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Bourjois Smoky Stories 06 Upside Brown: Now everyone can be a makeup artist!

Have you watch all the Bourjois Smoky Stories Quad Eyeshadow Palette series on Bourjois YouTube channel? I have and I was sold the minute I watch the first video. One particular palette that I fell deep in love is the 06 Upside Brown. Bourjois Malaysia kindly gave me a palette to try but the shade that I got was different. Sneaky me requested for a change because I knew 06 Upside Brown would suit my daily makeup style than other colors.

Bourjois Smoky Series 06 Upside Brown
Now. What’s so special about this new quad palette if you may ask? It’s an eyeshadow palette with pre-coordinate shades. What that means is Bourjois think hard and long to put together all 4-shades in each palette so that each of us can channel out the makeup artist in us with the help of this palette 😀

Bourjois Smoky Series 06 Upside Brown 1

Bourjois Smoky Series 06 Upside Brown 2

Bourjois Smoky Series 06 Upside Brown 3
Each Smoky Stories quad palette are coordinated with subtle and easy to wear shades that compliments all eye shades even for day and night use. All the eyeshadow are cream-to-powder texture and here comes the best part. They are all with integrated base shadow primer. What does this mean again? You can skip eyeshadow primer!

Another unique selling point of this quad is that all the shadows are a top coat shadow with highly concentrated faceted glitter.

Bourjois Smoky Series 06 Upside Brown 4
This cute and compact quad palette comes with a dual-ended applicator. I don’t usually use applicator included for eyeshadow but since I bring this to work in the morning and apply my eye makeup in the office, I find the applicator to be extremely handy. It actually work so much better than I expected. The big round tip is foam applicator to blend light and medium shades onto the lid, while the pointy ‘flocked’ tip applicator is for precise outlining for darker shade for eyeliner effect. I usually use the flocked tip to apply shadow onto my lower lash line. Works better than a brush 😀

Bourjois Smoky Series 06 Upside Brown Applicator
Usually I don’t go super smokey with brown / neutral shade and I like to go beyond my comfort zone with this quad. The result is a peek-a-boo neutral finishing and yet look slightly smoked out.

The shade that had me head over heels is the shade on the top left. That’s the Light Shade. When I saw that shade from Bourjois YouTube, I couldn’t breath. Now, that said a lot for someone that are not so into neutral shade lol. I gasp. I couldn’t believe how a neutral shade can be so beautiful on the lid. It has a hint of gold. On some angle I saw light brown and on another different angle I saw gold.

What I like to do is to apply Light Shade all over the lid, bringing the shade up and over the crease (because I have hooded eye) so that when I open my eyes, the shade is still noticeable.

Bourjois Smoky Series 06 Upside Brown On The Eyes Left
As I said before, the shade is like a peek-a-boo kinda finishing that I didn’t even need to use darker brown (Medium Shade on the top right) to intensify the outer V. For some reason, the outer V is already darker 😀

Bourjois Smoky Series 06 Upside Brown On The Eyes Right
I used the darkest shade (Liner Effect Dark Shade on the bottom) to line the 3/4 of my lower lash line. I expect fallout with the darkest shade and there was none. In fact none of the shadow have any fallout. Two thumbs up! Then I use a pencil brush, dip into Medium Shade to smoke the dark shade out. Lastly, I take Light Shade and line the remaining 1/4 of my lower lash line. On my lower lash line, the Light Shade turns out to be shinny gold. Absolutely lovely.

My other favourite from the quad is the one on the middle – Light Touch. This highlighter shade goes on transparent. It is more chunky and chalkier than the rest. Usually I like to dab a glittery highlighter shade like this on the center of the lid as an eye brighter. However, I find that the shadow is too dry and it doesn’t stick well onto the eyeshadow that I already had on so I get glitters in my eyes all the time. Then I found the perfect use of it. I use a finger to dab it onto the tear duct area and that work so much better than the center of the lid 😀 . Don’t use a brush. It doesn’t work well with brush. Finger will do.

Bourjois Smoky Series 06 Upside Brown On The Eyes
Bourjois Smoky Stories Quad Eyeshadow Palette is available in eight different shades – 01 Grey & Night, 02 Over Rose, 03 I Love Blue, 04 Rock This Khaki, 05 Good Nude, 06 Upside Brown, 07 In Mauve Again and 08 Ocean Obsession. My other favourite is, yes you gueesed it 07 In Mauve Again. You know I love my purple!

Bourjois Smoky Series 06 Upside Brown Full Makeup

Bourjois Smoky Stories Quad Eyeshadow Palette is available at Sunway Pyramid kiosk or Watsons stores.

Price: RM46.90 each

For more information, please visit Bourjois Malaysia Facebook page at


Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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  • Your method this time is easier to follow. The palette is so easy to use with the light brown shade swiped all over the lid and concentrating on the smokey bottom lashline. Another great makeup review from you as usual.

    • Hehe yes. No transition shade, no 7 shades application this time. I thought I’d do it more natural. Sometimes when I’m feeling really lazy, I’d just apply eyeliner and swipe Light Brown on the crease. That’s all 😀

  • This is so so so pretty!!! And it is not expensive at all! The eyes make up make you to look younger Fiona! You look really great! 😀

    • Very affordable, easy to use and versatile. You can re-create a few look with just this palette. I brought it to work for 2 weeks and I’m only using this palette and nothing else. Everyday is like a new experiment, mixing shades to come out with a new look haha.
      Without all the eye contouring (that makes one look older), the look is actually younger. I’m glad you notice! 😛

  • Love the eyeshadow on you Fiona especially the smoky line on the bottom lash.

    • Thanks Shikin. Everything that is smoked out on the lash line is always pretty hehe. Long time didn’t see you here 🙂

  • Good shots! Looks very Vogue. Haha. As always neutral tones appeal to me and they’re like my precious!

    • Hahaha not close to Vogue yet 😛 I know you love neutral! hehe. Nowadays I can’t decide if I like neutral or colours more. So I mix both together. Save the mind boggling hassle LOL


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