju Green Complex and Jojoba Ester to help with wrinkles, skin firmness, skin tone correction, extreme dryness of skin and pores tightening.

Innisfree Orchid Intense Cream Texture
The texture is once again different from other intense cream I’ve tried. It’s not a gel-cream but a cream cream. It stays rock solid in the tub, unlike Orchid Enriched Cream that moves a lot. This small tub is so precious that I dare not go generous. Having said that, I like to pamper my skin with generous amount whenever I feel that my skin is drier than usual. The smell is similar the less intense version, which I really love. However my nose detected a crisp, fresh orchid scent lingering in the tub and the Orchid Enriched Cream doesn’t. In another word, it smells expensive.

This Orchid Intense Cream is not meant for everyone. It is made for those who has extremely dry skin. You can still use this product even if you have normal, combination or oily skin. Just use a pea size will do. I wish I read the info before using because I use this cream as if I have extremely dry skin. Yeap. I go generous sometimes. As a result, I suffer from pimples popping out here and there on the face. But I still like it!

Innisfree Orchid Intense Cream Hand Swatch


Orchid Hand Cream SPF15 PA+ (only available for Orchid Enriched Cream 15th Anniversary Set)

Innisfree Orchid Hand Cream
If you like slathering Innisfree Orchid cream onto the face, you will want to use a thick generous amount of the limited edition hand cream too. Let me just tell you that the scent is like a moth to the flame. It is so addicting. Innisfree hand creams are known to be non-sticky. Same goes to this Orchid Hand Cream. It finishes off to velvety satin, not a single stickiness left on the palm and I can still be happily typing away on my notebook. Once again the scent is synonymous to the two other products. Yes it is quite fragrant, some might feel that it’s overpowering but I find it quite acceptable on the nose. As long as it doesn’t smell awful 😀 . Some hand cream gave me sweaty palms. This one doesn’t. So there’s no major sticky situation happening.

Innisfree Orchid Hand Cream Hand Swatch
Here is how all three product texture in comparison just in case you’re wondering.

Innisfree Orchid Enriched Cream 15th Anniversary Set Hand Swatch
If I remember correctly, there are just 1,000 of this Orchid Enriched Cream 15th Anniversary Set for sale beginning of February 2014 for just RM101. That’s right. You pay only for Orchid Enriched Cream and get the rest for free, especially when the hand cream is not for sale at the store 😀

Innisfree Orchid Enriched Cream 15th Anniversary Set Closeup


Innisfree Orchid Line is available at Innisfree store at Sunway Pyramid.

+ Orchid Enriched Cream 15th Anniversary Special Set – RM101
+ Orchid Enriched Cream 50ml – RM101
+ Orchid Gel Cream 50ml – RM101
+ Orchid Intense Cream 50ml – RM113
+ Orchid Eye Cream 30ml – RM101
+ Orchid Massage Cream 80ml – RM73

For more information on Innisfree, please visit or Innisfree Malaysia Facebook page at


Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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  • Lol lol. You ahh! Died-ed. That got me rolling on the floor laughing so hard. It’s exactly the same word I use with my staff when they do a boo boo at work. Lol. Hey this is such a luxurious item and even better it’s limited edition with a special price! I’m intrigued because its ingredients include orchid. Somehow orchid appears to be so timeless and imperial flower too. Hence skincare containing orchid origin must be a great one! Thanks for sharing this review. I can almost smell it from your review lol. I remember seeing your Instagram sneak preview and the purple caught my attention first. So happy to hear the PR folks are so considerate and thoughtful. Kudos to them.

    • Hehe died-ed. Wanted to write “died ded” but didn’t know how to spell it correctly so died-ed it is 😛 . Don’t make you staff roll on the floor will do ya haha! It feels luxury but with a more afforable price. I wouldn’t say it’s cheap. Just alright. Actually the prices of Innisfree products here is quite reasonable. The intense cream smells very close to a real orchid. Anything that smells nice, look nice and feel nice is always right down my alley 😀 . Oh yes, how can we forget the purple packaging. So pretty. I’m grateful to the PR company for not removing me from their list lol. Since I was quite busy for the past few months, I missed a few events and my name was slash off their list LOL. Oh well 🙂

  • Any other branch besides Sunway Pyramid??

    • I’m afraid at this moment nope. They do plan to open up more stores. I’m sure JB would be one of the upcoming store 😉


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