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innisfree’s Annual Eco-Handkerchief Campaign is Back for June 2016 in Conjunction With World Environment Day

Innisfree Haenyeo Eco-Handkerchief Campaign 2016
Innisfree is a brand that is conscious about our Mother Earth and they do go all out on living an environmental-friendly lifestyle. Every year, Innisfree’s Eco-Handkerchief Campaign is launched in the month of June in conjunction with World Environment Day. This campaign actually started back in 2010 as an initiative to inspire its global customers to reduce their waste of paper napkins and facial tissues as well as to encourage customers to bring their own bag for shopping at Innisfree by rewarding them with a hankie with a low minimum purchase amount. Last year the design for the hankies evolves around seasonal plant motifs. This year, the designs revolve around the haenyeo, or “sea women,” of Jeju Island as well as the marine life of its waters.

Innisfree Haenyeo Eco-Handkerchief Campaign 20162

I have watched a documentary on National Geographic channel before on South Korean women making a living by being a diver. These women are named as “the last mermaids on earth” existed since centuries ago. Sea women or haenyeo are resilient and fearless women who make their living by harvesting seafood with their bare hand from the ocean floor. The haenyeo way of diving and harvesting is recognised worldwide as eco-friendly as it not only minimises pollution but also co-existing with the nature. This centuries-long tradition has become important to South Korea cultural preservation that the South Korean government have requested for them to be added to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list.

Three designs bearing the closest image of haenyeo swimming alongside indo-pacific bottlenose dolphins, basalt, and the coral of the sea of Jeju are imprinted on this year’s Eco-Handkerchief Campaign. The campaign tagline “Use a Hankie, Save the Earth!” remains the since as previous years and the clear initiative also remains the same. And that is to encourage the public to stop using napkins and facial tissues by replacing them with handkerchief. Innisfree make these hankies more trendier and fashionable through the Limited Edition theme. Besides using hankies to wipe away sweat or what not, you can use it as a handbag accessories, which I love to do or to wrap and carry a lunch bento box from home, also another environmental-friendly way to have lunch instead of packing them from the food stall using styrofoam.

Innisfree Haenyeo Eco-Handkerchief Campaign 2016 3

Here is how you can get a hankie or two (or three) from Innisfree. Simply spend RM30 and above in a single receipt at Innisfree stores from June 1st until June 30th, decline the paper bag from the store AND then you will be rewarded with one of the Limited Edition eco-hankie. Bear in mind the Eco-Handkerchief Campaign are Limited Edition and will be available on a first-come-first-served basis while stocks last only 😉

Innisfree Haenyeo Eco-Handkerchief Campaign 2016 4

Innisfree Haenyeo Eco-Handkerchief Campaign 2016 5
Same as last year, in conjunction with the Eco-Handkerchief Campaign, Innisfree also released a few Limited Edition packaging adaptation from the eco-hankies motifs of their best-seller products – The Green Tea Seed Serum, The Green Tea Seed Cream, Water Glow Cushion, and Long Wear Cushion with designs adapted from the eco-hankies. These products will be available in a special jumbo sized 😉 . The skincare I meant, not the cushion. Cushion in jumbo size? I cannot imagine that lol.

Innisfree Haenyeo Eco-Handkerchief Campaign 2016 6
Long Wear Cushion Special Set (Cushion + Refill) – RM80

I do not have all the Limited Edition products to show you but the Long Wear Cushion Special Set. But here are the price list for those who are interested!

  • The Green Tea Seed Serum 160ml – RM120
  • The Green Tea Seed Cream 100ml – RM115
  • Long Wear Cushion Special Set (Cushion + Refill) – RM80
  • Water Glow Cushion Special Set (Cushion + Refill) – RM80


For more information on Innisfree, its products, promotion and new product release, please visit Innisfree Malaysia Facebook or Innisfree Malaysia Official Instagram.

Remember to head over to Innisfree stores if you want to collect all Eco-Handkerchief designs as it is Limited Edition and while stock lasts only.


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